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Write About Them and They Will Come by Candi Sary – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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Write About Them and They Will Come
The first time it happened, I figure it was a great coincidence. I took a break from my writing and while walking my dogs through the park an injured crow showed up on our path. The coincidence, of course, was that I’d been working on my novel Black Crow White Lie and there was a scene where I needed to describe a crow. The one I came upon that day was very calm and slow with his movements. He was either injured or very old, or a bit of both. He let me watch him and didn’t show the usual agitated crow behavior at someone being nearby. This seemed like amazing luck and so I took my dogs home and went back up to the park to observe him alone.

By the time I got back to the park, I found that the crow had crossed the street to a neighbor’s house. He was in the planter. I carefully approached him and sat on the walkway just a few feet away. It was a strange experience. He watched me and I watched him for about a half hour. Not much happened, but it was enlightening. Having never been this close to a crow, I discovered that when he blinked his eyes, the lids moved from the sides inward instead of top to bottom. It was curious and cool and in our half-hour relationship, I felt like I’d learned enough to properly describe a crow in my book.

A couple months later, I had just dropped off my kids at school when I noticed something black in the middle of the street. As I got closer I found it was another black crow. This one’s wing was so injured, it couldn’t move. There were two men outside their houses talking and I asked if one had a shoebox I could use. I wanted to take the crow home and call animal control to see if they could help it. One of the men brought me a box, and I was able to transport the crow home. While waiting for animal control to come, I had yet another half hour relationship with a crow. This one was more vulnerable than the first. Instead of learning about the crow and analyzing him up close, I felt for him. It was more of an emotional connection, as animal control had explained they might have to euthanize him. Spending his possible last moments with me, I hoped I could comfort him with calm energy.

That should have been enough coincidences while writing a novel about a crow, but it wasn’t. The next time, I was specifically writing about a dead crow when I took a break from my computer and walked my dogs around the block. On a grass area near the park, one of my dogs approached something black and stopped to examine it. I froze in disbelief when I saw what it was—a dead black crow. Now it was just getting strange. I actually looked around to see if anyone was there, setting up the scene for me. And yet how could someone have done that? No one knew what I was writing about. So instead I looked upward. And I nodded.

I was familiar with the law of attraction but I thought that it simply meant ‘think positive and positive things will happen, think negative and negative things will come your way.’ What I began to learn through my writing experiences—with the crows and then with other strange synchronistic occurrences—was that thoughts are far more powerful than just floating ideas in our heads. Motivational author Louise Hay says, “The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about. It’s as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us.”

I understood this in a brand new way. It inspired me to write about things I wouldn’t mind showing up in my life since it seemed that there was a good likelihood they would. It also made me more careful about what I allowed into my mind. My thoughts did more than just float. They opened doors to the outside world and let into my life the things that I attracted.

As I went on writing Black Crow White Lie, the crows continued showing up. Though later experiences weren’t as intimate as the three I described, there were still unusual chance encounters relevant to the novel. I came to like their visits. They were a reminder that the universe was listening and responding to me. When I began my next novel, I fit crows into the story again, knowing that if I kept my doors open, I could keep the black birds coming around.

MediaKit_BookCover_BlackCrowWhiteLieYoung Carson Calley has a rare and magical gift of healing, a gift which both defines him and threatens to betray him. He lives in Hollywood motels with his alcoholic, fortune-telling mother, Juliette. She nurtures his gift, but her ways are deceptive. She feeds the boy fantastical stories to convince him of his greatness. At fourteen, Carson finally wises up to her lies and his identity is completely shattered. Juliette is too deep in her addiction to help him separate the facts from the fictions, so he looks for answers on the streets of Hollywood. There he finds Faris, a tattoo shop owner, and Casper, a cashier at a head shop. These two unlikely mentors help this troubled yet extraordinary boy find his way to the truth.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Putting my hands over her head I felt the tiny stars that always came. It felt like thousands of them came pouring out of my hands. I couldn’t see them with my eyes; I could only see them with my eyes closed. But I could feel them. They filled my hands with heat, and when I shared them with my mom, they made her feel better.

I don’t remember the first time I used the stars, just like I don’t remember the first time I used my voice. When I asked my mom how I got them, she said I just knew I had them in me—the same way I knew I had words in me.

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorName_BlackCrowWhiteLieCandi Sary graduated from the University of California, Irvine. Her awards for Black Crow White Lie include 1st Place in the Dante Rossetti Awards, winner of the Reader Views Literary Award for the West-Pacific, and first runner-up in the Eric Hoffer Award for fiction. Her novel was also adapted into a short film by Chase Michael Wilson. She lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. She can often be found surfing out in the waters of Newport Beach.

Publisher | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Play Twenty Questions: Question 15

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 15
Tasarla Romaney Cherry S’more – I put cherry pie filling on my s’mores. So I think an ice cream that would have cherries, marshmallow, chocolate, and crushed graham crackers would rock! And of course it would be calorie free – heck it would burn calories 🙂

Linda Palmer Chocolate Strawberry Swirl. (I love chocolate dipped strawberries.)

Kaylie Newell Orgasmic chocolate truffle.

Judy Alter raspberry with dark chocolate

Linda Rettstatt ChocoMochaCrackoLotta.

Maeve Greyson No calorie double fudge brownie better than sex sorbet

Niecey Roy Yumolicious. It’s chocolate…with chocolate…and fudge swirls…with chocolate chunks.

Tess Morrison Lick Me. It would be pink with strawberries and dotted with chunks of chocolate. Honestly, I can’t get beyond the fact that Almond Joy is my absolute favorite. Just mention ice cream and it’s all I can think of.

Anne Van There are so many crazy favors out there mine has probably been invented. I’d love a giant scoop of brownie, raspberry, Godiva chocolate swirl ice cream. I’d call it Heaven.

Jana Richards Vanilla Bean Supreme. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with bits of chocolate covered coffee beans. Three of my favorite things, all together in one bowl.

Tina Pollick Chocolate chip mint moose tracks, with chunks of cookies and crème. Mmmmm 🙂

Debra Doggett It’s called the Kitchen Sink. It has chocolate, vanilla and a thin ribbon of strawberry with three different kinds of nuts, caramel, fudge and marshmallows. One bite and you throw up.

Nia Simone Really? It’s been done. It’s called Ben and Jerry’s. They really get it. GIANT chunks of whatever. No skimping. My favorite ice cream besides the heavenly creations out there by B&J, is mint chocolate chip. My husband hates it, which is perfect. More for me. I’ll eat any brand. When I was growing up, my dad and I used to share the mint chocolate chip ice cream. He bought Lucerne, the Safeway brand, in a half-gallon size, and he would scoop out a bowl for me and a bowl for him while I eagerly waited. I was always a “good eater” as my mom would say, approvingly. I was always proud of being a good eater and still am.

Virginia Crane Vanilla almond caramel crunch. It has all the flavors I love combined into one.

Graeme Brown Everyberry, with a bit of all my favourite berries: blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, saskatoon, and raspberry.

Nancy Fraser I’d take the ultimately rich dark chocolate ice cream, mix it with ribbons of solid white and milk chocolate and lightly salted pecans. I’d call it, Triple Super Choco-Pecan Heaven!

Jeanette Baker Rhombauer Zinfandel with fudge swirls.

Kim Hornsby Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Surprise. I know every yummy flavor in the world is already invented but the surprise part would be free tickets inside for a round the world vacation for 4! I’d take my 17 year old son, my 11 year old daughter and of course my hub and off we’d go on the adventure of a lifetime. Love to travel!!

Willa Blair I don’t think I can top Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra. It’s perfect on so many levels. It’s also my favorite B&J combo flavor. Half caramel icecream on one side, half chocolate icecream with chocolate chunks, and a ribbon of caramel running down the middle. Yep, hungry again.

Lynda J Cox Wyoming Peaks–vanilla with just the tiniest bite of spearmint.

Lynda Coker Graham Crackers and Cream

Susan Fox Candied ginger ice wine. Ice wine is a dessert wine made from frozen grapes and the flavor is intense and fruity, in a kind of sophisticated way. It’s like the essence of summery sunshine in a glass. I think it would make a great ice cream flavor, enhanced with tiny bits of candied ginger scattered throughout.

Mary Hughes Death by Chocolate. Cocoa ice cream with dark and milk chocolate chunks, swirls of chocolate caramel and chocolate sprinkles.

Shannyn Schroeder Nutella ice cream. Doesn’t that say it all? Nutella is chocolatey smooth goodness and a bit addictive. Oooo…And I’d add chunks of brownie because I love fudge brownie ice cream. Adding brownies to Nutella–yum!

Sheila Claydon I don’t think this is possible. All the flavours have been created unless you’re into things like cabbage or meat flavours. yuk! But if you push me then how about sweet chilli? Of course somebody might have already created it but if not, then I think sweet chilli and the cold of the ice-cream just might be a good combination. Personally I’m still going to buy mint-choc-chip or coconut though.

Carol Henry That’s easy, I love Kahlu, Mocha and almonds, so I’d have it swirled together, put dark fudge on top and sigh with pleasure. I’d call it Dream weaver’s Delight.

Robin Renee Ray Double fudge swirl, chocolate cover peanuts, dark chocolate ice cream mix….called: Touch and Die

Joya Fields Wow, it seems like every ice cream flavor is already out there. I love nuts, chocolate and cheesecake, so maybe Chocnutcheesecake flavor? LOL.

Patty Campbell Peanut butter, dark chocolate and chili peppers. I call it Hot Nuts.

Genie Gabriel Paw Prints. It’s creamy vanilla and contains peanut butter and honey, plus a side of bones for the furbabies and another side order of chocolate for the humans.

Elysa Hendricks Dark chocolate with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate.
Chocolate Heaven
I know it’s not very original, but what can I say I like chocolate.

Allie Boniface Mocha Grey Goose Divine (in case you couldn’t tell, it combines 2 of my favorite things, chocolate and martinis!)

Ryshia Kennie I love, love ice cream. And I’ve never thought of creating an ice cream flavor. How can you improve on plain old soft ice cream drizzled over with hot fudge or cheese cake ice cream with blueberries or strawberry shortcake or a rainbow of flavours all on one cone? As I say that I’m imagining my favourite ice cream shop. The Milky Way – a little shack on a busy street that has a menu that is an ice cream lovers’ delight. There’s a lineup spring through fall – and as it’s done for years, it closes through the long cold prairie winter and we’re all forced to go elsewhere for our ice cream fix.

Jane Toombs Mine would be choclate raspberry, with little peppermint crunchies in it. I’d call it Decadent.

Jaleta Clegg Horribly Depressed – Use just enough vanilla ice cream to cover the following – raspberry truffles, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate covered macadamia nut caramels from Costco, stripes of butterscotch sauce, hot fudge, almond roca, dark chocolate orange sticks, dark chocolate raspberry sticks, fudge, Twix bars, Butterfinger crumbles, mini Charleston Chew bars, and Junior Caramels.

Darn it! Now I’m hungry.

Beth Trissel mocha dark chocolate peanut butter mint

Heather Haven Wild Hopes and Dreams. Made out of a rainbow of colors and flavors, sprinkled with chocolate, non-fattening, sugar free, 0 calories, and absolutely delicious. Baskin Robbins, are you listening?

Helena Fairfax Shamrock. I’d create an Irish icecream, flavoured with Guinness, and coloured bright green. It would go down a treat on St Patrick’s Day!

Kelly Whitley Name: Dream Machine:
Vanilla frozen yogurt with chunks of spun caramel and dark chocolate-covered cinnamon imperials.
Ben and Jerry, if you could just whip that up for me I’d be much obliged.

Laurel O’Donnell Cinnamon Coffee. Sounds kind of Christmas-y, doesn’t it? I love cinnamon! And I love coffee! So, the two together would be delicious.

Paty Jager Peppermint pieces, chocolate wafer cookie pieces, and vanilla ice cream. Peppermint Paty Crunch.

Linda McMaken I’d call it – Paperback Writer – Creamy vanilla ice cream, swirled together with a lovely black cherry with bits of cherry in it. Served in an edible chocolate cup, covered with chopped nuts, and topped with a generous dollop of chocolate whipped creme – served with a good book.

Isabo Kelly Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, oreos, and peanut butter cups. Destructo’s Delight. (My oldest’s nickname is Destructo and those are all his and my favorite sweets.)

Shirley Martin Strawberry, mint, marshmallow, and chocolate. It’s pink and called “Pink Delight.”

Amy Corwin: The mango-ginger Thriller. Vanilla ice cream base mixed with chunks of sugared mango and ginger. Yum. And a real taste thrill!



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Prince Charming by Jennifer Anderson


Prince Charming by Jennifer Anderson
Book Two of the Honey Creek Royalty Series – Honey Creek Books
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Jasmine

Break-ups are never easy, and Sarah O’Connor finds her hard truth from a note. Furious with the delivery and lack of reasoning, she’s forced to carry on with her life, but Josh’s timing couldn’t have been worse. The Ohio State High School Cheerleading competition is around the corner, and instead of focusing on a monumental win, she’s overwhelmed with the recent heartbreak, jealous when she sees him with a new girl, and confused by lingering feelings of taking him back.

Enter Adrian Beale, a face from her past. Soon, she’s more conflicted because while she knows she needs to move on, making Adrian an ideal candidate, Josh won’t go away.

She decides to put both boys aside to focus on winning state, but when she witnesses an scandalous situation, can she erase what she’s seen, or will the images plague her performance? Can Sarah move on from an old love to a new one, and will she carry her squad to victory?

Many a girl’s worst nightmare in high school is having their boyfriend break up with them. To have him do it through a note right before class? Has to be one of the worst. Of course, when having one boy break up with you causes you to give another boy a chance, a boy that turns out to be the perfect guy, it can’t all be bad.

One of the things that I loved about this book is the author’s portrayal of the main character as a cheerleader. Rather than following the standard stereotype of either the airhead cheerleader or the mean girl cheerleader, Sarah is a nice girl with ambition, goals and decent grades. Even as the captain of the squad, she doesn’t make it a popularity contest. She’s not out to prove anything to anybody besides the fact that she is a good captain. Sarah cares about what her parents think and succeeding in the things she sets out to do. She may only be a sophomore in high school, but she already knows what she wants to do and is working towards making it happen.

Sarah’s best friend, Beckie, is a great character. She is always there for Sarah without compromising who she is or what she believes for herself, which is exactly what a friendship should be. Adrian seems to be exactly the type of guy that every mother would like to see her daughter end up with. He is mature for his years, due to tragedy in his past, and he is kind and caring. And Josh, as the jerk that broke up with Sarah, is just a total creep.

There was a lot of potential here to turn this book, and Josh, into more than what it was. I’m glad Ms. Anderson held back and kept it the way it is. It’s refreshing to read a teen book that keeps it on a more innocent level with good kids in a small mid-west town. This book reminded me a lot of the types of books I used to read as a teenager. Also, having lived in Ohio my entire life, it was a lot of fun to recognize many of the things mentioned.

The Honey Creek Books are a great series so far, that I’ve really enjoyed reading. The books are stand alone books that aren’t necessary to read in order. Characters from the previous book are mentioned in this one, but not in a way that will confuse the reader or take away from this book or its characters in any way. I’ll definitely be looking for the next one and will be recommending them to my nieces.