A Heavenly Interception by Eddie Georgonicas

A Heavenly Interception by Eddie Georgonicas
Anarchy of Angels Book 2
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Inspirational, Paranormal, Young Adult
Length: Full Length (175 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

The Dark One is on the rampage, a demonic beast is on the prowl.

He stalks the boys across two continents unintentionally playing a game of “cat and mouse”.

But of utmost significance is his need to move around the Earth incognito. And what better way than to rid a human shell of its soul and then “step in” to take it over.

Revenge is the only driver that makes this dedicated demonic soldier go to all this trouble.

There is a history that runs deep between them. If only the boys knew!!!

The boys will come to finally meet their demonic stalker and all is revealed.

They will be forced into defending their lives as well as the lives of those innocent souls that are with them.

The final showdown is behind the closed doors of the famous Gothic Church located in the city of Cologne, Germany.

It is here where Angelic Intention, Hellish influence, Earthly friendships, A psychic medium and an innocent German family all link together for one last time.

Angels and demons, heaven and hell with life after death. Quite a combination of events and circumstances to encompass in one book.

Tony and Johnny, two young American men who have been lifelong friends, set out on the holiday of a lifetime in Germany. Months before, they helped the angels in their fight against Lucifer, but they have no memory of this as the angels wiped their memories of the event. Now Lucifer is out to get his revenge on them.

A fake attack on heaven enables Lucifer’s henchman Sebastian, to travel to earth where he begins his evil work with the aim of meeting and destroying Tony and Johnny. A trail of disaster follows him as he makes his way to Cologne.

This is an inspirational book with many aspects of religion. The archangels, Virgin Mary, and souls of the good are all there, but somehow the story didn’t gel together. There was no smooth transition from one scene to the next, the excitement and thrill was dulled by the way the scenes were presented. I also did not understand the reason for the two young German children to be involved with the story.

However, the idea behind the book is brilliant, a truly new aspect of looking at heaven, hell and Christianity. The angels are given a human side, although their basic goodness is uppermost. I found the way the souls were dealt with when they reached heaven was good and kind, what you’d expect from heaven. I believe a little more tweaking would bring it to its true potential and make it a winner.

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