A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung

A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung

A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung
Publisher: Pigeonhole Books
Genre: Childrens, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (34 pages)
Age Recommendation: 3+
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Mondays and Tuesdays are fun, going on cooking adventures with Dad. We look forward to Wednesdays and Thursday too when we get to be a green thumb with Mum. Don’t forget the holidays! Spring breaks with Mum and hot summer camping with Dad. Each day is a truly special day!

There are many advantages to living in two different homes.

Since it didn’t go into any details about why the main character moves between her father and her mother’s houses, this tale could be used for many different types of families. I really liked how the plot chose to focus instead on how happy she was to be loved by all of the people in her life. This positive, upbeat message was heartwarming, especially when it gave concrete examples of how her family showed her how much they cared.

Some of the text was so faint I could barely read them. There were also a few pages that repeated the same lines a second time in this faint font. It was never quite clear to me if this was something that was done on purpose. The subject matter of those pages didn’t sound like the kind of sentences that would have been repeated again, but it happened often enough that I wasn’t entirely sure how I was supposed to interpret it.

The illustrations in this picture book were absolutely adorable. I actually ended up reading it over again a few times so that I could spent more time paying attention to what was happening in them. Some of them had really interesting things going on in their backgrounds that I hadn’t noticed at first. All of the illustrations complemented the storyline perfectly and were a lot of fun to see.

A Brand New Day is a wonderful tale that should be read by kids and adults alike.

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