Coming Home by Melissa Frost

Coming Home by Melissa Frost
Coming Home by Melissa Frost
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (54 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

A Werewolf Story

As a foster care child, Andi never stays long in one place. She doesn’t have a chance to connect with anyone—until sexy, blue-eyed Devon walks into her life.

Devon claims to have known her birth parents. He’s even got a photograph to prove it. He shows up offering her everything she could ever want—a friend, a connection to her family, and answers.

The only problem is Devon’s friendship comes with a few complications attached. There’s the fact that he’s a werewolf, and then there’s the territorial clan out to start a war with Devon’s pack. What started as a simple journey to learn about herself turns into a dangerous road trip that could get her killed.

If she can survive, Andi just might get the answers that have been plaguing her, and she might just fall in love with her new furry pal along the way.

The only thing worse than feeling like a misfit is not understanding why you don’t fit in anywhere.

The character development was handled nicely. I got to know both of the main characters pretty well in this short story. It was especially interesting to see how they reacted to all of the things that happened to them as the plot thickened. Their responses remained true to their personalities while also showing signs of personal growth along the way. It was a lot of fun to see these transformations happen, especially when it came to Andi. She had so much to learn in such a short period of time, but she handled it beautifully.

I would have liked to see more attention paid to the conflict that Devon’s pack had with their enemies. Its origins were explained in detail, but the narrator didn’t spend as much time I would have expected to see showing how those old grudges were still around in the present day. This would be a great subject to explore in a sequel if Ms. Frost ever decides to write one for these characters.

What I enjoyed the most about the romance between Andi and Devon was how much time it was given to develop. They got to know each other as individuals before any sparks started to fly, and even they they continued to take things slowly. This was definitely the right decision for these two characters given their ages and everything else that was going on in their lives.

Coming Home was such an exciting read. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes werewolf stories as much as I do.

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