Dream Guy by A.Z.A. Clarke

Dream Guy by A.Z.A. Clarke
Publisher: Finch Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: 221 pages
Age Recommendation: 16+ (due to discussions of drug use and depictions of death and torture)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Stargazer

Book 1 in the Battalions of Oblivion series

Every teen has dreams, but only Joe Knightley can make his dreams reality. Even the nightmares…

There can be only one Dream Master.

Joe has been falling asleep everywhere, and he has enough on his plate with wrangling his wayward best mate, suppressing the urge to murder his little sister and facing off with Charlie Meek, the knife-wielding bully who makes school a misery for so many.

Joe does not need the discovery that he can make his dreams come true. At first, turning a classroom into an aquarium and conjuring up a Lamborghini are amusing ways to use this new power. But Joe soon realizes he’s roused an enemy far deadlier than Charlie Meek.

Drawn into a duel with a being who has had centuries of experience, Joe must fight for everything he cares for. But deciding exactly what he holds dear is perhaps the biggest battle of all.

What if your dreams were real? And, what if you could control those real dreams?

In the book, Dream Guy by A.Z.A. Clark, this is a real situation! Joe is just an average high school student when one day he finds he is able to control his own dreams and make them a realty. Unfortunately, this ability begins to take a toll on Joe’s body in the form of severe fatigue. Then when the secret begins to get out, Joe’s friend begins to take advantage of the special ability that Joe possesses. Things begin to spiral out of control when Joe meets a powerful individual with similar powers.

Throughout the book the exploration of human nature, human desire and frustration take centerfold. The situations build on each other much like real life and the author does a great job of tying everything together and not leaving any loose ends. From the initial confusion of the events to the understanding of how to focus dreams the reader is provided an opportunity to grow with Joe.

Finally as Joe’s friendship with his childhood friend Nell grows stronger, an event occurs that jolts everything Joe has begun to build. The reader is placed in a position of seeing heartbreak first-hand and further tasked with considering what they would do if they were in the same position as Joe. When Joe goes to change the timeline of events, the reader is left breathless with the same frustration and struggle that Joe experiences.

Dream Guy is the first Book in the Battalions of Oblivion Series, but the ending does not leave the reader struggling and frustrated that they must wait for another book. In fact, the ending leaves the reader feeling fulfilled but tied to the characters as though they were true friends who shared a special experience with the reader that transcended the story line.

The awesome story line and the smooth writing style of A.Z.A. Clark make this book a must read!

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