Elemental by Debbie Kump

Elemental by Debbie Kump
Elemental by Debbie Kump
(The Elementals Book One)
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Magic, Time Travel
Length: Full Length (227 Pgs)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Myrtle

It’s hard to know how long you’ve lived when you can’t remember how many times you’ve died.

Some yearn for immortality, but seventeen-year-old Jordan Smith regards it a curse she can’t escape. As an Elemental, Jordan possesses the power to endure painful, fiery deaths that transport her to another place in history. Yet her power comes at a terrible cost. She fears the combined strength of the four Elementals will threaten the fate of humanity. And she vows to prevent this from happening…even if it means she will die.

Flung into the present, the immense force of the other Elementals again draws near. Now Jordan must choose to sacrifice her feelings for the guy she loves—or risk losing everyone she knows.

Jordan, known throughout history as Pyr, has a thing about not destroying the world or manically ruling it, but it seems she is the only Elemental whom it bothers.

Seventeen-year-old Jordan Young is an Elemental – Skye (wind), Gaia (earth), Hydros (water), and Pyr (fire). Being one of the world’s most powerful forces should come in handy at high school, but when you’re running for your life, bratty girls and snobby boys just don’t seem all that important.

Jordan refuses to join “The Three” in their devious world domination plans, often suffering vicious consequences. She soon realizes that resisting them means losing those she loves to hideous deaths. The only way Jordan can escape is to die, which allows her to “jump” time, so we travel with her through 1871 Chicago, and Pompeii, Italy 79AD, until she finds herself in present day Pacifica along the California coast. Here she sees a car for the first time, as well as cell phones and other modern day conveniences. She also meets Micah and Sully. Soon, Jordan finds herself being housed in Micah’s home where his doting mother insists she stay for several weeks while recovering from injuries. Living a “normal” life is an adventure itself as we ride along with Jordan during Driver’s Ed and French class.

The premise of this story has fascinating elements (no pun intended) but bringing the life of “Pyr” and the life of “Jordan” together into one story had its challenges for me as a reader. One minute, tragedy in Pompeii where loved ones pay the ultimate price is quickly replaced with modern day fun and friends. The reader is often reminded that, historically speaking, the consequences of Jordan’s delayed departure means the death of those she loves, yet she repeatedly chooses to stay “one more day.” The need to say goodbye, or to watch a soccer game, or perhaps just a belief that the horrendous storm moving in is really just a plain, everyday storm and not the other Elementals looking for her, brings frustration to the ultimate story.

This tale is creative and has it well-written scenes, so I am hoping the other books that follow in this series will be more cohesive and perhaps allow Jordan to have the advanced intellect and maturity of someone who has lived through the centuries even though seventeen is her reported age.

Anyone who loves mythic beings, time travel, and modern day fantasy will enjoy this story!

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