Fabrick by Andrew Post

Fabrick by Andrew Post
Publisher: Medallion Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery, YA
Length: Full Length (604 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Clyde has worked for Mr. Wilkshire for a very long time. Life is comfortable in his keeper’s chateau—until Mr. Wilkshire is attacked. Clyde goes into hiding and emerges to find his only friend dead.

Brokenhearted and clueless how to bring Mr. Wilkshire’s killer to justice, Clyde accepts the help of a unique group of friends, including Flam the Mouflon treasure hunter and Nevele the royal stitcher. Throughout their adventure, Clyde learns he isn’t alone in this world with his magical ability: there are others like him called fabrick weavers, and for all it is both a special gift and a curse. His gift is to ease the conscience of anyone who makes a confession to him, but the curse is that the person’s luck will be reduced in proportion to the severity of the offense.

Having left his pampered life behind to set things right, Clyde joins his new friends traveling into the razed city of Geyser, into the labyrinthine world beneath, and to the palace beyond. Along the way, the group deals with an unrelenting maniac pursuer, a corrupt king, a band of pirates, a small army of guardsmen, and just a few million dog-sized bugs—all while hopefully managing to avoid jinxing their own members.

Yeah, no problem.

Clyde is an interesting creation. He needs no food or sleep, he can’t love anyone or he forgets them, and he’s spent his life hidden away. He can listen to your troubles and make you feel better, but he also gives you bad luck. He has no idea why would anyone sweep into the yard and kill the man who was raising him. And why did he need to hide away for three weeks?

This is a unique story, I’m impressed. I read a lot of fantasy/science fiction books and some plots seem to dribble together. This one stands alone and stands proud. Mr. Post has created a world that is different but his characters are the ones that are unique. You need to open your mind wide to get into this story and really appreciate it.

Pirates and their associates are the ones who have killed his master. He’s never been outside the walls of their compound, so how’s he going to survive? He finds some hope when he finds this Mouflon pilfering anything of value in the house and around the property. He’s huge, has horns, and also has a big appetite. By accident, he agrees to help Clyde, and then he’s stuck. He has to honor his word.

As they travel across the destroyed world, they meet other interesting creatures: Mice that can become one entity and travel as person, and a stitcher who can weave her own being into tools like twine or rope to help with Clyde’s quest. All Clyde wants to do is find the man who killed his master, but that changes as he travels.

This story is well written, full of tension, and full of friendship built from nothing but strangers working together. Mr. Post has created a good team. This imagined world has a lot of depth, a lot of danger, and death is common. It makes a great adventure. The part that really pleases me, as a reader, is that there has to be a sequel. Too many questions are still unanswered. And there’s another character in the shadows that must be going to run across Clyde sooner or later. I’m more than willing to go on another wild ride with Clyde!

I really enjoyed this read. Why not share this unique world with your young adult reader? (I won’t tell if you read it, too.)

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