Fairest by K.S. Trenten

Fairest by K.S. Trenten
Publisher: Prizm Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical
Length: Short Story (91 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 Stars
Age Recommendation: 12+
Reviewed by Astilbe

From childhood, her eyes have haunted me. She cursed me at birth, to fall under a sleeping curse. Everyone is afraid of her. Everyone thinks she’s my enemy. Only I can’t think of her as an enemy. There are too many secrets surrounding her, too many silences. Who exactly is she, the dark haired, pale beauty, who haunts the tower, my guardian, and my dreams? What is the truth about her? Is she truly a wicked witch? Or is she just a girl, as cursed as I am? No one wants me to face the truth. No one wants me to look too deeply. I’m not afraid of her, even if I should be. Come with me, as I visit my tower, the enchanted forest, a lonely cottage, and look into a magic mirror. Face my curse, even as I face the spindle in her hands. Sing the words of a magic spell, even as it looms over me, threatening to completely overcome me. For I refuse to afraid of her, even if everyone thinks I should be.

Some curses can never be outrun.

The world building was really well done. I actually briefly wondered if I’d accidentally started reading a sequel to an earlier book because of how much detail the author had packed into their descriptions of the castle where the characters lived. There were so many small but important glimpses of what a particular room looked like or how long it would take to travel from one place to another. When I added all of these things up, I felt like I could describe every nook and cranny of this kingdom.

Unfortunately the romance in this story didn’t work for me. I adored both of the characters who were involved in it, but I didn’t think they were a good match for each other. The chemistry between them never felt quite right even once they’d gotten to know each other better. There were also times when I didn’t like how they interacted with each other because of how much trouble they had communicating.

The main character was fascinating. I liked watching her explore the castle and try to uncover all of the secrets hiding in it. Figuring out her personality was easy because of how many opportunities she had to react to things that she’d never experienced before. It was especially interesting to see how curious she was about the world around her even when she was sternly warned to avoid certain areas or topics.

I’d recommend Fairest to anyone who is a fan of fairy tales.

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