Following Flora by Natasha Farrant


Following Flora by Natasha Farrant
Publisher: Puffin
Length: Full Length (256 pgs)
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Snapdragon

Life with the Gadsby family is always chaotic, but now things are spinning of control. Blue’s parents are back home, alternating between rekindling their romance and wondering why they’re still together, and Zoran, the au pair who used to keep them all sane, has moved out. What’s more, he has taken in a reclusive teenage boy, which leaves Blue and her siblings feeling utterly abandoned. Naturally, Blue is determined to bring Zoran home—and to document every moment of her family’s trials and tribulations. Fans of The Penderwicks and Counting By 7s will find an insightfully funny narrator in the irresistible Blue Gadsby.

Following Flora loses not one bit of the vibrancy or the unpredictability of After Iris.

The Gadsby family is back, and love is in the air! Mom and Dad are back together (although their relationship is still not peaceful.) Flora, the older sister, has fallen in love…Twig, the younger brother has found a young lady to impress, and even Blue, family reporter/recorder might have fallen in love! None of it is simple or straightforward though – it is all Sweet, confusing and …the watchword for a Farrant story: Chaotic.

Farrant keeps us guessing what will be next, even while remaining in a comfortable, English setting, in utterly believable circumstances. No matter how outlandish relationships become, we are drawn along, believing. The relationships within the family are as important here as any outside, and Blue finds herself exploring social media – somewhat accidentally. Its use, abuse, and impact is very ‘today’ and still, unpredictable. We cringe when Blue cringes; surely some postings could be viewed as completely accidental!

Everyday life and interaction is not forgotten. The evolution of the family – and even seeing those included as ‘family’ – is truly the heart and soul of this one. Another Must Read!

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