June Book of the Month Poll Winner ~ Stone and Spark by Sibella Giorello

Stone and Spark by Sibella Giorello
Stone and Spark : Book 1 The Raleigh Harmon Mystery Series by Sibella Giorello
Publisher: Running Girl Productions
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by: Honeysuckle

BoM LASR YA copy

During the worst week of her life, Raleigh Harmon discovers her destiny.

Her best friend is a smart-mouthed genius girl named Drew Levinson. But suddenly Drew is gone. Nowhere to be found. Everyone insists Drew ran away. But Raleigh suspects something worse.

Armed with her encyclopedic knowledge of city criminal codes, one rock hammer, and a stubborn streak that’s as wide as the Chesapeake Bay, Raleigh searches for clues.

Did Drew secretly meet somebody?
Did her loony parents finally push her over the edge?
Or is Raleigh’s hunch dead-on: Drew didn’t choose to leave….

The first book in the best-selling Raleigh Harmon mystery series, “Stone and Spark” introduces the girl who will grow up to become a forensic geologist and FBI agent—provided she survives her high school years.

Library Journal hailed this series as a top-ten read with “crisp writing, fast-paced action, and beautiful descriptions….” Don’t miss it.



  1. Lisa Harness says:

    Stone and Spark is definitely 5 stars. I would recommend it to YA, as well as adults.

  2. Mary Lou Hamilton says:

    Good books for teens are so important. This is a great one.

  3. Joanna Stricker says:

    Loved this book! The characters are likable, realistic, and trials true to real life.

  4. jazz gray-sadler says:

    Separation by J.S. Frankel is a winner & awesome read!

  5. Kristen Anissa says:

    Raleigh Harmon is one of my fiction & real life heroes and I’m quite positive that if she were real we would totally be BFF’s!

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