Lost Storm Rider by Jennifer Macaire

Lost Storm Rider by Jennifer Macaire
Lost Storm Rider by Jennifer Macaire
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (110 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Carl is a herder, one of the elites who follow their horses through the galaxy in search of new planets. During a passage, Carl’s worst nightmare comes true when he falls off his horse. He ends up on Planet Earth, lost for nine centuries and now nearly empty because of a deadly virus.

He’s rescued by Ruby and her father, who nurse him back to heath, because Carl isn’t immune and nearly dies when he catches the virus. He tries to adapt to “Mother Earth”, a planet run by robots, where everyone is either a breeder or a sterile worker. As time passes, he becomes more attached to Ruby. He doesn’t know if he can leave Ruby to her fate, or if she’d consider leaving her family and everything she knows to follow him.

Anything can happen when you travel to another planet.

The world building in this story was incredibly well done. Including many small details about the places Carl grew up roaming through made it easy for me to picture what his childhood had been like. It also helped me to understand why he was shocked by life on “Mother Earth” because of how quickly Ms. Macaire showed the audience why that world was different from the one Carl had just left. The cultural and technological differences between them were so humongous that I totally understood his reactions to his strange, new environment as well.

While I was fascinated by the characters and setting, I would have liked to see a little more conflict in the plot. There were a lot of opportunities for the characters to disagree for totally understandable reasons. Only a few of these were actually taken advantage of by the author, though. This is a minor criticism of an otherwise excellent tale, but I would have been even more eager to find out what happened next if things had been slightly more dangerous for the main characters.

The romantic subplot moved along nicely. Not only was I big fan of both of the people involved in it, I also thought they’d make a wonderful couple. Their personalities and interests were similar enough to draw them together, but there were also enough places where they disagreed to keep their budding relationship interesting. I couldn’t wait to find out if they’d actually end up together. That’s a sign of a great romance to me!

Lost Storm Rider should be read by anyone who is in the mood for something futuristic and otherworldly.

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