Mages of Vane by Jennifer Kibble

Mages of Vane by Jennifer Kibble

Mages of Vane by Jennifer Kibble
Phoenix Element Book 2
Publisher: Self
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (166 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4 stars
Review by: Orchid

Welcome to the Vane Magic School. The entity known as Ashima is no longer screaming within Anya’s mind. Anya now begins her new life learning about magic, auras, and making new friends. Unbeknownst to Anya, she stands at the cusp of a war that has been brewing for centuries. The mages of Vane must protect their home and school from The Order of Blood and their hidden leader. If Vane falls, other worlds will follow suit.

Anya has rid herself of Ashima the Rayasha and is ready to embrace the teachings of the Magic School of Vane. To her surprise, her teacher is her uncle from Earth, a man who had never shown any signs he had magic. During her time at the school she makes friends with other students and learns a lot about herself and how to wield her magic. Unfortunately her enemies catch up with her and chaos explodes as Anya and her friends try to save the school, mages and students from total annihilation.

An unusual book concerning magic and rebirth, the universe and Anya’s place in it. I found it difficult to get into this book at first.The author overloaded me with explanations concerning the story of the first book. I found this knowledge dump extremely offputting and would have preferred the information to be woven into the story as it progressed.

When I got past this unfortunate beginning the story began to unfold at a much better pace, catching my interest and making me want to read on. Magic and war, intrigue and force, all can be found within the covers of this book. The characters are well defined and there are surprises both good and bad as the magical world is shaken to its core. This book gets better as it progresses and by the end of it I was really involved with the story.

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