Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird

Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird

Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird
Publisher: Harmony Ink (Dreamspinner Press)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Young Adult
Length: Short Story (64 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 5 stars
Review by: Aloe

Connor Roth is a fire mage who’s going places. He’s powerful, popular, and he has a plan. But his plan for fame and glory is disrupted when the Oracle sticks him with Landyn Glendower for Senior Trial. This is an act unprecedented in their school’s history. Landyn is a water mage, and everyone knows mages with opposing elements can’t work magic together.

Connor is left with a choice: work alone and fail or swallow his pride and work with Landyn to find a way to combine their magic in a display the Archmages will never forget—if they don’t get kicked out of school in the process.

Connor is a fire mage and he’s very proud of it. He’s already got his future planned. All he needs to do is pass this final test and the earth is his oyster. First, though, he’s got to talk to the Oracle and see who he’s paired with. He just knows it will be the girl he’s got his eye on. After all, it’s his destiny…

Ms. Bird writes an entertaining story with magic entwined. I didn’t like Connor at first because he’s this spoiled brat who thinks he will get everything he wants. With his father, failure is not an option. The author manages to take him down to size and teaches him a life lesson in this interesting twist on life ambitions and what might be.

The Oracle pairs him with a male water mage. Fire and water don’t mix. Neither one wants to work together for the final test. They spend a certain amount of time setting each other on fire or drowning one another. When they finally get down to where they get along best, it seems to be in the kitchen making soup. Landyn creates the water for the pot, they both cut up vegetables and some meat and Connor cooks with his fire.

High school was bad enough for me, I can imagine what it’s like with mages using magic during puberty. Connor’s girl dumps him as soon as he’s not valuable to him anymore. While all this is going on, Connor finds himself attracted to Landyn. What’s happening to him?

The author neatly saves the two from near disaster and sets out a bright new future for the boys. I’d enjoy reading more about these two. Ms. Bird caught my attention and kept my interest in the entire story.

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