Shivers by Heather Beck

Shivers by Heather Beck
Shivers by Heather Beck
Publisher: Treasure Cove Books
Genre: Middle Grade, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Contemporary, Historical
Length: Short Story (53 pages)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Feel the chill…

Heather Beck presents Shivers, an anthology of curses and secrets.

Night Of The Vampire
Strange rituals, strict curfews, people who live in constant fear…there’s something wrong in Kristine’s new town of Darscadia; something that only comes out at night to drink human blood.

Long Live The Bonsai
When twins, Caddy and Cody find a bonsai tree in an old attic, they discover that it holds the secret to eternal youth.

The Wildest West
A school trip turns into a nightmare when the class arrives in a ghost town that was once home to three very evil cowboys.

Curses Never Die
Beneath the waters of Hawaii lies a rare and beautiful diamond, but when amateur divers, Erin and Dustin, discover the treasure, they learn the hard way that it’s cursed.

There are all kinds of weird and unexpected things to find out there if you know where to look.

Kristine was so brave in “Night of the Vampire.” I liked seeing how she pieced all of the clues together about what was really going on in Darscadia. What I liked even more than that, though, was seeing how quickly she came up with a plan once she figured out what she was dealing with. She was such a smart main character. While I don’t know if Ms. Beck is planning to write a sequel about her adventures, I’d be interested in finding out what happens to Kristine next if the author does write one.

My favorite story in this collection was “Long Live the Bonsai.” It was such a creative read, especially once I finished the first scene or two and the characters started to get to know each other better. Their conversations were often hilarious. I also liked seeing how Caddy and Cody reacted to the strange, little Bonsai tree once they realized that it wasn’t an ordinary plant. It was the same way I would have reacted in that situation!

There were certain things about “The Wildest West” that I never quite understood. While I liked the fast-paced and exciting storyline, the time travel sections in it weren’t explained well. I would have loved to know more about how that idea in this universe and why the characters seemed to be able to do it so easily. It was such an important part of the plot that I expected the narrator to spend a lot more time talking about it than they did.

The conflict between Erin and Dustin in “Curses Never Die” was handled well. I could understand both of their opinions about what they should do with the diamond. Seeing why they thought the way the did was a big part of why I enjoyed this story so much. Both of them stayed true to their personalities, and that made it really interesting to see how they reacted to what happened later on in the plot.

Shivers was scary in a fun way. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes being frightened.

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