Sortilege: A Novel of The Empyrean Series by C. M. Cox

Sortilege A Novel of The Empyrean Series

Sortilege: A Novel of The Empyrean Series by C. M. Cox
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: 395 Pages
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Cyclamen

Struggling against a female-dominated society, twin assassins convince their human queen to hunt for the missing Star Queen. On a neighboring planet, an elf searches for meaning in the strange signs that have suddenly appeared to her. Traveling with her companion – tall, green and part plant – their scholarly goals quickly become a riskier gamble. Sortilege is an epic fantasy novel about interplanetary alliances, magic, betrayal and an unimaginable possession.

Sortilege is an action filled fantasy novel set in a world filled with magic and a variety of races including fairies and humans. The world is well defined with lots of interesting characters. In addition, there are relationships that are very complex and in fact the novel opens with a prologue involving one of those, a Producer, a human able to do magic who is the Keeping of a fairy.

The characters are compelling and I was interested in them all. I did find the multiple point of views to be a bit confusing. I felt as if I’d been dropped into a world that I knew nothing about. There is an early story in this series, a short story called Dyad. I haven’t read that, but from the notes I read on it, that is where this fantasy world is introduced and I suspect that I wouldn’t have been as confused if I had read that story first.

The action is fast paced and while the story shifts from one location or thread of the story to another and back again, the action is intense. The novel ends with a real cliff-hanger and I hope that the next novel in the trilogy is published soon. Fantasy lovers are sure to enjoy this series from the very beginning.

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