Starflake on Thrill World: Volume 1 by Nicola Cuti

Starflake on Thrill World

Starflake on Thrill World: Volume 1 by Nicola Cuti
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Middle Grade, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (165 pages)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Thrill World used to be a paradise when it was first built by Jonas Grebe. It contained a children’s hospital, where children from all parts of the galaxy could come to be cured of alien diseases, and while they waited, there was a planet-wide zoo filled with creatures from across the universe and an amusement park packed with rides in the galaxy. But now, the planet that used to be a haven for sick children, has turned into a planet of horror, where evil smugglers roam the streets in search of helpless children. Only Starflake, a Starbabe with abilities, and her human girlfriend, Molly,can break through the barrier of secrecy and save the doom planet. But will this daring adventure cost them their lives? This is the first volume of the adventures of Starflake the Starbabe, the girl who can live in outer space without any need of a space suit.

The universe could be full of alien creatures that humans haven’t discovered yet. The only way to figure out if this is true is to start searching for them.

Starflake had such a bubbly and talkative personality. I really enjoyed seeing how she reacted to all of the strange things that humans do because of how quickly she let the audience know exactly what she thought of what she was seeing. Starbabes are quite different from humans in certain ways, so there were a lot of opportunities for her to be completely surprised and weirded out by how we work. Since these were by far my favorite scenes, this was a very good thing.

There were a few plot holes in this story, especially when it came to where Starflake came from and what she remembered about her past. The characters talked about these topics many different times, but the answers they came up with weren’t consistent. It would have been helpful to know why those answers changed so often. I was really interested in knowing which one was actually the right one.

The alien creatures were another highlight of the plot for me. Some of them were beautiful. Others were dangerous. They were all unique, though, and I had fun picturing what it would be like to meet them in person. Ms. Cuti has a great imagination. Nowhere was this more clear than when she was describing what she thinks life on other planets would be like.

I’d recommend Starflake on Thrill World: Volume 1 to anyone who is in the mood for something out of this world.

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