The Possibility of You and Me by Lillie Todd

The Possibility of You and Me by Lillie Todd
The Possibility of You and Me by Lillie Todd
Publisher: Finch Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Length: Full Length (258 pages)
Heat Level:  Sensual
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: Best Book
Review by: Quince

Her whole world has been flipped upside down. She’s lost…and only he can find her.

Lori Black had everything she could ever want—security in social standing by being one of the most popular girls in school, a hot boyfriend, and a set path toward her future. But her brother’s overdose flipped her world upside down and now nothing makes sense.

After spending a year away from home, Lori is ready to try to reclaim her old life. But a lot can happen in a year, and when Lori returns, she realizes she isn’t the superficial girl she left behind and maybe she doesn’t fit the space she used to.

Rejected by her old friends and struggling to deal at home, Lori is lost. And the only person capable of understanding her is the quiet boy, Archer, whom no one knows anything about.

It is Archer who brings Lori the possibility of being found.

Reader Advisory: This book contains some brief scenes of violence and attempted sexual assault.

The Possibility of You and Me is an absolutely amazing story. It is a hidden gem that I read it in one sitting. It started as a typical YA novel; former popular girl Lori Black returns, after a year of absence in school and tries to live a life she left behind, but she changed so much that going back is impossible. She meets silent and unapproachable Archer. Because they are both alone they start to keep each other company, and that turns from friendship into a romantic relationship. But soon Archer’s past starts to hunt him down and they have to decide the fate of, not just of their relationship, but also of their future paths in life.

During the reading of The Possibility of You and Me my heart broke so many times. This is such an emotional book. There are heartbreaks, but neither Lori nor Archer are big on drama. On the contrary, some situations they resolve with such a wisdom and calmness. I like both of them, as individual characters and also as a couple.

Lori is a lost girl who, after a death of her twin brother, has to find herself again. She is torn between being a part of group of her former friends and being away from them. Then when she starts a relationship with Archer she becomes so wound up in it that she almost lost herself. If Archer had been a typical teen boy that might happened. Archer is also a bit lost.  He did something in his past and he cannot forget it. Just like Lori, he also needs someone to love him. They are both such complex three dimensional characters and they make this story interesting and dynamic.  The relationship between them develops gradually while the bond between them is strong and in the end it resists and conquers.

Lillie Todd wrote a beautiful story about loss, love, and becoming vulnerable in order to find your true self. There are a lot of twists and turns here and it is absolutely impossible to predict what will happen next. I more than highly recommend The Possibility of You and Me. It is a story that exceeded all my expectation. One of the best reads in the Young Adult category this year.

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