The Runner and the Robber by Robert Sells

The Runner and the Robber by Robert Sells
Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full (279 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

What happens when a crook suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and forgets where he buried three million dollars? Bill Taylor, rising track star in Florida, is forced to live in western New York when his father dies. Unable to participate in sports and hating his new school, he is jogging home from school when he is accosted by an ex-con who demands his cut of the money. Bill’s reaction? What money? How?

Working with Sarah, the girlfriend of a possessive football star at the new school, Bill unravels the mystery behind a Brinks robbery twenty years before. Along the way three people are murdered and Bill is used and abused by the mob. At least he is no longer complaining about his new home and school. Now all he has to worry about is keeping Sarah and him alive.

This is a fun book to read and, at the same time, deals with some very serious issues, not the least is when teens have to help with the caregiving of an elderly relative. In this case, it’s Bill’s grandfather. After the death of his father, Bill and his mom have to give up their home in Florida to move to western New York where things are not easy on any of them.

At the first, I wanted to smack Bill, because he complained about not having any friends, but he was sullen, unhappy, and didn’t try to make any friends. All he thought about was moving back to Florida. And, I get it–it’s hard to be uprooted from all you know, especially being a junior in high school. Fortunately, though, he started to grow on me. I did like how patient he was with his grandfather (most of the time). And, once his chemistry partner, Sarah, starts bringing him out of his shell, he really bloomed.

This is more of an action/adventure than a mystery, because there are very few clues as to the identity of the “bad guy.” And, I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the author did a pretty good job at keeping more than one suspect in the forefront. There is a light romance scattered through, which also appealed to me.

The aspect of the taking care of an Alzheimer patient was well-integrated and informative without being preachy, as are the ethical questions that arise about the missing money–especially near the end of the book. Good job, sir.

All in all, this is a very entertaining book and I’ll be looking for the author’s backlist to see what else he has in store.

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  2. Really great review. This sounds like a really exciting and sensitive story.

    • My father had Alzheimer’s. My family and I left a lucrative job in Connecticut to help care for him in Western New York. My kids didn’t mind, but it bothered me a bit. Just a bit. I’ve never regretted the decision. Billy has to deal with a similar problems from his vantage point as a teenager who lost his father and his home in Florida.

      Robert Sells, author

  3. Becky Richardson says:

    Where is our favorite place to read?

    • In my living room with a pup on my lap and a cup of tea at my side. Actually, though, I can read just about anywhere. From living room, to car, train, or plane, to a shopping mall.

  4. Great review! This book sounds like a very interesting read! Looking forward to checking out this book!

    • Ally, it’s both a fun read and a serious read. Watching Sarah and Billy’s relationship grow is the fun part. He has a hard time adjusting to a strong-willed female! But, he does. But, fun turns dark sometimes. Give the book a read. You’ll enjoy it.

  5. My thanks to everyone at Long and Short Reviews. The review was well written and accurate. I’m impressed more with this website than any others I have experienced.

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