Vic: Fast! by Jerry Gill

Vic: Fast! by Jerry Gill
The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5
Publisher: Ann Darrow Co
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (203 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4
Review by: Aloe

BoM LASR YA copy

In the search for her eternal love, the re-incarnated cave girl visits family in Australia and when her aunt is robbed Vic pursues the bad guys to a mysterious grotto where legend says a horrible monster guards a family treasure – and finds herself confronted by other equally virulent threats along the way! A swell vacation turns into a fight for survival!

All the things you expect from a Vic Challenger novel – bad guys, cryptids, nature, just a mention of social issue, 1920’s nostalgia, and Vic continues her search for her lost love. She is with Lin Li in Australia, visiting family on her mothers side. It’s a swell vacation, then whamo! The best laid plans of travel writers and their friends often go kaboom! Time after time, Vic and Lin find the relevance to the saying, ‘It’s easy to get dead when you’re slow.’ Savage, unpredictable action! Guaranteed!

#5 in the series but each novel stands on it’s own.

Vic is still on the hunt for her lost love. They were both killed in a natural disaster during the days of cavemen, but she’s become reincarnated and believes he may have, too. She’s got her eye on one adventurer but she hasn’t located him yet. In the meantime, she’s improving her survival skills and training for battle. She’s also going to go visit her relatives in Australia.

This series has the flavor of the dime detective novels. They were exciting, fun to read and the characters did outrageous things. So do Vic and her friend, Lin.

The story is full of monsters, both human and animal. Some are real animals, some are fantasy. When the reception they are having in Vic and Lin’s honor is interrupted by bandits and they steal everything of value, including a map, Vic has a new quest. She’s going to go find them and recover the goods. They don’t even get away from the house without having a battle to the death.

They almost die from lack of water in the outback. The bandits sic Tasmania Devils on them. They get attacked by lizards. It’s a good thing they practice all the time or they wouldn’t be alive. Vic almost turns into a Tasmanian Devil herself when she is facing terrible odds. She can also do more with an ax than most humans could.

Hang onto your chair when you start this book. It’s a wild ride from beginning to end and you’ll find yourself turning pages faster and faster. Mr. Gill grabs your attention and then commences in his story telling. This would be fun to read around a campfire as long as you aren’t afraid of the dark. You might start hearing things…

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