Warrior by Deidre Huesmann

Warrior by Deidre Huesmann
A Modern Greek Myth 3
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, YA
Length: Full (231 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by: Poinsettia

While Azalee recovers from her stabbing, the High Priestess continues to lord over her. Azalee begins to feel her situation is hopeless once the Mother of Mykonos declares her mistrust of the Blistered child. With few allies, she makes desperate moves to gain some sense of control. In Athens, Joel and the others come to the dreaded realization that Joel is also a chosen mortal by a very unlikely and malicious god. Joel will have to sacrifice his beliefs to reach Azalee—and even that may not be enough. As their fates intertwine, trust is tenuous, promises are broken, and blood is spilled. Azalee and Joel can succumb to the gods’ twisted games…or challenge the fates.

Azalee no longer lives in the corrupt temple, but she is far from safe.

Azalee’s desperate attempt to contact Joel and her other friends left her defenseless, which resulted in her nearly fatal stabbing. More vulnerable than ever, Azalee is not only at the mercy of Theseus, but the High Priestess as well. Azalee still hasn’t completely figured out the source of the corruption at the temple, but she’s getting closer to unraveling the mystery. However, every move she makes puts her in danger. Will Azalee survive long enough to be reunited with Joel, or will the High Priestess silence Azalee forever? Warrior is the final book in this trilogy. Reader wishing to enjoy this book absolutely need to read Blistered and Priestess first.

I am constantly amazed by Azalee’s strength. She never once gives up fighting even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. She always stands up for those who can’t protect themselves, and she fights to protect the other priestesses at the temple even though they never showed her the slightest hint of kindness. She roots out the truth of the corruption at the temple at a great personal cost because it is the right thing to do. Azalee is the kind of woman I’d be proud to call a friend.

Meanwhile, Joel is fighting just as fiercely to find Azalee. As Joel and his unlikely band of friends travel toward Azalee, they are constantly attacked by other Spinels. Joel’s pacifism is sorely tested, especially when a very violent god makes him a chosen mortal. Will this god’s presence be a blessing or a curse?

I enjoyed learning more about Deimos and his history. As I predicted, there is more to him than meets the eye. However, Joel’s memories of Deimos are skewed. I would have liked to see Joel and Deimos come to a clearer understanding of each other, but sadly, I’m not sure they will ever have that chance.

Of all the characters in this series, Niribelle has changed the most. I found her thoroughly unlikable in Blistered, but as the series has progressed, I must admit that she’s grown on me a bit. I’ve come to respect her. Niribelle continues to surprise me with her ability to make difficult decisions with ruthless determination. I hope she can live with the consequences of her actions.

Azalee and Joel’s reunion is bittersweet. I knew it was going to be difficult, and as I neared the conclusion, it was clear that a sacrifice of some sort would have to be made. However, I never imagined it would take the form it did. It simply never occurred to me that such a thing was possible, and yet when it was over, it made complete sense.

I’m delighted I had the opportunity to read this compelling trilogy, and I have relished the chance to watch Azalee, Joel, and the others grow and change as I followed them on their journey. I highly recommend this entire series.


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