Author Interview: Tonyna Breaux

Long and Short Reviews YA welcomes Tonyna Breaux, whose book Susie’s New School, was recently released.

Tonyna has had a passion for writing since she was a young girl, when she would write in her journal about her daily experiences as well as stories. About four years ago, she decided to create her first book.

“I knew I loved writing but it was difficult finding the time to do it,” she said. “I didn’t give up and became persistent. Now I have two publishing contracts under my belt.”

Susie’s New School is about the struggles many children face in school, bullying. Even though many schools are against bullying, it’s different for every situation to be known and stopped.

“As a child, I’ve experienced it and so have many other children I’ve known throughout the years,” she admitted. “I want kids to know that it doesn’t lasts and to be strong, stay kind and patient, and always discuss any issue with your parents or guardian.”

Tonyna is working on a few stories currently. One is called “Pup from the Pound” and is part of the Susie series.

“It’s about adopting a new puppy and the responsibilities of taking care of it,” she told me.

Growing up, Tonyna always wanted to be three things: a singer, a writer, and a teacher.

“I believe most young children dream to be a teacher because it’s what they’re shown as the first career choice,” she explained. “Eventually I decided to become a singer because it’s what I loved until I realized that I would have to perform in front of many people. A writer was the best choice and one I’m glad to have settled with. I could envision myself in my characters lives and construct a beautiful or heart-wrenching story to provide for my readers.”

Tonyna was born and raised in the small town of Lockport, Louisiana – about 58 miles southwest of New Orleans in a family of 10 siblings, 5 boys and 5 girls, with Tonyna being number 5, and most of her family still lives near the hometown. When she was 16, she met and fell in love with her husband, who is now a Navy veteran. They’ve been married 14 years, with a son and daughter, and live in Humble, Texas.

The hardest part about writing for Tonyna is staying focused and finding the time. She doesn’t have a very strict writing schedule, but makes she writes at last a thousand words a day. Her best time for writing is early morning, because she has a hard time concentrating on the story when her kids are home from school or her husband home from work. Her afternoons are dedicated to her family.

“How much of your writing is based on your own experiences as a child or teen?” I asked.

“My writing is based on a small part of my own experiences as a teen. I grew up in a less fortunate household but we always cared for one another,” she said. “I was bullied and teased but not as much as others I’ve witnessed. At one point, my children were bullied at their new school but it’s the past and they’ve dealt with the situation and moved on. You never forget but you grow and learn from your experiences.”

3_7 tonyna Susie's New School_CoverSusie thought she would live in Rapid Hollow her entire life. She is shocked to find out her father’s job needed them to move. Susie is saddened at leaving her home, school and best friend Lyla. Susie soon learns that not kids are nice when she enters her new school in Fox Springs. What Susie wouldn’t give to see her old school again? Battling many emotions, Susie learns that you can fight by showing great kindness toward others.

About the Author: 3_7 tonyna Author PhotoTonyna Breaux is a mother of two and wife of a US Navy Veteran. She currently resides in Humble, Texas but grew up in the small town of Lockport, Louisiana. Although she lives in Texas, she’s a Cajun at heart. She majored in Business and Psychology as well as Health Management. Her life as a previous military spouse traveling the US taught her how difficult transitioning can become. When she isn’t creating a story, she’s singing or spending time with her family.

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