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When considering what words to bring from mind to page, two threads of my terrestrial stretch reverberate the loudest: my forage for meaning through faith and my organization of understanding in science. Both somewhat appease my ‘knowledge gnaw’, but by adhering to rigid structures of orthodoxy, they awkwardly ignore abyssal gaps of mystery, or cover them up with sleights of logic.

Both partaken of human establishments, neither science nor faith are perfect, and at times, drape darkness in illusion and pin the unknown to a tapestry of fear. So the search for answers lies not in what we already know, and not in what we may ultimately know, but in what cannot be known. To question and hypothesize about the ludicrous, the fanciful and the bereft on both sides of the inquisitors’ aisle fuel my imagination’s pen. Hunting for truth through fiction is my fundamental purpose in writing.

In my current series, a group of emotionally tattered and indulgently intrusive teenagers confront the elite of the paranormal in a mounting struggle between the commanding and distraught forces of defeated good and hidden evil. The first of the series, “The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch”, introduces the first five adolescents whose minds have been opened to a set of double-edged abilities. Known as divinoi, twelve supernatural abilities in total sprout and grow throughout children in the small Appalachian town of Lake Julian over the course of the series’ nine novels.

In my second novel, “The Last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi”, several teenagers have developed a sophomoric understanding of their divinoi, but their exploits have drawn the notice of the aged and powerful Magi. What the main characters consider to be chupacabras are, in actuality, a harvested pack of ethereal wardens, chosen to protect the ancient engineers of the universe. A master of the divinoi has created a motley duplicate of these ‘keepers’, which she manipulates in an attempt to destroy the divinoi-gifted children and prove to the remaining evil guard her aptitude as General, as the time for the final offensive against Creation’s Author is approaching.

Through subsequent titles, the battle between metaphysical opponents escalates as more children, blessed with divinoi, discover the oldest war of all being waged around them.

“The Last Nazirite and the Shadowlight” is nearly complete, and outlining for the fourth novel, “The Last Watcher and the Lost Tribe of Fair”, is in progress. The series finale and the ninth of the ennealogy, entitled “The Last Rebellion”, has also been mostly written.

Part science fiction, more spiritual and urban fantasy, my works have no specific genre to call home, just as science and faith have few strongholds that embrace them both. My reviews have been good and bad. My books are not for everyone. Regardless, if someone has thought about our world a little differently after reading what I write, than that is success. All that I can ask for is a few hours of your life to hurdle down my wild ride. I hope you enjoy.

About the Author:3_4 AshlandMenshouseAshland Menshouse grew up in northeastern Kentucky, raising tadpoles to frogs and climbing trees. His parents and grandmother fostered his proclivity for science, while instilling a faith compass which has provided both consternation and direction throughout his life. While pursuing his academic passions, he spent much of his spare time writing poetry and newspaper articles in secondary school and college, many of which have been previously published. But the outdoors never left him. Ashland received his Eagle Scout Award in February of 1993.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, Ashland obtained an M.D. from the University of Kentucky and completed post-doctoral studies at Emory University. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spends most of his time working with ill and injured children. His debut novel, The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch was a finalist in USA Book News’ ‘Best New Fiction’ category for 2012. The sequel, entitled The Last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi, was released from Tate Publishing in December. along with a revised version of his first novel. Menshouse plans to complete the third of the series novel, The Last Nazirite and the Shadowlight, by the beginning of 2014. The prequel to the series, The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch, will be released April 1.

3_4 GuardiancoverThe Watchers’ Tomb is sealed and buried. The Bigfoot are at rest. And yet, for six months, Lake Julian has only enjoyed a restless peace.

Most say the rumors of ghosts and suspicious shadows are the figments of childish conjecture or the product of juvenile delinquency. Some disagree.

Aubrey Taylor’s list of enemies and critics is quickly surpassing the number in his tiny band of compatriots. Maximillian Miller has recently been elected to the head of the city council. Agenda number one — making sure Aubrey and his friends pay for the destruction they have brought to their quiet town.

In addition, more than local eyes have noticed Aubrey’s unearthly aptitude, and ancient threats loom from near and far. But Aubrey’s fight has a more urgent front. An army of chupacabra have descended upon Lake Julian, afflicting its residents with an inexplicable plague, and only Aubrey and his friends, both old and new, with their unique array of supernatural faculties, can save their town and prove that they are not at the heart of this new menace.


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