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Interview with Fifi Larouche
Marcus Dino
Marcus: Folks let me introduce you to the main character in my new book, anthology Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul, and my previous 2 books, Hollywood novel Fifi, and another anthology Diary of a Mad Gen Yer, struggling Hollywood wannabe actress Cheryl ‘Fifi’ Larouche. So, Fifi, we just finished another book. What is about Evolved Soul that is unique from my previous 2 books, Fifi and Diary?

Fifi: I most certainly am happy to be talking to you, Marcus, and all you readers again. This is like our 3rd or 4th tour together? Meanwhile my father who is a full professor at prestigious ‘Iowa Tech’ keeps on calling me every week and tells me to quit wasting my time in La La Land working as a waitress and come back to my hometown of Des Moines. He happens to have a friend who is a bank president and can get me a ‘real job’ as a banker, where I can put more use of my ‘expensive’ liberal arts degree from an elite school. I’m sorry; I know it’s a tough economy out there, but I am not the kind of girl who can sit around being surrounded by ‘cubicles’ all day. Finally I tell Father we all got one shot on God’s Green Earth and we need to take advantage of every opportunity we got. I’ll only be Fifi Larouche, red head talented actress, only once. After that, Kaput, who knows what happens? I don’t know about this reincarnation stuff. I could come back as a snail or even worse say 200 years from now as an insurance agent named Dan with a wife and 3 kids, living in the Olympus Mons area of Mars because the Earth is over polluted. Heck being female I can’t even turn 30 and still be an ‘unknown Hollywood actress.’ We have such a double standard in Hollywood, you see a lot of older men on screen but few older women.

Marcus: Allright, Fifi, hope things get better with your career but let’s back to the question. What is it about Evolved Soul that is unique from my previous book, Fifi and Diary?

Fifi: What makes Evolved Soul unique? The Spirituality Angle and my unique ‘tweets.’ Yes the reader sees me involved in another silly adventure or belting out another silly poem as in Diary or the trial or tribulations I go through in my acting career or me again arguing with my father like I do in Fifi. But my 2 ‘spirit guides’ Goth and Au are introduced in Evolved Soul and they give the reader some great practical advice such as Au talking about the Power of We which means that we all as the human race need to work together for the common good, even though I can’t stand seeing a blonde with half my talent landing a role I should be getting. Au and Goth are also involved in some of my silly adventures.

Au has a great motto that I believe I put in one of my tweets. ‘Think Spiritual not Material,’ even though I and a lot of other materialistic people have a hard time following that motto living on this planet Earth. The second part that makes Evolved Soul is using the power of Twitter and my ‘silly tweets’ at the end of the book. As a matter I like writing a tweet, which is certainly no small feet, as much as I to eat, and if you dislike my tweet, go read one by someone named Boring Pete.

Marcus: So in addition to all your interesting adventures and silly poems and tweets there is practical advice from your two spirit guides who are ‘evolved souls,’ thus explaining the title?

Fifi: Yes

Marcus: Fifi, how many tweets have you actually tweeted on Twitter.

Fifi: Over fifteen thousand but of course only a small number were put in the book. Only the best and brightest tweets were put in the book.

Marcus: Fifi, would you consider yourself, besides being a Hollywood actress, a 21st century super heroine?

Fifi: I most certainly do and if I ever land a role as a super heroine well it might as well be a biopic. No need for putting on a costume and cape. Just look like I always do wearing a blouse and jeans. I may not be able to fly in the air or climb on the side of a building and when I get cut I most certainly bleed but I’m tougher than any super hero or super heroine who ever lived. I may be only 5 foot 2 and weigh 125 pounds but nobody ever pushes me around.

Marcus: Wow that’s great to here. Are there any other interesting characters, besides those previously mentioned, in Evolved Soul, whom you would like to talk about?

Fifi: Of course there’s amazing boyfriend Biff, who juggles between being a software developer and part time actor, there’s Alocki and Helos, the smartest people I ever met who say they are aliens from another planet, and there is a very distinguished ‘ghost’ who calls himself The 200 Year Old Great Writer. The 200 YOGW was a former well known very distinguished English writer. He loves speaking in Shakespearean terms using words like doth and thine. Of course he is biased toward anything or anyone that comes from England, including books, movies, and well known actors to the present day.

Marcus: Fifi, as always, a great interview. Enjoyed talking to you.

Fifi: Thank you, Marcus, and thank you, fellow readers. You can read my tweets under ‘Fifi Larouche’ in Twitter and Facebook. Also if you want to read more about me go to my website at

3_27 practical BookCover_PracticalAdviceFromAnEvolvedSoul“Fulfill your destiny Fifi, as you wander through the Wilderness,” Goth her spirit guide tells her….

Marcus Dino’s latest book ‘Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul’, an anthology like it’s smash hit predecessor, ‘Diary of a Mad Gen Yer.’ has 21st century actress/heroine Cheryl ‘Fifi’ Larouche coming back outrageous as ever introducing new ‘Silly Stories,’ ‘Silly Poems,’ and ‘Silly Blogs’, plus an added new twist using the world of Twitter, Fifi’s ‘Silly Tweets.’

‘Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul’ is third in a series of ‘Fifi’s stories following Marcus Dino’s top ten Amazon Bestseller ‘Diary of a Mad Gen Yer’ in addition to his original Hollywood novel ‘Fifi.’

Many of the major characters from Mr. Dino’s two earlier book are back in ‘Evolved Soul’ including Fifi’s boyfriend Biff, her obstinate father Charles, and her two alien friends from the planet Zatoris, Alocki and Helos. In addition there are some very interesting new characters in ‘Evolved Soul’ including a long dead Englishman who said he knew great literary figures such as Dickens and Keats called ‘The 200 Year Old Great Writer,’ and two entities who say they are ‘Fifi’s Spirit Guides’ Goth and Au.

Both Goth and Au write very inspirational blogs that convey a strong message in the ‘Blogs’ section of ‘Evolved Soul.’

‘Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul’ is both humorous and inspirational and like it’s two predecessors will entertain the reader from beginning to end.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Excerpt from ‘My Silly Poems’
By Moi



The gnat that sat on the bat that sat on the hat that sat on the cat that sat on the mat said:

“At first I pouted but my patience paid off as I purposely picked plenty of pickled prickly peanut buttered peppered pear and pecan pies at the produce section and puckered my lips as I later sold these pickled prickly peanut buttered peppered pear and pecan pies to plenty and plenty of people and felt pleasure as I profited from pocketing all these people’s pretty little pennies.”

About the Author: Marcus Dino has always wanted to be a fiction writer as long as he can remember. Living in Southern California plus his being a die hard movie buff has led him to write stories dealing with the struggles and conquests of heroic up and coming Hollywood actress Cheryl ‘Fifi’ Larouche.

Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul is an anthology and inspirational book and is Mr. Dino’s third ‘Fifi’ series book. His first book, Hollywood novel Fifi was first published in 2003. His second book in ebook format, Diary of a Mad Gen Yer, an anthology and Amazon best seller in its category, was published in 2009.

Mr. Dino has a Masters degrees in Education and Engineering and is a graduate of Chapman University. He has a distinguished career as an electronics engineer working for several Aerospace companies and also as a mathematics teacher in Los Angeles area schools. He currently resides in Santa Maria, California.
‘Evolved Soul’ can also be purchased on major on line bookstores such as Amazon and Smashwords The printed version of Evolved Soul has just been published and is currently being placed into numerous bookstores.

Facebook and Twitter (over 7500 followers) username:Fifilarouche

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