Meet the Elite Teen Fighter Pilots of the United Star Academy: Chase

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Meet the Elite Teen Fighter Pilots of the United Star Academy
2_23 book coverFull Name: CHASE (TOURN) HARCOURT
Call Sign: NYX
Position: Pilot
Height: 5’7”
Hair Color: Brown faux hawk
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 17
Originally from: Detroit, Michigan
Plane name and description: DRAGON, Streaker Jet Prototype 1
Years in the service: 3
Personality strengths: Fearless, daredevil, fiercely loyal
Personality weaknesses: Selfish, off-the-cuff, sarcasm is her main line of defense

Enjoy reading a bit more about Chase:

Chase dipped into it, taking off faster than the others. Her muscles went tight against the mounting pressure, and she leaned into it, breathing through her teeth. Her path was so fast that the woods blurred into an emerald scream.

Tristan had broken Mach 5. Chase was going to make it to six. He had to know she was just as tough and capable. That she would push herself until she passed out if she had to—flying was everything.

The pressure shrink-wrapped her skin to her bones, squeezed all the blood out of her fingers, her legs. The digital sky paled, a baby blue and then a hardly blue, while the trees lost all their green.

Chase heard Adrien’s voice from far away. “Time to step down.” “More,” Chase murmured. She pressed harder, and her thoughts about beating Tristan melted into her true motivation. Dragon would only be as fast as she could be, and she wouldn’t let her bird down. She wouldn’t let down Kale. Or the trials. Or her impossible-to-please father.

She’d prove she deserved to be here. To fly a Streaker.

The gray of her vision fuzzed at the edges, right before it washed completely white.

2_23 book cover 2Fly to the last drop of fuel. Fight to the last drop of blood.

Showoff. Reckless. Maverick. Chase Harcourt, call sign “Nyx”, isn’t one to play it safe. In the year 2048, America is locked in a cold war – and the country’s best hope is the elite teen fighter pilots of the United Star Academy. Chase is one of only two daredevil pilots chosen to fly an experimental “Streaker” jet. But few know the pain and loneliness of her past. All anyone cares about is that Chase aces the upcoming Streaker trials, proving the prototype jet can knock the enemy out of the sky.

But as the world tilts toward war, Chase cracks open a military secret. There’s a third Streaker, whose young hotshot pilot, Tristan, can match her on the ground and in the clouds. And Chase doesn’t play well with others. But to save her country, she may just have to put her life in the hands of the competition.

About the Author:CORI MCCARTHY studied poetry and screenwriting before falling in love with writing for teens at Vermont College of Fine Arts. From a military family, Cori was born on Guam and lived a little bit of everywhere before she landed in Michigan. Learn more about her books at

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  1. I love a strong heroine … so either Katniss (who was both strong *and* weak) or Triss from Divergent (though I’m still not happy with that series ending). thanks!

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