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2013 Anniversary NON Questions 16
Tasarla Romaney A dragon. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Depending on the author a dragon can be either but they always have gems and what girl doesn’t want a giant stash of gems????

Linda Palmer A fairy godmother. I try to keep everyone in my family happy and help them in any way I can.

Kaylie Newell A unicorn.

Judy Alter Etta Plae

Linda Rettstatt Definitely not one of the Furies. They were created from the blood of Uranus–need I say more? I like to think I’m like the Phoenix because I keep reinventing myself.

Maeve Greyson The Phoenix. Life has burnt me to ashes many times but I keep rising to fly again.

Laura Strickland I feel I am most like Odin, because I wander endlessly through the landscape of my imagination, acquiring wisdom and sorting fantasy from reality.

Niecey Roy A dragon.

Tess Morrison Medusa on a bad hair day!

Anne Van Hands down the unicorn. They look like a normal horse but have a horn coming out of their forehead. They are unique like me.

Jana Richards A leprechaun, because we’re both short. Sure wish I knew where that pot of gold was.

Tina Pollick Maybe a shifter… I wear so many hats it’s sometimes hard to figure out which role I’m in.

Debra Doggett A brownie. I’d love to be able to come out at night and make mischief and never get caught.

Nia Simone A unicorn. Not really. I’m nothing like a unicorn. LOL But it is the most beautiful creature ever conceived, I think. But seriously, a Hobbit. I am Bilbo Baggins, happy at home with my huge larders of food. I’d probably be the reluctant adventurer, too.

Virginia Crane Haven’t a clue because I’m not into mythology.

Graeme Brown  I’d have to say a dragon, and as for why, ask anyone who sees me a few moments after I wake up.

Nancy Fraser The Phoenix. Due to other things in my life (having to work, family and my own serious health issues) I’ve come close to giving up on writing a number of times and then come back stronger, better and more successful each time. It (writing) gets under your skin, inside your soul, until it’s the only thing you want to do.

Robyn Bachar A vampire. I burn in the sunlight, and I’m much happier at night than I am during the day. I’m very pale, so my skin is either “corpse in winter white” or “boiled lobster red”. I’ve never had a tan in my life.

Jeanette Baker An elf because I’m small, freckled and have pointed little ears.

Juliet Waldron I would like to be a centaur. More exactly, I’d like to be a centauress, although I don’t think these creatures existed before the animated cuties in Disney’s “Fantasia”. I’ve always loved horses, and being part horse and able to gallop about would cheer me endlessly. Perhaps my granddaughters, who used to love those My Little Pony dollies, could be persuaded to come and comb and braid my long silver mane and tail.

Willa Blair A dragon. I can breathe fire when riled, enjoy curling up in my den, and love shiny things.

Lynda J Cox A dragon. Dragons have gotten a bum rap, you know. They actually have very big, generous hearts, but they’re also very easily heart-broken, so to avoid being hurt, they have long spines, breathe fire, and fly away to keep the things that would hurt them far away.

Lynda Coker None, I hope. I’m not a fan of mythological creatures. So many are based on concepts and traits that I find less than endearing. I know I’m probably in the minority on this, so please don’t yell at me…

Brenda Gayle I would like to think I’m most like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes of adversity. I look at each day as a gift, a chance to start again and create a new and better self.

Lesley-Anne McLeod I would like to think that I am most like a sphinx. I do have the face of a woman–that part is easy. My wings are my writing; they fly me to times and places I could not otherwise reach. The haunches of a lion, I am not certain of. They may perhaps symbolize my strength, which I did not know I had, but now need every day.

Mary Hughes Mermaid. I love the water. I love playing in it, especially jumping into ocean waves and being swept back to shore (even though I live nowhere near an ocean and have only done it twice). I love the feel of a cool shower steaming off my scalp after mowing the lawn; the warmth and silky smoothness of an evening bubble bath; the blast of chlorine diving into a lap pool. A glass of cold, clear water after working hard is the best nectar in the world.

Shannyn Schroeder This one required some research on my part. I’ve never thought about myself as a mythological creature (unless you count my kids calling me Medusa when I’m mad). I think I am most like a Kitsune from Japanese folklore. In Japanese, Kitsune means fox. In Japanese stories, the Kitsune are “intelligent beings possessing magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom” (Wikipedia). I certainly hope that this sounds like me. They’re also portrayed as “faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives” (Wkipedia). These are all roles that I play as a writer and in real life.

Denise Golinowski   The first thing that popped into my head is not really mythological, but fictional (Dr, Dolittle)- a “push me/pull you.” I blame my Pisces sun and Libra moon for my inability to make snap decisions. I have to weigh pros and cons, try to reach consensus, and yet leave room for changing my mind. It drives my darling husband crazy.

Lynn Crandall I think I’d have to pick mermaid, ’cause I’m frequently swimming in emotions and enjoying the feeling of spaciousness, that is when I’m not stressed. I’m not someone who tries to sabotage people, though, which if I remember correctly is a mermaid trait. You know, singing sailors to their death on a rocky shore, stuff like that.

Sheila Claydon An English Brownie – one of those legendary little creatures who carry out a lot of household tasks at night, when they can’t be seen, and who do this in exchange for food. If the householder tries to pay them they leave the house and go looking for another one. Well there’s no risk of me being paid for all the things I do for the various members of my family…not that I’m complaining. Better to be needed than not.

Carol Henry I am most like Eos—Titan Goddess of the Dawn. I’m a very early riser even without an alarm clock. These early hours is when I get the most done—whether it’s writing, cleaning house, working outside, and taking care of business, I’m more active in the morning. And I love the early morning air, especially when I’m still lying in bed and the birds start twittering outside my window. The time when it starts to get light is like God giving me a new day to set things right. And, of course that early morning coffee on the deck at dawn when the small wildlife starts to wake up and scamper around my back yard is special. Yep, I’m most like Eos.

Robin Renee Ray Most say the vampire…so I guess because I do stay in my cave until the sun goes down…I wear black tank tops all the time and I never cut my hair…down past my knees now…most really do call me a vamp or vamp like creature..LOL, Vamp!

Joya Fields Well, I might be cheating with this a little since she is a mythological figure, not a creature, but I’m going to say I am most like Demeter, Goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest, growth and nourishment. I love farming, learning about nutrition, and growing things.

Patty Campbell I used to think I was Wonder Woman, but now think it’s more likely Oscar the Grouch.

Genie Gabriel The Loch Ness Monster. She’s reputed to be silent and elusive, but I think she’s just a shy, introverted writer who’s more at home with a computer than with a room full of party-goers.

Elysa Hendricks Depends on which time of the day. First thing in the morning I’m more like Bigfoot – all hairy and grumpy. By mid-morning, I’ve morphed into a elf/troll hybrid. In the afternoon I become a fairy, in the evening I’m all fairy and at nightfall I turn into a shape shifter.

Allie Boniface I actually think I resemble my zodiac sign, the Centaur, pretty closely. Half-man, half-beast, the Sagittarius Centaur is supposedly torn between 2 worlds, optimistic about life (I truly am) but intuitive enough about life to see the pain and suffering as well (yup, I do that too). It’s an interesting duality…

Troy Lambert An ogre: at least that’s what my kids would tell you.

Jane Toombs I’d like to think I’m like a griffin.

Jaleta Clegg The kraken. I love squids. I like destroying things when I’m upset. They’re usually virtual but sometimes I kill weeds and do pruning. I’m sure the kraken weeds and prunes her undersea garden. I also like hiding in my lair for eons at a time.

Beth Trissel I’m often mistaken for a Greek goddess.

Helena Fairfax A mermaid. I love to swim and snorkel. I once went diving in the Caribbean, and it was asolutely breathtaking. If I could swim under water all the time, I’d love it.

Kelly Whitley A vampire, I suppose. I like them best, and can’t imagine being anything else. In my writing world, they live among people undetected. It’s kind of like being a secret writer and living undetected, minus the super strength and the need for hemoglobin (the iron-containing protein in blood. If you want more details, check out Into the Red from Muse It Up Publishing.)

Linda McMaken I’m not crazy about flying, so Pegasus is out. I’m slightly cuter than Cyclops, but not cute enough to be a Unicorn….Oh, a Siren – they were gorgeous, beautiful femme fatales whose music lured men……oh, never mind.

I’m probably most like a Phoenix. I’ve risen from the ashes so many times, that ‘soot’ should be my middle name, and my scorched tail feathers are a dead giveaway.

Isabo Kelly Probably a European dragon. I have a really wicked temper when provoked, I tend to horde money and books, and I like my cave.

Aaron Speca “If someone asks if you are a god, you say YES!” — so that’s where I’d go with that *wink*

Shirley Martin Oh, dear. I think you have me there. I suppose I might most resemble Pandora. I never know what trouble I might be getting into.

Amy Corwin: A unicorn–because it’s just a horse with a birth defect. LOL
In other words, it’s just like all the other animals except it is slightly different. Some might say it is weird.



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  1. I want to be Jana Richards to be my personal leprechaun so we can find the pot of gold together!

  2. Aaron Speca made me chuckle!

  3. @Troy Lambert (An ogre)

    Good one!

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    Isabo Kelly

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