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2013 Anniversary NON Questions 18
Linda Palmer  I’ve lied about how good someone looks. Sometimes it’s nicer to be less than honest.

Judith B. Glad My weight. Always. While I could never convince anyone I only weigh 100 lbs, I can, and do, shave ten pounds off what i admit on my driver’s license. Now if I could only figure out how to bollix the scales at the doctor’s office…

Kaylie Newell I told someone that I’ve only seen Magic Mike twice.

Judy Alter my weight

Linda Rettstatt Telling someone, “I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up,” when I’ve wanted to end a phone call.

Maeve Greyson Hmm…I don’t know. With my faulty memory, I’ve discovered it’s a lot easier just to tell the truth.

Niecey Roy Exercising…ha!

Tess Morrison I was fifteen and my mother heard me say the word ‘horny’. I said I had no idea what it meant.

Jana Richards My weight. Enough said.

Tina Pollick That I’m still twenty-one. Yeah people kind of look at me funny now, but until somebody calls me on it I’ll be twenty-one forever!

Debra Doggett My real feelings, usually when someone has hurt them. I smile and say it’s okay.

Nia Simone I never confess.

Virginia Crane My weight. I’ll tell anybody my age but shave points when it comes to weight.

Graeme Brown If I told you that, then I’d have to kill you. <grin>

Nancy Fraser Years (and I mean years) ago, I was part of a group of students who painted large green footprints from the Atlas-like statue in front of City Hall in downtown Detroit across a busy main street to another statue of a naked woman in front of the Gas Company building. When questioned, I denied it. Now, since the statute of limitations has passed …. YES, I was there! I did it!

Jeanette Baker My age but I lied backwards. I skipped 2nd grade and thought no one would like me if they knew I was younger than everyone so I told everyone I was a year older than I really was. That actually lasted until after I graduated from college. I realized that no one cared how old I was.

Kim Hornsby  My weight. That is something I lie about whenever asked. I tend to say I’m way heavier than I am. Just kidding. I say I’m about 10 pounds lighter than I am but in my head I’m thinking “well I could be that weight if I’d just stop eating late at night or give up cheese” Then I resolve to get to that weight on Monday.

Willa Blair What do women always lie about? Their weight. Or their age.

Lynda J Cox I lie about my hair color–but only Miss Clairol knows for sure. Other than that, as I said previously, I’m a terrible liar.

Lynda Coker My weight. I detest being lied too and don’t know why I always fudge a few pounds when asked what my current weight is. The weird thing is, I’ve done this when my weight was just right as well as when I’ve been overweight. So what’s up with that? It’s beyond my reasoning curve.

Mary Hughes I don’t lie very well at all. Even my kids as youngsters could see right through me at gift-giving time. (No-o-o-o, that’s not a box of Legos…really!)

Denise Golinowski  Why would I confess if I’d gone to all the trouble of constructing and maintaining a convincing lie? Yes, it may be exhausting to maintain a lie, but sometimes needs must when the devil drives. So, after going to all that trouble and keeping up appearances all this time, I’m not about to flip on it now. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Lynn Crandall I say I’m fine all the time, because people really don’t have the time for an in-depth answer. How are you? is just a greeting. But I love it when people give me a sense of where they are in their thoughts and emotionally at any given time. People are fascinating and so complex!

Sheila Claydon Parking tickets. As far as my family is concerned I’ve never had one:-)

Carol Henry What? Me Lie? Not on your life. I’ve never lied. Ever. Really. You can trust and believe me on this?

Robin Renee Ray That I was 15 when I got my first kiss..LOL

Joya Fields Oh, wow. I used to lie all the time as a kid and I always got caught. Once, I gelled my sister’s hair with Dippity-Do (remember that stuff?) and when my grandmother asked if we got into her hair gel, I shook my head and said “no” even though my sister’s blonde hair stood straight up…stiff as cement.

Annette Bower I always under state the amount of time I spend writing a list, a note, a dedication in a book, a sympathy card, a short short story, a short story, a novel.

It appears to me that other writers accomplish these challenges a great deal faster than I do. How could I ever tell anyone that it has taken me at least an hour and a half to answer eight questions on this promotional event? So now you have to ask yourself is an hour and a half the truth or has she spent more time than this for these simple questions?

Patty Campbell I’ve told a happy new mother that her baby was adorable, even though he was homely as mud fence.
I lied to a friend when I said I liked her boyfriend, because it was important to her. I really thought he was a boorish clod.

I’ve often said “I’m fine,” when I felt like shit, because who cares?

Genie Gabriel You don’t really think I’m going to confess, do you?

Pamela S Thibodeaux That I’m okay when I’m really falling apart

Elysa Hendricks I lie about everything for goodness sake – I’m a fiction author.

Kate Robbins I’ve lied when I knew telling the truth was really going to hurt someone’s feelings. I really grapple with that. Oh I will tell you if you really, really need to hear the truth, but if the only result is that you will be hurt, I’m not gonna do it. I don’t ever want to be the cause of someone else’s unhappiness.

Troy Lambert Almost everything in this interview.

Jane Toombs Ooh, hard to say. Like most of us I ‘ve lied mostly to either save face or so as not to hurt someone’s feelings. But at least I’ve never told anyone I loved them unless it was true.

Beth Trissel My age

Helena Fairfax My age. When I was younger, I lied about my age to get into night clubs. Now I’m older, I lie about my age to appear younger!

Kelly Whitley Hmm…
I suppose pen names are technically lies. I’ve got three of them. With my job, I can’t have explicit stuff out there under my own name. If someone asked me, “Hey, are you so and so?” I imagine I’d lie about it.

Linda McMaken That’s the one Commandment that has suffered greatly. I have a list: age, weight, age, weight, age, hair color, weight,…..pretty much sums it up.

Penny Estelle My weight

Isabo Kelly I once told a kid in my college dorm I was a vampire. I’m such a good liar, he believed me for a little bit. Then I had to come clean cause I was afraid of waking up with someone standing over me holding a stake! Also I always lie about my weight.

Shirley Martin I hate to sound like a goody-goody, but I can’t remember lying.

Amy Corwin: “No, really, you look GREAT!” 🙂
I think you need to support the people around you and make them feel better, regardless of what you might think privately. Caveat: I ALWAYS tell people when their dress hem is stuck in their panties, collar is up, and that sort of thing. But when a person tries their best to look good, you need to encourage them. Social lies can be very important.



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  1. I’ve completely done Linda Rettstatt answer with the phone call!

  2. Lying about your weight should be a freebie. 🙂

  3. I did just like Joya…liked about my sibling but I cut his hair!

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