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2013 Anniversary NON Question 2
Tasarla Romaney  Never a ‘real’ person or a character from a movie but from a couple books. I’d love to be in Terry Brooks- any of them. Why? because his world building is incredible. To be a part of that would rock

Ash Krafton Actually, no–as I grow, I’m still learning things about myself…no time to waste wishing I were someone else when I’m making such interesting discoveries!

Linda Palmer I’d love to be the continuity person on a movie. Not only would I get to meet a lot of amazing directors and other actresses and actors, I’d help them avoid the goofs that detract from otherwise wonderful movies. Did I really just see a bra strap under that 1700s period dress? (Snow White and the Huntsman) Why are those wet spots moving all over his shirt? (Jumper) Watch on his left wrist, then on his right, then back on his left…all in the same scene.(Bourne Identity)

Judith B. Glad When I was about ten I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I mean, how cool is that, wearing bullet-proof bracelets, having a magical lasso, and wearing star-spangled shorts? As for why, does a ten-year-old really NEED a reason to want to be someone else? Especially someone else who lives an exciting, glamorous life.

Kaylie Newell Yes. My dog, because he can make anything look cute. Even sleeping with his feet in the air while drooling all over his bed. I’m still trying to master that one.

Judy Alter Diane Mott Davidson, because I love her culinary mysteries.The recipes are sometimes too complicated for me, but the stories are great.

Linda Rettstatt Perhaps in my younger days. But I’ve kind of grown to like myself now. When I was five, I wanted to be a gypsy and ride a black horse across the country. My grandad had read the book, Black Beauty to me over and over. I adapted the story so that I would rescue Black Beauty from his fate.

Maeve Greyson Absolutely. Who hasn’t? I’ve always thought I’d make a great mythical Fury. I could totally handle popping in and out of reality to zap some unsuspecting evil doer and issue some well-deserved Karma. heh heh heh…

Laura Strickland I never wish I were someone else — there are already so many “mes” crammed in here, there’s no more room.

Niecey roy  No. I do wish, however, I had the bank funds to travel A LOT!!!

Tess Morrison A Disney Princess for obvious reasons. Those princes are so darned good looking. But really, their houses are always SO nice and they get whatever they want. They never have a bad hair day and the clothes are great. And seriously, wouldn’t it be fun to dirty up thoses princes a bit?

Anne Van I love to write fantasy so I dream of being other people all the time. Everything from an astronaut circling Europa to a hand maiden ino the doomed Anne Bolen court. ‬

Tina Pollick No not necessarily someone else. I like being me, but I wish I could leave my younger self some sticky notes with words of wisdom, that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have listened to anyways.

Debra Doggett I actually don’t do this often. And I usually wish I were something else, like a wolf or something scary that people won’t mess with. As far as being a person, I do have one friend who I wouldn’t mind being. She’s who I’d like to be if I ever grow up.

Nia Simone No.When I was in elementary school I spent a lot of time wanting to be somebody else, though. I wanted to be Billie Jean King because she was our role model for women’s lib. And I wanted to be various movie stars, but I don’t remember who.

Virginia Crane  I wouldn’t have minded being Margaret Thatcher. She was a strong woman who was influential in major world events. She was also part of a significant group of leaders at the time, President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

Graeme Brown George RR Martin, because I’d know a lot more about how to write.

Nancy Fraser If I can’t be Nora Roberts, I’d love to be a younger version of myself, but with the knowledge I have today. I’d start writing, in earnest, sooner than I did. I love the freedom of being an author able to sustain myself with my writing and wish I’d taken (and stuck to) this path sooner.

Jeanette Baker All the time, and it changes frequently. Right now, I would love to be one of the royals with unlimited funds, or someone, anyone with thick straight hair, at least 5 feet 7 inches worth of height and a metabolism that allows me to eat all I want without exercising or raising my cholesterol. I would also love to be someone who sings beautifully, on key.

Kim Hornsby No, never. I love the life I’ve had. BUT, that said, I wouldn’t mind being Hugh Jackman’s wife for one romantic night. I have often dreamed I look in the mirror and I have a different face and that type of dream is very frightening to me, even if the face is beautiful. I’m used to me and my chubby cheeks and chin hair.

Juliet Waldron I can’t come up with a specific person, but I’d like to be a woman who can and does travel all over the world touring famous historical/ancient sites and places of great natural beauty. I’d also love to be able to visit a beach or lakeshore any time I felt like it.

Willa Blair No one specific. We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, and most of us would like to be thinner, richer, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But I can’t think of anyone I’d want to swap places with. Unless they had a Lear jet and a bazillion dollars. Then I might consider it.

Lynda J Cox Not any more. I’m pretty happy with my life. I’ve been married to my best friend for more than 20 years, I’ve got my collies and dog shows, and when I’m not teaching college freshmen composition, I write for a living. Why would I want to be anyone else right now?

Elaine Violette I like being me even with all my imperfections. Though I might feel envious of someone else on occasion, living in their body might prove more challenging than being in mine.

Lynda Coker I would still like to be me, just a much better version, one who could spell better and didn’t have a love/hate relationship with commas. A better me would sit still for hours and write beautiful, perfect first drafts, turn out three books a year, and still have time to wile away some appreciable hours with my next favorite read.

Brenda Gayle I often wish I was the heroine in whatever book I’m writing–except for my most recent book, where the heroine and I didn’t see eye-to-eye at all. I think the reason for this is there is always some familiar vulnerability to them that I know they will overcome. It is my sincere hope I shall overcome mine, too.

Lesley-Anne McLeod I wish that I was the Duchess of Devonshire at her ball before the Battle of Waterloo. I wish I was Lady Jersey at one of Almack’s exclusive balls. I wish I was Jane Austen, living a never-to-be forgotten life. I wish I was Princess Charlotte growing in the turmoil of a truly dysfunctional family of royals. I wish I was Anna Barbauld writing commentary on her world, and its characters. If I was any one of these people, I would have lived in the Regency world, and truly known what it was like.

Maryann Miller There are moments I wish I was James Patterson. Or at least had his money. There, I said it. I’m jealous of someone who is able to afford a 15 second spot on national television to tell folks about his books. And I’d love to be able to hire a team of writers to help me with all the story ideas that keep popping into my head.

There are times my husband wishes we had that kind of money, too. Then he wouldn’t have to be my unpaid office assistant.

Meg Benjamin I think most writers occasionally wish they were somebody like Nora Roberts or Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Maybe because their books seem so effortless (and yes, we know they’re really not, but by the time we see them they look like it).

Mary Hughes Good grief, why would I want to be someone else? I have enough trouble being me 🙂

Although it might be fun to be Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for a day. To see how royalty really lives.

Denise Golinowski No one specific, but a different type of person, yes. I’d love to be a professional singer. Not a contemporary singer, but a torch singer who has a steady gig singing blues and jazz in a smoky club on the edge of the ritzy part of town. I’d have a whisky speaking voice, alto singing voice, and a body that would stop traffic in Times Square. LOL you asked.

Lynn Crandall This is a funny question! I like fantasizing, so it’s right up my alley. I like being me, but I also think about special powers a lot. LOL! So in a sense I dream of being someone with special powers, probably teleporting so I could go wherever I want whenever I want. I would never have to think about the weather affecting my travels.

Carol Henry I’d love to be a ballerina dancer. I took combination dance lessons when I was three years old until I turned ten. I even did an acrobatic routine as Tinker Bell for one of our many performances. The only reason I had to give it up was because we moved to an area where they didn’t offer classes, and the family grew, making money limited. I have many repeat dreams where I’m twirling on the tips of my toe shoes, wearing a tutu and swirling up into the air as I move across a hardwood floor with mirrors lining the wall and a hand rail. I’m alone and dance to my heart’s content. I’m so exhausted when I wake, but I’m energized because of the wild experience I just experienced. Is it any wonder I love to dance, was a cheerleader and even coached cheerleading and choreographed many dance routines.

Robin Renee Ray At times and who…Alfred Hitchcock…Why? Because he is my writing anf movie making Hero of all time…and who better to chat about horror with then the King of Gore himself? To be him if even for a few moments would blow my mind to even try to contemplate..LOL

Joya Fields Well, I’m pretty darn lucky to be who I am, so I don’t really ever wish to be anyone else. IF I had to chose to be someone else, though, I think I’d chose a farmer. I love the farming life. Not anyone famous, or any particular farmer…just a farmer. 🙂

Patty Campbell Sometimes I wish I was one of the heroines in my novels, because I’m in love with the hero. That’s what’s great about writing. We get to fall in love over, and over, and over . . .

Genie Gabriel I’ve thought it might be cool to trade places with one of my dogs, but those fur coats are hot in the summer and fleas really bug me. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to open the refrigerator or eat chocolate.

Pamela S Thibodeaux No I am very blessed and happy to be exactly who God created me to be.

Elysa Hendricks No, I’m content to be me. There are “things” that other people have that I’d like to have as well, but I wouldn’t change places with them to get it. I like who I am – most of the time – and I’ve been blessed with too many great people in my life to risk losing them.

Allie Boniface Nope. I love, love, love my life and who I am, with all the bumps and bruises and mistakes I’ve made along the way. I get to teach super high-achieving high school seniors during the day, and I get to lose myself in my writing at night and on the weekends. Pretty good gig all the way around 🙂

Kate Robbins No. Never. I’ve had many challenges and tragedies in my life shaping me into the person I am today. Without those experiences, I couldn’t be who I am. And I’m alright. Or at least that’s what my two awesome sons tell me. Who am I to argue with them? 🙂

Liana Laverentz No. Because then I wouldn’t have the wonderful people in my life that I have now. They are amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed.

Ryshia Kennie I don’t have to wish I was someone else too often as I spend most of any given day in the life of one character or another that I’ve created. That gives me plenty of time away from being me. I don’t think I’d want to be so much someone else as maybe have another lifestyle with say unlimited resources and without the notoriety that usually comes with those resources.

Jane Toombs  Never have had that wish. Don’t know why, because I do get angry with myself sometimes, but I have never wanted to be anyone else.

Jaleta Clegg I’ve always wanted to be Han Solo. He’s got a cool starship, great looking duds, a blaster, and a Wookie co-pilot. I’ve got a Wookie co-pilot now (a part-Chow part-Lab part-?? mutt that looks like a four-legged version of Chewie). I have an original Han Solo blaster toy in my underwear drawer. Is that TMI?

Beth Trissel A highborn English lady in an earlier century with a great manor house and gardens. Also lots of staff.

Heather Haven Shakespeare, if only for a day! What’s it like to be that prolific and brilliant? The man was a true genius. I can see why rumors of him being more than one person spread. How can just one person accomplish what he did? Altho, I am still flummoxed as to why he left his wife his second best bed. What happened to his first?

Gail Pallotta I sometimes wish I were an accountant, because it’s such an exact science. I always believed it’d be less stressful to work in an environment where your success didn’t depend on someone else’s opinion. Two plus two equals four. There’s no critique, no editing, no reviews. It’s just four. My husband’s a finance major. (I’m so envious when he diddles with his numbers while I’m slaving over my words). He informed me that there might be a time when two plus two didn’t equal four. That is when someone uses a different number base system. I said, “Never mind. Don’t explain.”

Helena Fairfax I’d love to be a ballet dancer. I’ve always wished I could dance. When I see a ballet, and all the dancers, with their beautiful make-up, andtheir fabulous costumes, they always seem so elegant and tremendously romantic. Of course I know a lot of work (and pain) goes into their performances, but to me they appear totally romantic and thrilling

Kelly Whitley Sometimes I’d love to spend time in the heads of my favorite writers–see how they think. It’d be a great way to teach myself.

Some days I wish I had chosen a different career path.

Laurel O’Donnell Lots of times! I pretend I’m the heroines in my novels. I have to put myself in their shoes to make it believable for my readers. Other then that, I wish I was the person who won the lottery… That’s pretty self explanatory.

Paty Jager I don’t wish I was someone, but I wish I had some attributes of other people. I like how my friend and author, Danita Cahill can talk to anyone and ask great questions to learn things that those people might not have said otherwise. I’d like to be more outgoing like my friend Karen, who pats butts on men she doesn’t even know and then starts up conversations. Not that I want to pat any man’s butt other then my husband, but I’d like to be able to do spontaneous things and not talk myself out of it wondering, “What are they going to think?”

Linda McMaken Shakespeare would be cool. All the write words, in all the right places, very cool clothes, loved and quoted by millions. I could live with that.

Mostly, I think I’d like to be a cowboy in the late 1860’s. Me, my horse, my dog, the stars and the wide-open spaces. That would be so awesome, until I needed to use the bathroom………hmmmm. I think I’ll just stick to being myself.

Penny Estelle If I’m having a particularly bad day, I wish I were somebody who had the money to do whatever they wanted to….but it fades as fast as it comes.

Keena Kincaid No. There are days I think, “If I’d been born with Paris Hilton’s privileges I would do so much more than make sex tapes and carry a Chihuahua around in a bag.” Then I realize that I probably chose this time, place and life for a reason, so I let the thought go and get back to paying bills.

Isabo Kelly Never. I pretty much like who I am. I wouldn’t mind having Oprah’s money…

Lynne Marshall When I was younger I used to wish I was someone else a lot. Now, I’m pretty darn satisfied to be Lynne Marshall (since writting is a second career and I have a pen name, that’s kind of like being someone else, right?)

Melissa McClone This isn’t something I normally think about since I like my life, but the question got me thinking. If I could be someone else, say for one night, it would be Elsa Pataky. She’s Chris Hemsworth’s wife. Why? One night. My current man-crush. I don’t think I need to say anything more.

Aaron Speca Actually no. I’ve pretty much come to grips with who I am, flaws and all. (Sometimes I wish I weighed a little less though.)

Shirley Martin  I never wished I was anyone in particular, but I wouldn’t mind being married to a millionaire or being one myself. Growing up during the Depression has made me materialistic, I’m afraid.

Amy Corwin: Absolutely not. 🙂
Not because I’m great or have a phenomenal life, but because if I was someone else, I wouldn’t be me any more. This moment in time, this body, and these experiences are what make me, me. 🙂 I can’t even imagine being an actress and trying to be someone else.  I think I’m basically weird. LOL


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  1. Brenda Hyde says:

    I love Paty Jagers answer because I can relate– I like who I am, but I wish I could be more like some of my friends who are bolder:)

  2. I agree with Lynda Coker. I’d want to be a better version of myself. 🙂

  3. Melissa McClone: What a smart answer! One night is enough to make enough memories for a dozen books.

  4. There were a few that i liked.But since I have to pick on I’ll go with R.G. Alexander

  5. I’m going with Jaleta Clegg’s answer! Well done!

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