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Jody had the misfortune of breaking her ankle. The only available apartment to convalesce in is a derelict mansion just outside of town. The tenants prefer to keep to themselves except when sneaking strange dolls into her rooms. Suffering from loss of memory after a horrific event destroyed her biological family, Jody clutches at straws trying to find out who she is and why some people in the house leave her clues to get out or get murdered. Find out if Jody regains her memory, what happened to her family and who, among her friends, is actually her enemy, working to see her killed.

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Not only that, but her jaw hung open when what met her eyes not only astounded her but made her feel faint. There in black and white were the two little girls from her dream. And their names were Lucy and Alice. My God, how can this be? Talking to herself, she shook her head. “There is not a living soul who will believe me. How can this possibly be happening to me?” A thump from her bedroom brought her out of her trancelike state and her head turned. Holding the book, she kept her glance on the hallway leading to her room. Silence. Once again a thump, louder this time, hit her ears. She closed the book, placed it in her lap, and slowly wheeled toward her bedroom. A small current of electricity coursed through her bones as she turned the corner into the hall. A few feet later she entered her bedroom, the one she simply could not sleep in, and noticed there, lying on the floor was a doll. She wheeled closer and picked it up. Jody dropped the doll onto the ground as quickly as she had picked it up with an instinctual impulse to rid oneself of something dreadful. It fell, face up, its blonde hair splayed out, its mouth open in a grotesque grimace with half a tongue cut out. Staring deeply at the doll Jody caught her breath. There was something about the doll that confused then frightened her. The doll, its left foot askew, looked just like her, down to the broken ankle.

About the Author:Lynn Hones has been married for 28 years and is mother to two lovely daughters. She has two rescued cats and two dogs who are so big she calls them livestock. She lives in a large, drafty old home on the shores of Lake Erie and loves nothing better than grabbing an armful of books and heading to the beach. She combs the beaches for beach glass and makes jewelry out of it. Living in a historic harbor town, she has lots of inspiration for her books. She loves to write and chew massive amounts of bubblegum; preferably at the same time. She’s an expert bubble blower.

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  4. I don’t have any strong feelings about dolls either way. I would never bring one of the creepy-looking ones into my house, though. I’ve seen a few too many horror movies, so they might give me bad dreams. Haha.

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