Eight Things I Don’t Like About Being a Writer by Patricia Grasher

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Eight Things I Don’t Like About Being a Writer

This is negative. It shouldn’t be. I should put on my Pollyanna shoes and get with the program. On most days I really do much better than this. But today is just not going that way. So here it is. Eight things that make me wonder why, Lord, did I ever think I wanted to be a writer?

1. The first thing I have trouble with writing is waiting. Every time I have to wait more than a day for something I feel like I’ve been sentenced to prison. Over dramatic I know but there it is. It is not so bad if it is something I ordered and I know when it comes it will be what I ordered. That kind of waiting is fine. The waiting to hear if one is going to get a favorable response or not to one’s writing that is a whole different thing. That kind of waiting makes me grumpy. Can’t word it better than that. I have heard the cure is always to have something new to work on but I have yet to press on to that lofty practice.

2. The next thing that I don’t like about writing is getting negative feedback. I pretend that I am pleased to learn what new thing I can work on or fix but the truth is I feel like stepping in front of a truck. Who knew that being a writer would require eating serving after serving of humble pie? It never ends. You write – send it to an editor and it comes back with a failing grade and you have to get back in and fix all the potholes and crevices of one’s work. I don’t like that. Why can’t my writing just be perfect, first time, every time? Why not?

3. But wait there’s more. Negative feedback can also come from friends, strangers and just about anybody that comes within ten feet of your book. The days I am brave enough to put my work out for public scrutiny I have to steal myself for people who think my writing is dirt awful poor. What do you do with that? Ignore it? I can’t do that. I mean if it’s that bad I have to fix it or bury it. No other option. Put some sugar on another serving of humble pie and get eating.

4. The expense. It just keeps adding up. It starts with the cover. I wanted the book to have a great cover. Everyone says you must have a great cover. I get that, I really do and truthfully I loved the cover when it was done. But writing out the check for BIG bucks not so much. Then I add up the cost of editing, proofing, promotion and a few other bright shiny objects like books on how to “Make a Killing Selling on Amazon” and there is just no way I am going to make back the money on all this.

5. Then of course there was the back to the drawing board after a content edit. The book made total sense to me but my content editor set me straight on that score. I was sure my book was finally perfect. SURPRISE! Lo and behold it was so far from perfect it made me blush when it came back. Ten pages of what needed fixing. I’m not kidding. Ten pages. The plot needed cutting, switching and adding paragraphs here and there. And oh yes, the ending did not work. No, not at all. Refuse to tell you how many times I wrote the ending. I have a little pride you know. The characters needed depth, descriptions needed to be expanded and dialogue needed a lot of help. There was a serious point when I wondered if I should just scrap it and start over.

6. Finally, I really, really thought the book was good. Ha! After fixing all the big stuff I sent it off to get a professional reviewer to take a look. I was told politely that it was a long, long way from being ready for a review. The grammar was bad, sentences were badly constructed, and there were so many mistakes it was a nightmare. Not their words exactly but I read between the lines. I am sensitive that way. Took me a solid month to get over the depression of dealing with that. Maybe a month and a half. I didn’t turn to drink though, compliment me on that.

7. Then I rose up and did it! I hit the publish button on Kindle. Once, twice fifty times? I had printed out the book on my little home printer and it looked pretty good. Once again I thought I was ready. But reading the book in the published Kindle version told a different story. I kept finding one more thing that needed to be tweaked. Each correction meant more waiting for it to be approved (refer to reason number one about waiting – not my favorite thing). Still, it’s actually a good thing that I can keep making changes with the book. A very, very good thing. Still why can’t I just have it done already?

8. After three days being on Kindle my sister asks me how many sales I have had. I reply, “Do you mean aside from the copy you bought, and I bought and another sister bought?” We will just end that little discussion right there.

Bookcover-MyDogCanFly-front coverWhen a mysterious cave is found by ten year old Michael and his cousin Emma they are excited. But the cave is not an ordinary cave and the hidden secrets inside that cave are more than they bargained for.

Michael and Emma soon find themselves involved in a dangerous series of events that cause them to join forces with the hidden cave dwellers in order to order to rescue a small boy with a huge secret.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Do not be afraid. Caden grabbed tighter onto Aminta’s fur as they sailed through the midnight sky of a thousand stars. Do not be afraid. He closed his eyes and whispered the words again as he buried his face into the warm and heavily furred, ruff of the dog’s neck.

It wasn’t working.

He was afraid.

From the minute, he had been grabbed in the night by silent strangers he had been afraid. A rough hand had smothered his mouth with a cloth so he wouldn’t scream but he had struggled and tried so hard to cry because he was, no matter what his mom had told him. Afraid.

He was safe now though. For the moment. Big dog had saved him. His mom had told him he would, that he should not be afraid. But it was hard not to be afraid.

What if they found him again?

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_MyDogCanFlyPatricia Grasher is my pen name for the series, My Dog Can Fly. It’s my pretend name. The name I write when I enter a world of magic and adventure. Where anything can happen and often does.

I am now doing what I have always wanted to do. Write books for children. Like Peter Pan a certain part of me has ‘refused to grow up’ and writing allows the fantasy to bloom and grow. My first book, My Dog Can Fly will be out in March 2016. Getting close!

In my ho-hum real life my name is Patricia Proctor. I live in Vancouver, Washington with a giant big dog named Andre who plows through the house and expects everyone to step aside because he is coming through. Pudge my little dog who wants to be first but realizes this is not always possible around Andre. (He squeals if Andre gets too close as he has been run over a few times too many.) And finally there is my cat, Buddy. He is really the brains of the outfit. Being smart he waits until the thundering herd (my nickname for Andre) passes through and then pretty much does whatever he wants. Sleep, chase squirrels, fights off other cats who dare to trespass into his yard, etc.

Looking back in time I have done a number of silly and amazing things. I spent four years in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologic technician, getting into all sorts of trouble in Iceland and Germany before being sent back to the United States and told to be a good sailor. Straighten up and sail right. Which I sort of did. After my service was over I bummed around for a couple of years and then joined a monastery in Spokane, Washington. I was a nun for 30 years living a good life with some wonderful sisters. I published 5 books, ran a full time AM radio station from the fourth floor and had a large internet ministry that was recognized at one point by USA Today. I actually managed to live a pretty active life for a contemplative nun.

My life changed in 2009 when things inside my head and outside no longer seemed to fit. I went through a lot of counseling and came up with the decision that being a nun was no longer the best for me. In 2011 I was officially give the okay from Rome to return to lay life. My time in the monastery was wonderful it just wasn’t for forever. God does call us to new adventures all the time. My latest adventure is writing this children’s action fantasy book.

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