Leap Year Celebration featuring For the Love of Strangers by Jaqueline Horsfall

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Leap Books is celebrating the Leap Year with a special once in four year sale, putting a huge selection of amazing books on sale for just 99cents from February 22nd through February 29th. Enjoy the extra day this year with some new books!


2_24 For the Love of StrangersFor the Love of Strangers

Author: Jacqueline Horsfall

What if you discovered your birth fulfilled an ancient prophecy?

What if you were destined to save an entire wild species?

Would you heed the call?

Philoxenia. When the police call using this code word, 16-year-old Darya knows she will be sheltering strangers: women with missing teeth, dislocated jaws, black eyes, and stalking husbands.

Other strangers—nonhuman—seek Darya’s protection too, whispering from the depths of the forest in voices only she can hear. If she obeys the voices, she risks her adoptive mother’s rage, the taunts of a surly island boy, and the wrath of her community. If she refuses the voices, a primeval species faces extermination.

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About the Author:

2_24 Jacqueline HorsfallAlways play lightly on the earth . . .

Jackie Horsfall definitely understands why celebrities get peeved with stalking paparazzi because deer follow her everywhere—tagging along on hikes, grouping in her driveway, chowing her apple trees, even (creepy!) staring at her through her office window. That’s when the thought hit: They must want me to write about them.

Jackie’s long writing career started right out of college, when she was hired into the White House Correspondence Section—answering the president’s mail. Since then she’s published hundreds of stories, articles, and poems in leading children’s magazines such as HighlightsRanger RickJack and JillHumpty Dumpty’sCurrent HealthPockets,CobblestoneCalliope. She’s the author of a dozen joke-and-riddle books, as well as the award-winning nature book Play Lightly on the Earth, translated into German and Japanese.

On the serious side, Jackie worked for years as the director of a women’s center and a county crisis referral center. The female characters in her stories mirror the trials of real women in real situations.

After living in Germany and traveling widely in Europe and Russia, Jackie now makes her home (amid snooping deer) in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. She loves getting fan e-mails and is a pro at responding—just ask the president

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