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The YA Fantasy Novel Written Mostly Onboard an Aircraft Carrier
A lot of people love to read because it takes them away to another world, if only for a while… and I can relate. Not only do I love to read, but I also love to write. In fact, the majority of my new release, The Mapkeeper and the Rise of the Wardens, was written while I was out at sea aboard a Navy aircraft carrier for six months!

No—the book has nothing to do with the military, or even the high seas—but I like to think that my creative juices were flowing even more intensely than usual because I was “at work” 24/7 for six months straight aboard the ship (with the exception of a few hours of free time each day, which I spent writing and working out). Let’s face it: when you can’t escape work, you need to find an outlet! Writing was my escape, and I am so pleased that an action and mystery-packed young adult fantasy novel was born of it!

My novel will appeal to you if you like strong female leads, fantasy creatures and a bit of magic, plenty of red herrings and mysteries, and a solid dose of soft-core romance. Lucy, the main character, is thrown into situations that require her to step up to the plate and learn to adapt and become confident in the face of adversity and discomfort. This novel takes an intimate look at how stressful situations affect a person and how they can enable a normally reserved person to look past her own fears and become a leader when called upon.

If someone told you that a room full of people were expecting you to stand before them right now and explain something you only just recently discovered yourself, how would you react? What if their lives depended on your ability to quickly master this new skill? Are you nervous yet? These are some of the daunting challenges Lucy will face as the new Mapkeeper of Praxis.

In The Mapkeeper and the Rise of the Wardens, the stakes could not be higher, and Lucy could not be less experienced. But how much do these elements factor in compared to the strength of the human spirit? If she truly commits herself, can Lucy overcome the odds and save Praxis?

Enchanting characters and a detailed, imaginative setting lay the grounds for this charming first novel of The Mapkeeper series—it’s chock-full of mystery and magical allure! If you are looking for a novel with non-stop action that will leave you on the edge of your seat, look no further than The Mapkeeper and the Rise of the Wardens. Thank you for reading my guest post! I look forward to hearing from you.


MediaKit_BookCover_TheMapkeeperAndTheRiseOfTheWardensA teenage girl in future North America discovers that she is heir to a magical map which transports her to another world called Praxis, where her position as Mapkeeper is held in high regard. She is expected to learn to use the map’s magic to help the creatures of Praxis defend their homeland against the dark magic of the Wardens, a group of ancient beings whose magic is stirring again after centuries of peace.

Read an excerpt:

The walk to school was gorgeous and still. The gentlest snowfall drifted from the gray sky, dusting last night’s snowfall with a fresh final layer of fluff. The padding of snow muffled the sounds of the small town coming to life.

To Lucy’s surprise, there was a large crowd of townspeople gathered around Frostbite High when it came into sight. They spilled into the parking lot, cramming themselves against one another, trying to get a view of someone or something at the center of the outdoor courtyard. Lucy’s curiosity was piqued—nothing interesting ever happened at Frostbite.

“What’s going on?” Luke asked.

“I don’t know… I don’t remember any of the teachers saying there would be an event on Monday,” Mack replied.

The Barnes siblings quickened their pace. The low murmur of excited voices emanated from the crowd. People pointed toward the center of the courtyard and stood on tip-toes to get a better view. An inexplicable apprehension formed somewhere deep within Lucy’s stomach.

The siblings weaved through several parked snow mobiles and reached the edge of the crowd in the parking lot. They shouldered their way in until they had a clear view of the courtyard. There was a group of people seated in high-backed chairs on stage, but Lucy couldn’t make out their faces.

“Who are they?” Mack asked a man who was squeezed up against him.

“It’s Mr. Quincy and his staff!” the gray-bearded man muttered. “He’s supposed to make some special announcement, just for us here in Aglid.” The man’s eyes darkened with mistrust.

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TheMapkeeperAndTheRiseOfTheWardensKatie Cash is an active duty military officer who lives in San Diego with her husband and their cat. She enjoys running, surfing, competing in triathlons, and, of course, writing. She also hosts an annual badminton tournament, rides a 150cc Vespa scooter, and plays the cello. She can most often be found exploring new running trails, at the beach, hunkered down writing in a coffee shop, or sampling a new local craft beer at one of San Diego’s many craft breweries.

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