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Foraging in the Wild by K.L. Hallam

Ah, summertime. The time of year I escape the putrid smells of NYC and head upstate into the mountains, leaving all forms of electronics behind. No easy feat with two teenaged sons at home. Since I have a certificate in herbal medicine and preparation, I began writing blog posts called “Bower Boys Survival Tips” about edibles the MCs of THE UNMOVING SKY, might eat in the wild for emergency food sources.

I’ve featured rose-hips, for vitamin C and bioflavonoids, as well as pine trees and their nuts, which are loaded with vitamin C. I’ve written about plantain (Plantago major), for bee sting allergies, and possible emergency use for anaphylaxis, great for all manner of biting insects as a salve. Or Nettles, an excellent antihistamine, and one of the best sources I know for controlling seasonal allergies.

Learning to forage in the wild is an important craft. So much of nature is being taken away from consumers or adulterated into synthetic forms. My herbal teacher said we can’t do this, nature works in a holistic way, using the entire plant make-up, and much cannot be recreated fully. We need to take control. By that I mean, research; learned knowledge. Take back our health.

It’s then we become an empowered to heal ourselves. So much in natures is available to us, and often the cure grows near the culprit. Take poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) for instance, its cure is jewelweed, and you’ll find it growing near poison ivy—even when the poison ivy is disguising itself. Can’ t fool jewelweed. You can even freeze this stuff for later use after your travels. It might be best to apply before you decide to go bushwhacking, but if you find jewelweed after exposure, rub the juice of the plant over the affected area for relief.

I do love summertime, even with its fight against biting insects, or seasonal allergies from grasses and weeds. My go-to tincture kit: stinging nettles (Urtica urens), not only for allergies, which I don’t seem to get any more, it has ample stores of vitamin A, D, K, B-6, iron, calcium, magnesium—and so much more! It’s my favorite tincture. On my blog, I demonstrate how to make your own nettles tincture. I’ve sautéed them with garlic and spinach. Delish! It’s good stuff. It’s not as if you’ll have any of the side benefits while taking medications. Medications wear the body down further. Of course, do what’s necessary for your health and consult with your doctor. I also keep a tincture of dandelion close (loaded with nutrition), but nothing’s to stop you from digging those bad boys out of the back yard and sautéing with garlic, the way my Greek cousin showed me. More yum! I think I’m getting a little hungry now, at least I know what I’m making for dinner.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to treat, or diagnose, and always speak with your doctor before taking anything. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it won’t harm. Many plants interfere with medications.

The Unmoving Sky Cover There is nothing darker than the woods, until you meet your worst fear.

Jackson Bower has a lot on his mind lately. His younger brother hasn’t been the same since his mother’s death. His father’s drinking is out of control. Then there’s Jackson’s girlfriend and the grief that ties them together even as it threatens to drive them apart.

He distances himself, hoping for a little perspective at the family lodge. But when their father gets drunk and dangerous, he and his brother escape into the woods.

Night creeps in, and the rains come fast. Artie slips down a ravine. He’s wounded and the brothers seek shelter in a cave, only to find someone else already taking refuge there.

A desperate man with plans to destroy their town.

Jackson must get him and his wounded brother out of the cave and over the mountain to warn everyone in time. Without getting them both killed first.

About the Author:K.L. Hallam loves to write surprising, suspenseful, twisty, and moody stories or science-fiction that bends into fantasy. She’ll try writing just about anything. An air force brat as a young child, who moved around to more schools than she can list, gathering the stories that would connect to her heart.

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  1. Nice that you take break from electronics in the country. A great way to appreciate the quiet days.

  2. Very helpful! I didn’t know nettles could be used to treat allergies.

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