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Writing Advice

My writing advice is simple: be prepared for hard work.

Do not think that the hard work is over once the first draft is completed.

Instead, learn to think of hard work differently.

Think of hard work as FUN work, as an opportunity to wrap your mind around new, exciting ideas.

Believe in yourself. Not in the cliché “I can do anything” way, but in the “I can totally do this specific task today” way. (If the “I can do anything” way happens, then grasp on and try not to let go.)

Cancel/ignore/delete/beat-to-death Self Doubt. This doubt can kill any writing project. You have to learn to trust your own unique voice for at least long enough to finish the section you are working on that day.

Participate in a writing group. Other people’s opinions do matter, especially if they’re opinions from people you trust. Don’t take their opinions wholly, however; pick through them and decide which you agree with, and keep only those, giving special notice to when more than one person picks up on the same thing.

Enjoy editing. As hard as it is to believe, editing IS writing. It is as important, and can be as much fun, as initially drafting a new idea. We all become who we are through the process of editing, and so do our characters.

Send it out. Research the people/contests/publishing houses you think would be a good fit for your project, and then send it to them. The worst they can say is no. The best they can say is yes. It’s usually something in between, but every maybe is one step closer to a yes.

Know that a YES isn’t dreamland. They are saying, “Yes, you may do more hard work.”

Now the key is to enjoy it.

BookCover_LiesILiveByThese are the facts: My name is Callie Sinclair. I am seventeen years old. I live in San Francisco. I love my boyfriend, Charlie. I work for a secret governmental agency. I am a psychic spy. This romantic, action-packed twist on the classic spy novel is perfect for fans of Ally Carter’s Embassy Row series or for any reader who enjoys cinematic writing and stories of romance and intrigue.

At seventeen, Callie is the government’s youngest psychic spy, trained to track dangerous people and weapons in her visions. When another young—and handsome and witty—psychic joins the agency, Callie’s personal and professional lives get messy all at once. If she can’t find a way to change the events she’s seen in her visions, she could lose the people she loves most . . . and her mind. Literally.

Richly painted against the backdrop of San Francisco and Berkeley, Lauren Sabel’s enthralling novel captures the thrill of exploring a unique power in a dangerous world.

Enjoy an excerpt:

When I focused on a metal light switch across the room, I felt this intense confidence, this feeling that my life was mine alone, and that I could go anywhere and do anything with it. As this feeling surged through me, I felt heat sliding down my arm into my fingertips.

“Test your power,” Indigo said.

It was like the word “power” flipped some switch inside me. I lost focus, and my gaze slid a few inches over, to a small metal box.

The fire alarm went off.

Everyone screamed and ran for the exits, grabbing their kids along the way. Across the room, I saw Charlie and mom headed towards me, and when I looked over, Indigo was no longer by my side. As the sprinklers turned on, and ice-cold drops of water pelted my skin, I closed my fist, and where the spoon had been, there was now a card with a phone number on it. Right then, I knew that everything had changed.

I would never be normal again.

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_LiesILiveByLauren Sabel lives in the quirky dark spaces of her mind, and she tries to shed light on these spaces in her books. After publishing VIVIAN DIVINE IS DEAD in Summer 2014 with Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, she confronted her lifelong fear of being psychic by writing LIES I LIVE BY (pub May 2016). Since in this YA thriller, teenage psychic spy Callie Sinclair works undercover for the government, forced to hide her real identity from everyone she loves, Lauren is now certain she’s on the CIA watch list.

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