LASR Anniversary: Charity Tahmaseb

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JustAMatterofTime_CoverSadie Lin: High school junior Sadie is desperate–to maintain her GPA, to score high on the SATs, for her dad to return from Afghanistan. Time seems to crawl and slip through her fingers all at once. She thinks it’s all in her head.

It’s not.

Gordon Bakersfield: Gordon–Sadie’s ninth grade epic crush–has plenty of time and knows where to get more. He knows someone has been stealing Sadie’s time. And while he’s not sure how to make it stop, he’s hoping to try. But can Sadie trust him?

Only time will tell.

About the Author: Charity Tahmaseb has slung corn on the cob for Green Giant and jumped out of airplanes (but not at the same time). She doesn’t think it’s a social stigma to eat alone at a restaurant and read a book. Her favorite city is London, but she loves living in Minnesota.

She spent twelve years as a Girl Scout and six in the Army; that she wore a green uniform for both may not be a coincidence. These days, she writes young adult fiction and works as a technical writer for a software company in St. Paul.

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LASR Anniversary: Natalie Wright

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This post is part of Long and Short Review’s 9th Anniversary Celebration. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a $100 gift card or other prizes.

Emily’s House by Natalie Wright is FREE on Nook and $.99 on Kindle.

emilyshousecoverFourteen-year-old Emily Adams has special powers she doesn’t want, a spiteful aunt she can’t escape, and a primeval legacy she knows nothing about. But when an otherworldly being materializes, Emily discovers the true purpose of her magical blood and of the danger that threatens to annihilate her world.

Dormant for over a thousand years, an ancient evil has arisen. This time, it will destroy anyone – or anything – that stands in its way.

With her two best friends by her side, Emily risks everything and embarks on a dangerous journey to Ireland and beyond. As the hour of world annihilation draws near, the fate of her friends, her family and her world lies in her hands.

Can a teenage girl without hero credentials save the world? And will Emily find the courage to face her true self in Emily’s House?

Join the Journey . .

About the Author:Natalie is the author of H.A.L.F., a young adult science fiction series, and The Akasha Chronicles, a young adult fantasy trilogy. She lives in the high desert of Tucson, Arizona with her husband, teen daughter, and two young cats.

Natalie frequently appears on podcasts, radio shows, and blogs and has most recently appeared on Judy Hoberman’s show on iHeart Radio, the Speculative Fiction Cantina, and Front Row Geeks.

Natalie spends her time writing, reading, gaming, geeking out over nerd culture and cool science, hanging out on social media, and meeting readers and fans at festivals and comic cons throughout the western United States. She likes to walk in the desert, snorkel in warm waters, travel and share excellent food and conversation with awesome people. Natalie supports the rights of both humans and non-humans to live a life free of suffering caused by people. She was raised an Ohio farm girl, lives in the desert Southwest, and dreams of living in a big city high rise.

Website | Twitter

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LASR Anniversary: C. Lee McKenzie

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MediaKit_BookCover_SignOfTheGreenDragonWhen a wall of their cave hideout crumbles, three boys discover a skeleton, clutching a treasure map. They set off to trace the story of an old murder, but stumble into a modern crime, and confront ancient Chinese dragons.

About the Author:C. Lee McKenzie has a background in Linguistics and Inter-Cultural Communication. Her greatest passion is writing for young readers. Sign of the Green Dragon is her third Middle Grade novel. Alligators Overhead and the sequel, The Great Time Lock Disaster were her first two. She has traditionally published four young adult novels: Sliding on the Edge, The Princess of Las Pulgas, Double Negative and Sudden Secrets.

Check out her website – every few months she has a free ebook available for download!

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest
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LASR Anniversary: Liz Keel

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MediaKit_BookCover_EnlightenmentAfter losing everything, all seventeen-year-old Thea wanted was to be a normal teenager. Instead, she was attacked by a mysterious creature she thought only existed in fairy tales. Now thrown into the unknown realm of Faey, Thea is forced to determine the difference between reality and fantasy, in a world ruled by a dark elite and a society wracked by intolerance and prejudice. With the support of her new friends and a mysterious dark haired, blue-eyed guardian watching her every move, Thea will discover that when it comes to Faey, nothing is what it seems. Will her courage and desire to save this new world from darkness be enough? Or will Thea be the next victim to fall to the dark whispers of fate…




About the Author:I live in Surrey, England, a short walk from the beautiful Windsor Park, with my husband Richard and our two gorgeous children Noah and Olivia. For me, writing is nothing short of an addiction and I often find myself sneaking out to my writing shed for just a few minutes, which can often turn into hours of pure, unadulterated bliss catching up with my characters and continuing their story. In-between writing, I teach in a primary school where there’s never a dull moment! I will also often be found Kindle in hand, reading a wide variety of genres but with YA fantasy and paranormal romance at the forefront of my reading list. Although I’m currently writing the second book in the Driel trilogy, other characters involving all things fantasy, paranormal and YA romance are jockeying for position, wanting me to write their story next, so watch this space! It is such a privilege to share my stories with you the reader. Thank you enough for taking the time to find out more about me.

<centerWebsite | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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LASR Anniversary: J. G. Zymbalist

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MediaKit_BookCover_SongOfTheOceanidesSong of the Oceanides is a highly-experimental triple narrative transgenre fantasy that combines elements of historical fiction, YA, myth and fairy tale, science fiction, paranormal romance, and more. For ages 10-110.


Enjoy an excerpt:

Blue Hill, Maine.
3 August, 1903.

From the moment Emmylou heard the song of the Oceanides, she recognized something godly in the tune. As it resounded all across the desolate shoreline of Blue Hill Bay, she recalled the terrible chorus mysticus ringing all throughout that extinct Martian volcano the day her father went missing down in the magma chamber.
Aunt Belphœbe followed along, guiding Maygene through the sands. “Why don’t you go play in that shipwreck over there?” Aunt Belphœbe pointed toward a fishing schooner run aground some fifty yards to the south.

When Maygene raced off, Emmylou refused to follow. By now the chorus of song tormented her so much that an ache had awoken all throughout her clubfoot. Before long she dropped her walking stick and fell to the earth. Closing her eyes, she dug both her hands into the sands and lost herself in memories of the volcano. How could Father be gone? Though he had often alluded to the perils of Martian vulcanology, she never imagined that someone so good and so wise could go missing.

The song of the Oceanides grew a little bit louder and increasingly dissonant.

Opening her eyes, Emmylou listened very closely. The song sounded like the stuff of incantation, witchcraft. And even though she could not comprehend every word, nevertheless she felt certain that the Oceanides meant to cast a spell upon some unfortunate soul.

About the Author:



J.G. Źymbalist began writing Song of the Oceanides as a child when his family summered in Castine, Maine where they rented out Robert Lowell’s house.

The author returned to the piece while working for the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society, May-September, 2005. He completed the full draft in Ellsworth, Maine later that year.

Website | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page
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LASR Anniversary: Lynn Lovegreen

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This post is part of Long and Short Review’s 9th Anniversary Celebration. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a $100 gift card or other prizes.

Summertime in Alaska

I live in Alaska, and I think summer is the best time to be here because of the daylight, warmth, and the scenery. It’s no coincidence that most of my young adult/new adult historical romances are set in the summer, because it’s my favorite time of year.

First, there’s the daylight. We are the land of the midnight sun. Daylight varies depending on how far north you are—where I live in Southcentral, it peaks around 18 hours of daylight, but in points farther north, they do get constant light for a time. It is great to hike, fish, and camp when it’s still light out late at night, but even if we’re only gardening or hanging out on the deck, that’s pretty special, too. It’s not unusual for people to stay up past midnight, enjoying the sun, because they forget to look at the clock.

Then, it’s warm. I hate to be cold, so I’m a wimp when it comes to enjoying the outdoors in the wintertime. But in the summer, it’s great to go out with only a layer or two on, and not worry about frostbite or cold toes. I can be comfortable without digging out the long johns. Again, it varies depending on the region, but in the Interior of Alaska, it even gets into the 90s! Fairbanks’ Chena River is a good substitute for a beach. 🙂

alaskaAnd, of course, Alaska has beautiful scenery. It’s pretty year-round, but I prefer summer scenes with green leaves and wildflowers. And we have more birds and animals out in the summer, which perks up the landscape. You can’t beat our views.

I love Alaska at any time, but summertime is the best season in my book. Hope you get to come up here in the summer, or that you enjoyed it if you’ve already been here!

goldnuggets_anniversaryIn the shadow of Denali, she has a home, and he finds adventure. Charlotte Cooper wants to stay near her parents’ home in Alaska. But her dreams of being a writer call her away to college or work, and she has to choose her own path in life.

Henry Reeves is a wealthy New Yorker seeking a summer adventure when he travels to Kantishna near the proposed Mt. McKinley National Park. He discovers two passions, one for Charlotte, and the other for keeping Alaska wildlife from being wiped out like the buffalo.

Charlotte and Henry find an attraction they can’t deny, but can they build a new life together between the wilderness and high society?

About the Author:Lynn Lovegreen grew up in Alaska, and still lives there. She taught English for 20 years before retiring to make more time for writing. Her young adult historical romances are set in the Alaska Gold Rush, a great time for drama, romance, and independent characters. Her novels Golden Days and Gold Nuggets are available through Prism Book Group or your favorite book vendor.

Website | Facebook

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LASR Anniversary: Bonnie J. Doerr

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This post is part of Long and Short Review’s 9th Anniversary Celebration. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a $100 gift card or other prizes.


I’m joining the fun with LASR Reviews to celebrate their anniversary. I’ll be adding a copy of my fresh-off-the-press (pub date August 15) eco mystery novel for tweens as a prize, along with its companion Discussion/Project Guide if requested. Tangled Lines is set in the sunny Florida Keys where fun means turquoise water, blue sky, palm trees and sand–summer all year ‘round. Reading Tangled Lines is like being on a tropical vacation in paradise without the sunburn and bug bites – only this paradise is in peril.

Each of my novels is based on actual ecological problems faced in the Florida Keys. My research involves spending weeks in the islands (tough assignment, right?) observing the wildlife and organizations that protect different species. Tangled Lines is the result of the frequent abuse perpetrated on brown pelicans and observations of the Key West Wildlife Center rescue team in action. You can learn the factual inspiration for the mystery on my website.

TL cover 2High school changes everything for Kenzie Ryan and Angelo Sanchez—especially their relationship. After spending all summer cracking crimes against endangered wildlife in Big Pine Key, Florida, now they barely see each other. Angelo hangs out with a Porsche-driving quarterback and a stunning local “Conch princess” and Kenzie struggles with being a newbie among the Key West cliques.

But high school drama gets over-shadowed when horrific numbers of pelicans are found tortured near the islands where they live. Kenzie begs Angelo to help stop the slaughter, but he refuses until a stunning family secret is revealed.

When a Sanchez Fish House employee falls under suspicion, the list of suspects explodes, and the discovery of illegal activity exposes Angelo and Kenzie to the same deadly risk faced by the pelicans they are trying to save…

About the Author: Bonnie J. Doerr, an educator, gardener and wildlife enthusiast, is the author of eco-mystery novels for tweens. Her work, which features endangered or threatened wildlife and the real-life heroes who rescue, rehab, and release them, has been described as a “mashup of Jean Craighead George and Carl Hiaasen” by some and as a “teen detective series inspired by Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Lassie” by others. Island Sting, (Leap Books 2010), won the 2011 EPIC Children’s eBook award, and Stake Out, (Leap Books 2011), was a 2012 Green Earth YA Book Award finalist. Third in the series, Tangled Lines, is scheduled for release summer of 2016. Visit the author at

Website | Facebook | Book Video

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LASR Anniversary: K.L. Hallam

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This post is part of Long and Short Review’s 9th Anniversary Celebration. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a $100 gift card or other prizes.

Foraging in the Wild by K.L. Hallam

Ah, summertime. The time of year I escape the putrid smells of NYC and head upstate into the mountains, leaving all forms of electronics behind. No easy feat with two teenaged sons at home. Since I have a certificate in herbal medicine and preparation, I began writing blog posts called “Bower Boys Survival Tips” about edibles the MCs of THE UNMOVING SKY, might eat in the wild for emergency food sources.

I’ve featured rose-hips, for vitamin C and bioflavonoids, as well as pine trees and their nuts, which are loaded with vitamin C. I’ve written about plantain (Plantago major), for bee sting allergies, and possible emergency use for anaphylaxis, great for all manner of biting insects as a salve. Or Nettles, an excellent antihistamine, and one of the best sources I know for controlling seasonal allergies.

Learning to forage in the wild is an important craft. So much of nature is being taken away from consumers or adulterated into synthetic forms. My herbal teacher said we can’t do this, nature works in a holistic way, using the entire plant make-up, and much cannot be recreated fully. We need to take control. By that I mean, research; learned knowledge. Take back our health.

It’s then we become an empowered to heal ourselves. So much in natures is available to us, and often the cure grows near the culprit. Take poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) for instance, its cure is jewelweed, and you’ll find it growing near poison ivy—even when the poison ivy is disguising itself. Can’ t fool jewelweed. You can even freeze this stuff for later use after your travels. It might be best to apply before you decide to go bushwhacking, but if you find jewelweed after exposure, rub the juice of the plant over the affected area for relief.

I do love summertime, even with its fight against biting insects, or seasonal allergies from grasses and weeds. My go-to tincture kit: stinging nettles (Urtica urens), not only for allergies, which I don’t seem to get any more, it has ample stores of vitamin A, D, K, B-6, iron, calcium, magnesium—and so much more! It’s my favorite tincture. On my blog, I demonstrate how to make your own nettles tincture. I’ve sautéed them with garlic and spinach. Delish! It’s good stuff. It’s not as if you’ll have any of the side benefits while taking medications. Medications wear the body down further. Of course, do what’s necessary for your health and consult with your doctor. I also keep a tincture of dandelion close (loaded with nutrition), but nothing’s to stop you from digging those bad boys out of the back yard and sautéing with garlic, the way my Greek cousin showed me. More yum! I think I’m getting a little hungry now, at least I know what I’m making for dinner.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to treat, or diagnose, and always speak with your doctor before taking anything. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it won’t harm. Many plants interfere with medications.

The Unmoving Sky Cover There is nothing darker than the woods, until you meet your worst fear.

Jackson Bower has a lot on his mind lately. His younger brother hasn’t been the same since his mother’s death. His father’s drinking is out of control. Then there’s Jackson’s girlfriend and the grief that ties them together even as it threatens to drive them apart.

He distances himself, hoping for a little perspective at the family lodge. But when their father gets drunk and dangerous, he and his brother escape into the woods.

Night creeps in, and the rains come fast. Artie slips down a ravine. He’s wounded and the brothers seek shelter in a cave, only to find someone else already taking refuge there.

A desperate man with plans to destroy their town.

Jackson must get him and his wounded brother out of the cave and over the mountain to warn everyone in time. Without getting them both killed first.

About the Author:K.L. Hallam loves to write surprising, suspenseful, twisty, and moody stories or science-fiction that bends into fantasy. She’ll try writing just about anything. An air force brat as a young child, who moved around to more schools than she can list, gathering the stories that would connect to her heart.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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LASR Anniversary: Philip Hoy

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This post is part of Long and Short Review’s 9th Anniversary Celebration. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a $100 gift card or other prizes.

Dear LAS Readers,
Here are three poems celebrating (or at least inspired by) the month of August.
-Philip Hoy
Author of The Dream Diaries: Evelyn Hernandez, Book 2

Here in August
by Philip Hoy

Here in August,
The air
Pasta hot,
Palm sweating
As it nears the pot.

Here in August,
Naked and creased,
Sun brown skin
From clinging sheets.

Here in August,
Slow train
At the crossing,
Never stops.

Summer Sketch
by Philip Hoy

“So much depends upon…”
A girl in a red ‘kerchief
Crouched on a sunlit path
Amid the surefooted trunks of trees,
Clothed, draped, smothered in green,
And the soft tap of acorns
Falling on leaves
With a brush of bark
And a silent scuttering
Of felt-tipped feet.

Walking Home from a Night Swim
by Philip Hoy

Without contacts
This lensless haze
Like eyes open under water
Rainbow round the streetlights
And the pool on you
Like bleached whites
No softener
Sun dried
On the line
And there’s Mom with an armful
Not afraid in the warm dark
With Hansel about
His ears up as we cross the lawn
Then dinner on the coffee table
Try to watch TV
Rub our eyes
And we
Cry and cry

The-dream-diaries-Evernightpublishing-JayAheer2016-smallpreviewThe rumor at school is that after the varsity quarterback broke her heart, Evelyn Hernandez broke his hand. Then she demolished his car, beat up his girlfriend, and smashed all the windows in his house—or so the story goes. Some say that under the long hair and blunt cut bangs, beneath the cute dresses and colorful tights, and behind the pretty face and big brown eyes … hides a black-hearted, spell-casting, evil witch.

Only Evelyn doesn’t care what people at school say, or think. She couldn’t be happier. Her bullies have been brought to justice, her parents trust her, and she has a boyfriend who adores her. She’s even returned to drawing in her journal … but that’s when the nightmares begin.

Evelyn believes her violent dreams are messages from the future. Something terrible is going to happen at her school and only she can stop it—but how, and at what price?

About the Author: Philip Hoy is a high school English teacher by day and a short-story author, novelist, and poet by night. When he is not creating lesson plans or grading essays, he is writing. He lives in Southern California with his wife Magdalena, also a teacher.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter
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