Play Twenty Questions: Question 20

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 20
Tasarla Romaney  Duck Dynasty. I love Jace and Si. To sit and drink coffee with them would totally rock

Linda Palmer Reality shows are way too revealing. Though I’m a big fan of Survivor and Big Brother, no amount of money would make me be on either.

Debra St. John  I wouldn’t want to be a contestant, but I’d love to get a reservation for a meal at “Hell’s Kitchen”. We watch it with friends every week and always talk about going there. However, since many times the food doesn’t get served in a timely manner or the kitchen gets shut down entirely, we’d be sure to nibble beforehand and have a back up dining plan for afterwards!

Kaylie Newell The Deadliest Catch. Of course, I’d just make them give me a ride in the harbor and then take me back to the dock.

Judy Alter One of the cooking reality shows–unless someone starts on about mystery authors

Linda Rettstatt They’d have to create a new show for me. One where whoever could sit in a recliner and work on the laptop the longest without getting up would win. I’d suck at Survivor (see earlier note about spiders and snakes). I can’t play games well enough for Big Brother–I’d insult everyone. And Dancing With the Stars is really out of the question given my two left feet. Recliner sitting and typing is my forte.

Maeve Greyson Duck Dynasty. They remind me a lot of my own family. 😉

Niecey Roy UFO Hunters!!! Because…we are not alone 😉

Tess Morrison The Apprentice. I’m sure I’d kick butt, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t take it so well if I was fired. Actually, I just want to get a gander at Donald’s hair. I think I could help him with that.

Tina Pollick Definitely not any survivor show. Nope. No singing shows, because that would be just mean. No cooking shows because people wouldn’t want to come over anymore to eat. No dating shows because I’m happily married. Are there any more shows left?

Debra Doggett That one where they put you back in time and made you go live on a farm without electricity or running water. I don’t think I’d last long but it’d be a great weekend and with the money they pay me I can buy a real house and pay the electric bill.

Nia Simone Anna Nicole Smith, but she’s gone. My heart just breaks for her. It always did. I get teary-eyed just thinking of her. I just always felt she was so vulnerable. And no one really saw it. She was so easy to ridicule. I would like to go back in time and make things turn out better for her. For her not to lose her son and then her own life to despair.

Virginia Crane  None. I really don’t like reality shows because they are fake. Think about it. There has to be a camera person and tons of film that will be edited. Everyday life is reality enough for me.

Graeme Brown I think anyone ho brought a camera into my house would be able to start their own reality TV show.

Nancy Fraser The Biggest Loser. I find most reality shows useless, but this one is life-changing. It would be nice to get a firm handle on good eating habits, a constant exercise routine and improve my overall health.

Robyn Bachar Ghost Hunters! It’s one of my very favorite TV shows. I’d love to go on an investigation with the TAPS team. I have a life-long interest in the paranormal, which is what first inspired me to write paranormal romance. I even have an homage to the TAPS team in my novella FIRE IN THE BLOOD.

Jeanette Baker I have no idea. I’ve never watched a reality show. Sorry.

Kim Hornsby I’d like to be on The Bachelor if I were young, single and gorgeous. If I was on the show with the wisdom I now have at the ripe age of 56, I’d be the most intelligent and appealing contestant in the history of The Bachelor. When I watch the show (and I’m a huge fan!) I play along and groan when the girls say and do something stupid, then remember how stupid I was when I was twenty-two. If you read my novella The Husband Hunt, you’ll see that I created a character who comes to her senses mid way through the first month on The Bachelor and tries to pull out of the competition.

Juliet Waldron Perhaps Dancing With the Stars. But only if I could have my 25 year old body back again.

Willa Blair One of those cooking shows where you get to sample all the great food they’re making. Maybe Dancing with the Stars. It looks like fun, despite all the injuries. On second thought, being in their studio audience would probably be sufficient.

Lynda J Cox Ice Road Truckers–but I’d be in the office lining up loads. As much as I love to drive (and as often as I drive over the road going to and from dog shows), there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER getting me to drive a big rig across a frozen lake. NO THANK YOU!

Lynda Coker I hate reality shows. What an oxymoron, there is nothing remotely real about reality shows.

Brenda Gayle I am a big reality show fan, but think I would be a disaster on most of them. I’d never survive on the Island without my morning coffee, I have a terrible fear of heights so Amazing Race is out, and I’m not tactful enough to survive the Big Brother house. However, one reality show I think I’m perfectly suited to is Take Home Chef (I’m not sure if it’s still on TLC). I fantasize about being picked up by Chef Curtis Stone while I’m shopping for rutabaga in the vegetable aisle of my local grocery store. “Hello, beautiful. Can I take you home and show you how to mash that veg?”

Mary Hughes It’s not a reality show but I have a fantasy of driving the Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear. Meeting Jeremy, James and Richard, being coached around the race track by the Stig? It would be the coolest thing ever.

Shannyn Schroeder I’m not a huge fan of reality shows, but I think it would be fun to be on The Apprentice. The Apprentice rewards not just business acumen and intelligence, but also creativity. Some of the best players on the show have been people I wouldn’t have pegged to be great. They’re not loud and outgoing; they stay in the back and observe, plan, and learn before attacking. I’m good at leading a group and taking charge, but I have little patience for the BS that gets tossed around, so I might not make it far in the game.

Lynn Crandall I can’t imagine any type of reality show I would try to get on. I watch one or two and they are entertaining, but I don’t know why people subject themselves to such situations. However, if I were going to pick one it would maybe be Ice Road Truckers. There’s a lot of drama on the ice roads and some interesting, though frequently volatile, drivers. I imagine enjoying a sense of accomplishment in surviving and getting the jobs done.

Weird that I picked driving. I don’t like to drive in bad weather. Maybe I have an inner truck driver waiting to be let out.

Barbara Meyers Survivor…except I’d probably get kicked off early on. Not because I couldn’t get along with everyone, but I might not be able to handle the physical distress of sleeping (or not being able to sleep) outside, not having enough food, getting eaten up by bugs, etc.

Carol Henry Actually, I don’t watch reality shows—well I did watch Survivor at first in order to see something of the romantic locations where they were filmed. I soon became embarrassed at how badly the people acted. I can’t imagine me taking part in any such show—I’d more than likely act just as stupid and embarrassing, and can’t stand the thought of my family seeing me as conniving, arguing, and acting so badly on live TV– world-wide. It’s just wrong.

Robin Renee Ray Swamp People….Why? Because I am part Hillbilly and helping catch then eating a gator would ROCK…then I could write a short horror read about some killer gator getting payback..LOL

Joya Fields “Survivor.” I’d love to see if I had what it took to survive in the wilderness with no modern conveniences.

Patty Campbell  The dog whisperer, to find out if Caesar is really as sexy as they say he is.

Genie Gabriel No thanks. Life is enough reality for me.

Pamela S Thibodeaux None, I hate reality shows because they (for the most part) are scripted…how is that real?

Elysa Hendricks Renovation Raiders, Kitchen Crashers or any HGTV show. My house desperately needs a kitchen remodel.

Allie Boniface The only reality show I watch (religiously, every episode since the first season) is Survivor. While I don’t know how well I’d do (I’m not great at manipulating and backstabbing people), the idea of putting all those different personalities together and watching how they interact is fascinating. So yeah, I might give that a try. Plus I hear it’s a great way to lose weight fast!

Ryshia Kennie I wouldn’t love to be on any reality TV show. Okay, was that not the right answer? But really, there are some reality TV shows I watch but none I’d want to get closer than the other side of my television set. I suppose if I wanted to break into show business I’d say American Idol – but I don’t. Besides, some of the reality TV I watch is a little bizarre and more than likely, that’s exactly why I watch it. It’s just a nice break and not something I want to participate in.

Troy Lambert I’ve already been on COPS, so I wouldn’t mind going back, I suppose. I just want to get away this time.

Jane Toombs Sorry, none. I don’t like reality shows.

Jaleta Clegg I want to invent my own called Chocolate Coma. The whole point is to see who can concoct the most chocolate dishes each episode. They have to taste good so no chocolate meatballs or chocolate lima beans. If I had to be on a real reality show, I’d love a shot at the next superhero one hosted by Stan Lee. I’m nowhere near buff or young or athletic, and I look terrible in spandex, but I liked the values they were promoting with that show.

Beth Trissel Not Survivor, that’s for sure. I’m not certain they’ve come up with the right reality show for me. Maybe life in a castle, and I would be the duchess, of course.

Helena Fairfax I’d love to be on a reality dance show. That would be awesome. Of course, I’d have to be able to dance.

Kelly Whitley Not a big fan of reality TV.

I suppose Bear Grylls Get Out Alive (not sure I’ve got the name exactly right). At least these people are facing real challenges and acquiring survival skills they could actually use some day!

Some of the stuff they have to do is gross, but compared to the angst of The Kardashians…no contest.

Paty Jager I think it would be fun to be on Dancing with the Stars. As I said before I love to dance, but I’m not sure I could stand up to the pressure of all those people watching and having to talk to people. And my klutziness would be a huge problem. But I find dancing fun and would love to learn how to be better.

Linda McMaken Oh, please, my life is reality enough! I want fantasy baby, that’s why I write romance. Give me a good, juicy fantasy anytime over reality. Get me lost in a book with great characters and a solid plot, and…..who needs reality?

Penny Estelle Wipeout! I’m sure it would kill me, but it looks like such a fun time!

Isabo Kelly Top Chef as a judge! Because while I may not do a lot of cooking, I do love to eat (which is why I have to lie about my weight).

Lynne Marshall Property Brothers – I’d love for those two strapping twin brothers to come to my house and fix it for me!

Melissa McClone I would love to be on The Amazing Race. I think the show itself is great and the things they put contestants through challenging. Traveling around the globe like that would be so much fun. I’d love to see how I would do against the other teams.

Aaron Speca Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – because to be deemed worthy of being on that show, it means I would had to have done something that really helped someone.

Pamela Turner Masterchef, although I suspect I wouldn’t even make it through the auditions. But I like Gordon Ramsay and how he inspires people to do their best.

Shirley Martin Sorry, I don’t watch reality shows. And even if I did, I wouldn’t want to be on them. Would not want the publicity.

Amy Corwin: None of them. Are you kidding? I’m not that masochistic. LOL Although I wouldn’t mind accompanying Survivor-man on a trip because I love camping and think it’s great to have good survival skills.



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 19

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 19
Linda Palmer I was in sixth grade and at a dance at the American Legion. The room was dark. My boyfriend of the moment sneaked in a quick kiss.

Judith B. Glad  I was five,so was he. His big brother told him he’d pay us each a nickle if we’d kiss each other. I close my eyes. He pecked at my cheek. I opened my eyes and looked into his. Swiftly i touched my lips to his (just like in the movies!), and we both jerked away almost as quickly. His face was bright pink, and mine was hot.

Popsicles cost a nickel in those days.I can’t remember what flavor he bought, but I got a Fudgesicle.

Kaylie Newell It was at my first boy/girl party in sixth grade. His name was Kenneth and he was a foot shorter than me. He also had really slippery lips.

Judy Alter Awkward with a geeky boy. I was shy, figured he was the only boy who would be attracted to me. Thanks heaven, I turned out to be wrong about that and went on to better things.

Linda Rettstatt  I played guitar in a band with two high school friends and, cliche as it sounds, the boy next door who had since moved to the next town. The four of us piled into my friend, Liz’s, big old Chevy Impala (it was a long time ago), and Frankie and I ended up sitting together in the back seat at a drive-in movie. To this day, I don’t remember what movie we saw. I know I only saw the first half.

Maeve Greyson Since I’m too old to remember my very first kiss ever, I’ll share the one with Hubby.

Hubby and I have been married nearly thirty-four years. Our friends all said it would never last because we only knew each other three months before we got married. But Hubby and I both knew it was meant to be as soon as our eyes met. Here he was a military man home on leave and I was a just graduated eighteen year old. When he brought me back home after our first date, he cupped my chin in his hand and while his lips were barely touching mine, he said, “You need to marry me.” The kiss sealed the deal.

Niecey Roy It was terrible. I was only in the third grade, I think. Good thing it was only a peck or I might have decked him.

Tess Morrison Behind the Donut Hole. Yes, you read it right – the Donut Hole. It was the most popular hang out when I was in Junior High. He was the most handsome guy in my class, but dropped me as soon as the new girl showed up with boobs three times the size of mine.

Tina Pollick It was my neighbor and he wasn’t cute, I think it was a dare. And this girl never has been nor never will be a chicken. *laughs*

Debra Doggett I was at a party when I was about sixteen and there was a guy I thought was the coolest guy ever. It was near Christmas and we sat down by the fireplace and talked then he leaned over and kissed me. Even after all these years I’d love to hunt him down and tell him how much that kiss stayed in my memory.

Nia Simone Like I said. I never confess. 😉

Virginia Crane  Wow! You sure do want to take me back a lot of years. Well, back in the day we used to play spin the bottle at parties. That is where a lot of us, both sexes, got our ‘first’ kiss.

Graeme Brown It was to a girl when I was 17, and she and I both agreed: it was wet!

Nancy Fraser I was 15, I had braces. The boy had braces. Old-fashioned metal braces. (Yes, I’m that old!) It was not a good kiss. Neither of us knew what we were doing. It’s a miracle we didn’t get our mouths locked together. How embarrassing would that have been!

Jeanette Baker A friend’s older brother, 14, and I were walking on top of block wall fences. I fell into someone’s yard and a dog chased me. The brother reached down, gripped my hand and hauled me back to the top of the fence. Then he kissed me. I was 12 and I fantasized about that kiss until I had real ones much later.

Kim Hornsby  I don’t even remember. Isn’t that terrible? It was probably in 7th grade when we played spin the bottle at Christine Scott’s house. I wasn’t an early kisser and lost my virginity at a very late age (19). I was chubby from age 15 to 19 and that successfully kept the boys away from my lips, I guess. I was also very shy around boys. Now I’m a little too friendly with everyone and have to remind myself to use some control and not overwhelm people when we first meet.

Juliet Waldron All my friends were going out on dates and having romantic feelings about boyfriends. I didn’t really have those feelings about anybody of my own age–or even about anybody who was alive because my first crushes were on historical personalities–but I felt that I would be left behind by my peer group and so had to do something about it. A young man liked me, and asked me out to his sixteenth birthday party. This was in Barbados, and I didn’t realize that the custom there was for him to cut his birthday cake and then kiss his date. I was embarrassed when I realized, but, always polite and always in the “when in Rome” mode because I was a foreigner, I gave him the expected kiss. This was instant photographed and duly passed around among our classmates. I resigned myself to the teasing, because I had established myself as a girl who boys liked and one who went out on dates.

Willa Blair Sadly, I don’t remember it. It must not have been too earth-shaking.

Lynda J Cox This could get me in trouble…

I was sixteen and visiting my grandmother in Florida. I went to the city pool and was being hit up on by a guy who was in actuality a total jerk. I ended up shoving him into the pool and telling him to go do something anatomically impossible. When this guy said that he’d sooner do that than try to talk to me again, I said, “Thank God.”

The life-guard on the stand right above my head leaned over and told me, “You’re welcome.”

We started talking and when the pool closed that night, he walked me back to my grandmother’s house. He asked if he could see me again. I thought about it (for a millisecond) and said that would be nice.

Two nights later, after he walked me home again, he asked my grandmother if he could take me out on a date. I didn’t know if I should be angry because he didn’t ask me first or happy because he was so respectful. Gramma told him a date was up to me, not her.

After our dinner date, when he dropped me off at Gramma’s again, he kissed me on her porch. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach, the sound of the crickets and frogs chirping in the darkness, and then Gramma flashing the porch light. We jumped apart like two scalded cats.

He was my first kiss, my first love, and my first heart-break.

Lynda Coker It was awful!
It was stolen!
It led to marriage…

On my first blind date, which I wasn’t suppose to be on since my father forbade them, I was paired with a man four years older than my seventeen years. Later I found out that his boldness was due to the reputation of the girl I was with. You know the old adage, you’re judged by the people you hang with; that happened to be the case with me. He thought I had the same moral standards as my friend and saw no problem proceeding accordingly. Of course, I set him straight after that stolen kiss, which to my surprise, led to him taking a serious interest in me. We’ll be married 49 years in September of 2013. He really is a sweetheart and the love of my life.

Maryann Miller Actually, this is the story of the first kiss I missed. When I was in 7th grade I had a huge crush on a neighbor boy who lived on the corner of our street. He was Italian – and gorgeous – and a charmer. My best friend, Jan, and I decided to have a party in my basement and invite some of the neighbor kids, including gorgeous Joe and his friend Marvin.

During the party someone said, “Let’s turn out the lights.” So we did and we all danced in the dark. Then when I turned the lights on, I saw Joe kissing Jan. I was devastated. She knew how much I was hoping to dance with Joe and maybe get a kiss, so I blamed her, even though he probably instigated the kiss.

It took me a year to forgive her, and several more years to get over Joe. Kissing Marvin was not nearly the same thrill.

Shannyn Schroeder I’m going to ignore the junior high, fake kisses and talk about what I consider my first real kiss. His name was Jesse. We were both freshman, but we went to different schools. I was at an all-girl school and he went to the nearby all-boy school. We lived only a couple of blocks from each other, so we rode the bus together in the mornings and afternoons. A girl I knew from elementary school introduced us and he asked me out. I don’t think we even made it to a first date, but we walked the neighborhood a lot. One night he walked me home and we sat on my front steps and he kissed me. It was a sweet kiss and I remember all the churning nervousness and excitement.

Too bad Jesse didn’t turn out to be such a sweet guy. Within the next week or two, I discovered that he was cheating on me with the girl who had introduced us.

Lynn Crandall LOL! My most memorable early kiss was not my first. My husband and I were on our first date, but we were 30 years old, so not like we’d never kissed people before. We went out to dinner and saw a really amazing movie we both enjoyed. When he took me home we stood outside for a bit — and it was freezing! He kept looking at me and not making a move to kiss or leave. We were standing very close to each other and (maybe my impatience kicked in) finally I asked, “Are you going to kiss me?” He laughed, but then did. More than once.

Sheila Claydon It can’t have been a good one…not close to the quality of those in my romances…because I can’t remember it. I can remember the first kiss that turned me on though. I was on holiday and he was staying at the same hotel. It was sunny, the beaches were beautiful, I thought he was too. We were fifteen, and we went out together for another 3 years , travelling a 140 mile round trip every time we wanted to see one another, much to our parents’ consternation.

Carol Henry You really want to know about my ‘first’ kiss? Well, it wasn’t anything to write home about, that’s for sure. In fact I wondered what all the fuss was about. It took me a couple times to figure out that the right boy hadn’t come along yet. When he did, wow. We were all over each other—I learned what a kiss was and how to kiss back—my tummy is turning over just thinking about it now. Of course, I’m talking about my hubby—his kiss still makes my body tingle. And that’s all I’m saying about that!

Robin Renee Ray I was really 12 and it was my gay best friend…we just wanted to know what a french kiss was all about..LOL Never told that before! ; )

Joya Fields Teen Night at the local pool. It was very nice, and very sweet and I can’t tell you any more because my husband or the “first kiss” guy might be reading this. 🙂

Patty Campbell I was 13. Scholarly Donnie Dutton gave me a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day, then clumsily kissed me. He had to stand on tiptoe. I was taller.

Our family moved, but years later I saw him again. He was about 6’4″, a football player, and a total jock.

Genie Gabriel It was so mundane, I’ve forgotten. Which may explain why I write romances. I can make up hot boyfriends whose kisses make the heroine’s toes curl.

Elysa Hendricks Sad to say I don’t really remember my first real kiss. It’s been too long and frankly it must have been totally unremarkable. I much prefer the kisses I get from my hubby now.

Allie Boniface Ah… was with the guy I’d been crushing on for 2 years in high school. I went to a party with another guy – who ended up leaving that party with his ex-girlfriend – and my Crush offered to drive me home. Sigh. I missed curfew that night, but it was totally worth it. I still remember the kiss in perfect detail.

Ryshia Kennie My first kiss – wow I had to think really hard to remember that. I was six years old and he was the boy that would pick me up and double me on his bike to school despite my mother’s strict warnings. I remember walking to the end of the block out of her sight before getting on that bike. And the kiss – well it was a light peck and I believe it was on the cheek. I hate to admit it but my first kiss was kind of forgettable.

Troy Lambert I took a girl named Angela Peck behind the modular trailer that served as my mom’s first grade classroom, and I tasted the sweetness of her lip gloss. I was six, I think.

Jane Toombs I still remember it well. We were playing Spin The Bottle in someone’s basement. and I got chosen as the one to go into the furnace room with a guy I sort of knew from school . He kissed me and the world went a bit off kilter. It was the the first time I’d been kissed by a guy who knew what he was doing.

Beth Trissel My high school sweetheart, my first date, the man I married and have been with ever since. the love of my life.

Helena Fairfax My first kiss was with a really handsome young boy at school. Bright blue eyes, dark hair – he was gorgeous. Sadly, his name was Rex, and I couldn’t handle going out with someone who had the same name as a dog. (I was young then. Sorry Rex.)

Kelly Whitley The kid across the street–first grade.

It didn’t last.

The kiss was because his family was moving away. As I recall, it was BLECH! Didn’t try it again for a long time.

Paty Jager It was the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I’d lost weight going from the chubbiest girl in my class to a regular size and was just enjoying the attention of boys. I was attending a Jazz Band camp at the nearest college and there was a boy with light blue eyes and dark brown hair who took my breath away. Especially because he seemed to only have eyes for me. Chubby(still how I thought of myself) me. He sat by me between workshops and the night we had a movie, he sat by me and held my hand. Afterward’s he walked me to the parking lot to meet the family I was staying with and he kissed me on the lips one soft kiss and walked away. I never saw him after that camp and we didn’t exchange addresses to write.

Linda McMaken It was ugly and shall never be repeated, ever, again. Twelve year old kids should never under any circumstances kiss — blech! It’s a wonder either of us ever dared to try and kiss someone again.

Penny Estelle Let me tell you about my first french kiss. I went out with this boy and I was probably 15. He gave me this big french kiss and I hated it. He asked me out again and I sobbed to my mom, “I don’t want to go out with him again. His tongue choked me, and it was huge.” It took me a while to get over that!

Isabo Kelly I was on a school ski trip (where I fell down a lot) and on the bus home we played truth or dare. I got dared to kiss one of the cutest boys in school. I never shirked from a dare. It was a sweet, lovely kiss. Years later when I told my best friend this story, she still squealed over the fact that I got to kiss that particular boy.

Lynne Marshall Ack – it’s pitiful! I was in a school play – sweet sixteen, never been kissed (we’ll almost was at fourteen but that didn’t pan out) I had the second female lead, and there was a scene where I had to be kissed. The guy who played oposite me was anything but cute and I don’t think he’d ever kissed anyone before either! We had to kiss on stage for four performances. Sorriest kiss I’ve ever had!

Shirley Martin If I recall correctly, it was at an amusement park, when I was 14 or so. We were riding something I think called “The Tunnel of Love.” Whenever we went through the tunnel, he kissed me. I still remember his name, but I’ll never tell.

Aaron Speca Working retail in high school – got grabbed from underneath a clothes rack by a girl who worked there. We went on a couple of dates. At least, that’s the first kiss I remember LOL …

Amy Corwin: I was in Scotland for a year abroad (school) and met this cute guy at a school dance. We went out on a date, which actually was getting together with other friends of his and playing a board game. It sounds weird but it was loads of fun. THen he walked me back to my room and well–you get the idea. 🙂



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 18

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 18
Linda Palmer  I’ve lied about how good someone looks. Sometimes it’s nicer to be less than honest.

Judith B. Glad My weight. Always. While I could never convince anyone I only weigh 100 lbs, I can, and do, shave ten pounds off what i admit on my driver’s license. Now if I could only figure out how to bollix the scales at the doctor’s office…

Kaylie Newell I told someone that I’ve only seen Magic Mike twice.

Judy Alter my weight

Linda Rettstatt Telling someone, “I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up,” when I’ve wanted to end a phone call.

Maeve Greyson Hmm…I don’t know. With my faulty memory, I’ve discovered it’s a lot easier just to tell the truth.

Niecey Roy Exercising…ha!

Tess Morrison I was fifteen and my mother heard me say the word ‘horny’. I said I had no idea what it meant.

Jana Richards My weight. Enough said.

Tina Pollick That I’m still twenty-one. Yeah people kind of look at me funny now, but until somebody calls me on it I’ll be twenty-one forever!

Debra Doggett My real feelings, usually when someone has hurt them. I smile and say it’s okay.

Nia Simone I never confess.

Virginia Crane My weight. I’ll tell anybody my age but shave points when it comes to weight.

Graeme Brown If I told you that, then I’d have to kill you. <grin>

Nancy Fraser Years (and I mean years) ago, I was part of a group of students who painted large green footprints from the Atlas-like statue in front of City Hall in downtown Detroit across a busy main street to another statue of a naked woman in front of the Gas Company building. When questioned, I denied it. Now, since the statute of limitations has passed …. YES, I was there! I did it!

Jeanette Baker My age but I lied backwards. I skipped 2nd grade and thought no one would like me if they knew I was younger than everyone so I told everyone I was a year older than I really was. That actually lasted until after I graduated from college. I realized that no one cared how old I was.

Kim Hornsby  My weight. That is something I lie about whenever asked. I tend to say I’m way heavier than I am. Just kidding. I say I’m about 10 pounds lighter than I am but in my head I’m thinking “well I could be that weight if I’d just stop eating late at night or give up cheese” Then I resolve to get to that weight on Monday.

Willa Blair What do women always lie about? Their weight. Or their age.

Lynda J Cox I lie about my hair color–but only Miss Clairol knows for sure. Other than that, as I said previously, I’m a terrible liar.

Lynda Coker My weight. I detest being lied too and don’t know why I always fudge a few pounds when asked what my current weight is. The weird thing is, I’ve done this when my weight was just right as well as when I’ve been overweight. So what’s up with that? It’s beyond my reasoning curve.

Mary Hughes I don’t lie very well at all. Even my kids as youngsters could see right through me at gift-giving time. (No-o-o-o, that’s not a box of Legos…really!)

Denise Golinowski  Why would I confess if I’d gone to all the trouble of constructing and maintaining a convincing lie? Yes, it may be exhausting to maintain a lie, but sometimes needs must when the devil drives. So, after going to all that trouble and keeping up appearances all this time, I’m not about to flip on it now. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Lynn Crandall I say I’m fine all the time, because people really don’t have the time for an in-depth answer. How are you? is just a greeting. But I love it when people give me a sense of where they are in their thoughts and emotionally at any given time. People are fascinating and so complex!

Sheila Claydon Parking tickets. As far as my family is concerned I’ve never had one:-)

Carol Henry What? Me Lie? Not on your life. I’ve never lied. Ever. Really. You can trust and believe me on this?

Robin Renee Ray That I was 15 when I got my first kiss..LOL

Joya Fields Oh, wow. I used to lie all the time as a kid and I always got caught. Once, I gelled my sister’s hair with Dippity-Do (remember that stuff?) and when my grandmother asked if we got into her hair gel, I shook my head and said “no” even though my sister’s blonde hair stood straight up…stiff as cement.

Annette Bower I always under state the amount of time I spend writing a list, a note, a dedication in a book, a sympathy card, a short short story, a short story, a novel.

It appears to me that other writers accomplish these challenges a great deal faster than I do. How could I ever tell anyone that it has taken me at least an hour and a half to answer eight questions on this promotional event? So now you have to ask yourself is an hour and a half the truth or has she spent more time than this for these simple questions?

Patty Campbell I’ve told a happy new mother that her baby was adorable, even though he was homely as mud fence.
I lied to a friend when I said I liked her boyfriend, because it was important to her. I really thought he was a boorish clod.

I’ve often said “I’m fine,” when I felt like shit, because who cares?

Genie Gabriel You don’t really think I’m going to confess, do you?

Pamela S Thibodeaux That I’m okay when I’m really falling apart

Elysa Hendricks I lie about everything for goodness sake – I’m a fiction author.

Kate Robbins I’ve lied when I knew telling the truth was really going to hurt someone’s feelings. I really grapple with that. Oh I will tell you if you really, really need to hear the truth, but if the only result is that you will be hurt, I’m not gonna do it. I don’t ever want to be the cause of someone else’s unhappiness.

Troy Lambert Almost everything in this interview.

Jane Toombs Ooh, hard to say. Like most of us I ‘ve lied mostly to either save face or so as not to hurt someone’s feelings. But at least I’ve never told anyone I loved them unless it was true.

Beth Trissel My age

Helena Fairfax My age. When I was younger, I lied about my age to get into night clubs. Now I’m older, I lie about my age to appear younger!

Kelly Whitley Hmm…
I suppose pen names are technically lies. I’ve got three of them. With my job, I can’t have explicit stuff out there under my own name. If someone asked me, “Hey, are you so and so?” I imagine I’d lie about it.

Linda McMaken That’s the one Commandment that has suffered greatly. I have a list: age, weight, age, weight, age, hair color, weight,…..pretty much sums it up.

Penny Estelle My weight

Isabo Kelly I once told a kid in my college dorm I was a vampire. I’m such a good liar, he believed me for a little bit. Then I had to come clean cause I was afraid of waking up with someone standing over me holding a stake! Also I always lie about my weight.

Shirley Martin I hate to sound like a goody-goody, but I can’t remember lying.

Amy Corwin: “No, really, you look GREAT!” 🙂
I think you need to support the people around you and make them feel better, regardless of what you might think privately. Caveat: I ALWAYS tell people when their dress hem is stuck in their panties, collar is up, and that sort of thing. But when a person tries their best to look good, you need to encourage them. Social lies can be very important.



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 17

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 17
Tasarla Romaney  Diet Coke, Peanut M&M’s, my husband, and my kiddos.

Linda Palmer  Potatoes, movies, music, and books.

Judith B. Glad  Books (of course!), Chocolate (a basic necessity of life), Diet Coke (caffeine free, because I really enjoy my chemicals), music (radio goes on first thing in morning, off last thing at night; jazz and classical are my favorites)

Kaylie Newell My iPhone (I’m a well known iPhone junkie). My lipgloss, my flip flops, and my wedding ring.

Judy Alter cottage cheese, chardonnay, chocolate, tuna

J.A. Garland  Lula’s chocolates, Wicked Wolf coffee…oh, and my family and friends, lol.

Linda Rettstatt Computer, Binky the cat, pizza on occasion, and walks in the woods on a fall day.

Maeve Greyson Family, Jasper, Coffee, Quiet

Laura Strickland Music, my dog, Shannon, time to write and chocolate.

Niecey Roy  My laptop, Internet, a book (so maybe my iPad so that I can have books all the time, though I prefer a paperback over eBook any day!), my kids, and heels.

Tess Morrison Chocolate, wine, music, and a push-up bra. Okay, forget the bra. These girls of mine are beyond help. A great book would round it out. And if I could have a fifth – flowers.

Anne Van I’m a chocoholic so chocolate is at the top of the list. Next is avocados. I eat them everyday. Surprised I haven’t turned green. My house. It’s a Victorian and I just love everything about it. And of course my husband. He’s my everything. Should be at the top of the list. : )

Jana Richards 1. Coffee
2. My computer
3. Sleep
4. My glasses

Tina Pollick  1. My family
2. My faith
3. Internet- I’m including the power and computer, LOL
4. Underwear- Yeah commando doesn’t work for me.

Debra Doggett I started to put chocolate, bacon, Coke and bread but I will give the serious ones as well: water (in some form or other); flowers; music and laughter.

Nia Simone A dishwasher. Greatest invention of mankind.
My laptop. Greatest invention of mankind.
It gets pretty hard after that. I guess I’d say the Internet. For a “Connector” like me, it is heaven.
My car. I didn’t have one for a long time as an adult. My first car changed my life, literally. It enabled me to go back to school, change careers, and meet my husband.

Zoe Forward Laptop. Internet. Family. Dog.
Those are the necessities of life for me, although food would probably be the most realistic answer…and water.

Virginia Crane Family, books, computer and car.

Graeme Brown Writing, reading, running and math.

Nancy Fraser 1. My grandchildren – they keep my heart beating!
2. The rest of my family and good friends – they keep me grounded!
3. My writing – it keeps me solvent (for the most part)!
4. Coffee – it keeps me awake (and sometimes manic)!

Robyn Bachar  In no particular order: caffeine, the internet, my best friend, and my mini van. I definitely couldn’t live without my best friend, because she is also my roommate.

Jeanette Baker  ice cream
sun block
hair color

Kim Hornsby The survivor in me wants to say air, water, my heart etc but let’s have a bit more fun with this, shall we?
1. I love to swim and be in water whether it’s a lake or ocean, or even our backyard swim spa. I feel best when wet and submerged and that’s why I was a scuba instructor for 10 years on Maui
2. I absolutely adore cheese. Feta, camembert, blue, cheese with little bits of peach (had that at a party last night on a rosemary cracker), almost any type of cheese. Oh yes CURD!
3. Dogs. I have two and they are my kiss and hug recipients when the kids won’t let me near them. I like all animals but dogs satisfy more needs for me.
4. Sunny days–I live in the Seattle area and sunshine isn’t a given. Having gone from living on Maui to Seattle was tough at first and this is why I write about women who live in the sunshine.

Juliet Waldron Music, computers, cats, vision. Computers have moved to the “books” spot these days, because it’s not only a tool I use every day, but because books can be accessed through them. A love of music has been with me forever. My Mom told me I could pick out exactly the gramophone record I wanted from the stack and then wind the old machine up to play long before I could read the labels. My husband was originally the cat person, but I’m a passionate convert. They are endlessly fascinating companions, and each as unique as children.

Mary Jo Burke Mint gum, books, music, and my reading glasses.

Willa Blair Chocolate, red wine, the internet, and hmmm, only four? Friends. Air, water, kittens, a good steak
A nap, a perfect fall day, berries, books
True love, art, color, music

There, that’s four sets of four. I could go on.

Lynda J Cox My DH–he truly is my soul mate.
My dogs–they make me smile and bring me so much happiness.
My imaginary friends–they know me there, so it’s okay.
My teaching career–I learn something from my students every single class I teach.

Lynda Coker My God, my family, my friends, my love of writing and reading

Brenda Gayle Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And did I say coffee? If you ever have the unfortunate experience of meeting me on the way to the kitchen for my first cup of joe, you’d understand completely.

Meg Benjamin  My MacBook, my hubs (well he should probably come first), my sons, and string cheese

Mary Hughes  Food. Shelter. Clothing. Cat hair. Actually I probably could live a while without the first three but I think I’m doomed to the cat hair.

Shannyn Schroeder Avoiding the obvious things like my kids, the 4 things I couldn’t live without are:

1. Diet Coke – I’ve tried, I really have. Even knowing that too much aspartame will give me a migraine hasn’t convinced me to completely give it up. I have switched to the Splenda version at home, but there’s nothing like a fountain Diet Coke.

2. Popcorn – this is my all-time favorite snack. I eat it probably 4-5 times a week. I do air-pop it, so it’s a little more healthy than other versions, but I still use butter and salt.

3. My DVR – I love to watch TV. I watch way more than any person probably should, which is why I love my DVR. Lots of TV, no commercials. I can record any show and give it a try. If I don’t like it, I delete the timer. And I only have to set a timer once and it’s good forever (or until I get a new DVR). I no longer have to remember to set the timer (remember the days of the VCR when you had to do that?) And the DVR timer is smart – it will record only new episodes.

4. Music – I listen to music while I write, while I clean or cook, while driving in the car (which is a huge chunk of my time with 3 kids). I don’t buy tons of music, except for my playlists, so it’s usually the radio for me. But I like music as background sound while I do other things. I really hate silence. When I was younger, I did my homework in front of the TV. Whenever I had to work at the library in college, I always had my headphones on. I made quick photocopies of whatever I needed and went home to work with my usual background noise.

Denise Golinowski Air, water, warmth, & shelter. Once you get beyond those, I’d say books – I actually get cranky if I don’t have a good book on the go, sometimes two. Next, writing materials (can I make that “one” item?) – the nervous ticks are very unpleasant to witness. Love and family to keep me grounded and balanced.

Lynn Crandall I hate it when people answer this question with “air.” Not so fun but true. The “things” distinction rules out people, but of course I love my family and friends and don’t want them to disappear. There are so many pleasures that I could live without but would rather not. So I’m going to pick books, my computer, favorite foods, and favorite shows. I also wouldn’t want to be without my bike.

Sheila Claydon Radio, books, cosmetics and fruit.

Radio is my constant companion. It helps make housework interesting, it educates, it keeps me aware of what is happening in the world and it plays music too.

Books. I just can’t imagine living without them. I read when I first wake up, often at meal times, always before I go to sleep and at many other times during the day.

Cosmetics. Why not? I don’t look as if I use make-up because I favour the natural look but oh my goodness the difference if I don’t use it. It makes me look younger, fitter, healthier and who wouldn’t want to look like that?

Fruit because if I don’t eat fruit and vegetables during the day I start to feel sick, and I like fruit best.It’s a simple as that.

Barbara Meyers My cell phone. A good book. Coffee. My laptop.

Carol Henry I can’t imagine living without my husband of 48 years. We complete each other and although we both belong to separate clubs and organizations (as well as belonging to the same ones), we help and support each other at special events. I would be lost without his love.

I can’t imagine living without any one of my wonderful family—they are very special and precious to me.

I can’t imagine living without any one of my ‘5 senses’—having had a scare with a retinal vein occlusion that left me partially blind in my left eye, I’m more aware than ever of the loss what it is like to lose what everyone takes for granted.

It would be hard to live without that ice-cold glass of milk with a cookie.

And, of course, that first cup of coffee in the morning to get me going. Without it, I’d trudge through the day and get nothing done.

Robin Renee Ray My grands, my critters, my Dr Pepper and my laptop.

Joya Fields My family would be the first thing. They are there for the best and worst times for me. Secondly, since I need coffee to wake up (I am NOT a morning person), that’s next on the list. I’m addicted to my cell phone with its social networking and email, so that’s third. And lastly…chocolate.

Annette Bower 1. My bathtub, in the morning I plan my day as I soak.
2. My one cup coffee maker. I set it up at night and in the morning in two minutes I have piping hot coffee. It is a rudimentary maker, it doesn’t keep the coffee hot, and if I get distracted, I just have to make a fresh cup.
3. My runners. I live in downtown Regina and I walk to obtain my essentials for living as well as for recreation. I walk around a portion of Wascana Lake. When I leave my home and around the lake and back is approximately six kilometers.
4. My passport. I love to travel and experience life in other communities, whether they are in Canada, the United States or Europe. When I am in other cities, I join walking tours and experience communities on foot. I also go into the thrift stores, I get a sense of a community by what they donate to the less fortunate.

Patty Campbell Physically – food, water, air and shelter.
Emotionally – love, books, friends and family.

Genie Gabriel My dogs, my kids and my grandkids–which add up to more than four…

Pamela S Thibodeaux God, Books, Music, Love

Elysa Hendricks My family, dark chocolate, my writing, and laughter.

Allie Boniface Let’s see…besides food and water? OK, books, Zumba class, CHOCOLATE, and my friends and family (uh oh – does that last one count as two?? I suppose I could cut out the chocolate if I really had to)

Kate Robbins I cannot live without:
1) Coffee (it’s a sickness really. It smells and tastes like crap but I’m totally addicted to it)
2) My family (don’t tell them I put coffee first ok?)
3) Books (I have to have something to read always. Could be the back of a shampoo bottle, but I’d prefer a book)
4) My cat (he’s a fluffy savage called Freddie. Laziest cat on the planet who loves to nibble on my fingers)

Liana Laverentz My husband, son, hot tea, and chocolate….oh, and sleep. Don’t do well without sleep at all. I’m an essential needs person…as long as those needs are met, I am fine. Food, drink, sleep, safety, and warmth. As long as I have those, I can deal with anything.

Ryshia Kennie Well other than the obvious, air and food. Here goes:

I can’t live without books. Take away the television but don’t touch the books.
I can’t live without love and laughter in no particular order. There’s nothing better than having friends and family around and laughing and sharing stories.
I can’t live without adventure. That doesn’t mean I need to be on a voyage around the world but there should be something new and intriguing in every day. Sometimes it’s just someone new you meet around the corner from home and sometimes it’s something more dramatic.
I can’t live without my computer but only because my entire writing life resides there. So I suppose it’s not so much the computer I can’t live without but the ability to access my stories and the community of people that I have met and linked to in one way or another.

Troy Lambert Oxygen, water, food, and whiskey. Is that four? There are probably others too.

Jane Toombs My SO. Chocolate. A car. Friends.

Jaleta Clegg Toilet paper, chocolate, my computer, and a good book to read. Without those, who would want to live?

Beth Trissel Dark Chocolate
the internet
green tea (seriously healthful)

Heather Haven My husband, my cats, my writing, and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

Gail Pallotta Wow! I have lots of needs. It wasn’t easy narrowing this down, but here they are– God, family, outside interests and fun. God gives my life purpose, direction, comfort and hope. My husband and daughter give me love, support, comfort and encouragement. Outside interests give my life balance–writing, lunch out with friends, meetings, charitable endeavors and church groups. I’m going to include good health via taking care of myself by eating well, swimming and exercising in outside interests. Fun includes peaceful moments relaxing with family and friends, laughter, and activities I enjoy. It all works together to make a happy person.

Helena Fairfax Cups of tea. My dog. Reading. My family.

Kelly Whitley 1) Adequate sleep. Gone are the days of staying up all night and functioning well the next day.
2) Dark chocolate. It’s full of antioxidants, and people who like milk chocolate won’t steal it from your desk.
3) Coffee. Starbucks Blond Roast, brewed at home–black.
4) Companionship. Some day when I am old and gray, I want a person by my side, not a cellphone. You can’t argue over checkers with a phone.
I could live forever without seeing my phone ever again.

Laurel O’Donnell Coffee with lots of sugar.
My cat, Charming. He calms me and loves me so much! I just adore him.
Chocolate. I just want a little bit of dark chocolate every day. Just a little!
A good night’s sleep. I can’t function without getting a good solid night’s sleep!

Paty Jager  my family,

Linda McMaken  My hubby, my dog, my cowboy boots, and my blue jeans. Everything else pales in comparison to those. Although a large box of Dove chocolate with a carafe of chilled wine wouldn’t hurt.

Penny Estelle  my hubby, my kids, my grandkids, french fries

Keena Kincaid 1. Coffee
2. My laptop
3. My Westie, Melrose Abbey
4. My passport

Isabo Kelly My boys, coffee, pizza, and books.

Lynne Marshall My family, my faith, my friends, books!

Aaron Speca Easy – my wife and my three kids. I know it sounds like a canned answer but it’s true.

Pamela Turner Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee… Oh, wait, it has to be four different things? Okay, well, did I mention coffee? Let’s see. My computer, amulet… Hey, don’t laugh. One more thing. My cat. Yes, that’s it. Of course, if you ask me five years from now, my list might change.

Shirley Martin  Assuming we are taking for granted a place in which to live, with food and utilities, there are some things I really would have trouble doing without. There is tea and chocolate, but more important, books to read, friends and loved ones to talk to. The last thing listed is the most important for me. And just one more–church.

Amy Corwin: My husband.
My pets (we have 3 dogs and a cat)
My kitchen (I love to cook)
My garden

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Play Twenty Questions: Question 16

anniversary header 2013 copy

 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 16
Tasarla Romaney A dragon. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Depending on the author a dragon can be either but they always have gems and what girl doesn’t want a giant stash of gems????

Linda Palmer A fairy godmother. I try to keep everyone in my family happy and help them in any way I can.

Kaylie Newell A unicorn.

Judy Alter Etta Plae

Linda Rettstatt Definitely not one of the Furies. They were created from the blood of Uranus–need I say more? I like to think I’m like the Phoenix because I keep reinventing myself.

Maeve Greyson The Phoenix. Life has burnt me to ashes many times but I keep rising to fly again.

Laura Strickland I feel I am most like Odin, because I wander endlessly through the landscape of my imagination, acquiring wisdom and sorting fantasy from reality.

Niecey Roy A dragon.

Tess Morrison Medusa on a bad hair day!

Anne Van Hands down the unicorn. They look like a normal horse but have a horn coming out of their forehead. They are unique like me.

Jana Richards A leprechaun, because we’re both short. Sure wish I knew where that pot of gold was.

Tina Pollick Maybe a shifter… I wear so many hats it’s sometimes hard to figure out which role I’m in.

Debra Doggett A brownie. I’d love to be able to come out at night and make mischief and never get caught.

Nia Simone A unicorn. Not really. I’m nothing like a unicorn. LOL But it is the most beautiful creature ever conceived, I think. But seriously, a Hobbit. I am Bilbo Baggins, happy at home with my huge larders of food. I’d probably be the reluctant adventurer, too.

Virginia Crane Haven’t a clue because I’m not into mythology.

Graeme Brown  I’d have to say a dragon, and as for why, ask anyone who sees me a few moments after I wake up.

Nancy Fraser The Phoenix. Due to other things in my life (having to work, family and my own serious health issues) I’ve come close to giving up on writing a number of times and then come back stronger, better and more successful each time. It (writing) gets under your skin, inside your soul, until it’s the only thing you want to do.

Robyn Bachar A vampire. I burn in the sunlight, and I’m much happier at night than I am during the day. I’m very pale, so my skin is either “corpse in winter white” or “boiled lobster red”. I’ve never had a tan in my life.

Jeanette Baker An elf because I’m small, freckled and have pointed little ears.

Juliet Waldron I would like to be a centaur. More exactly, I’d like to be a centauress, although I don’t think these creatures existed before the animated cuties in Disney’s “Fantasia”. I’ve always loved horses, and being part horse and able to gallop about would cheer me endlessly. Perhaps my granddaughters, who used to love those My Little Pony dollies, could be persuaded to come and comb and braid my long silver mane and tail.

Willa Blair A dragon. I can breathe fire when riled, enjoy curling up in my den, and love shiny things.

Lynda J Cox A dragon. Dragons have gotten a bum rap, you know. They actually have very big, generous hearts, but they’re also very easily heart-broken, so to avoid being hurt, they have long spines, breathe fire, and fly away to keep the things that would hurt them far away.

Lynda Coker None, I hope. I’m not a fan of mythological creatures. So many are based on concepts and traits that I find less than endearing. I know I’m probably in the minority on this, so please don’t yell at me…

Brenda Gayle I would like to think I’m most like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes of adversity. I look at each day as a gift, a chance to start again and create a new and better self.

Lesley-Anne McLeod I would like to think that I am most like a sphinx. I do have the face of a woman–that part is easy. My wings are my writing; they fly me to times and places I could not otherwise reach. The haunches of a lion, I am not certain of. They may perhaps symbolize my strength, which I did not know I had, but now need every day.

Mary Hughes Mermaid. I love the water. I love playing in it, especially jumping into ocean waves and being swept back to shore (even though I live nowhere near an ocean and have only done it twice). I love the feel of a cool shower steaming off my scalp after mowing the lawn; the warmth and silky smoothness of an evening bubble bath; the blast of chlorine diving into a lap pool. A glass of cold, clear water after working hard is the best nectar in the world.

Shannyn Schroeder This one required some research on my part. I’ve never thought about myself as a mythological creature (unless you count my kids calling me Medusa when I’m mad). I think I am most like a Kitsune from Japanese folklore. In Japanese, Kitsune means fox. In Japanese stories, the Kitsune are “intelligent beings possessing magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom” (Wikipedia). I certainly hope that this sounds like me. They’re also portrayed as “faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives” (Wkipedia). These are all roles that I play as a writer and in real life.

Denise Golinowski   The first thing that popped into my head is not really mythological, but fictional (Dr, Dolittle)- a “push me/pull you.” I blame my Pisces sun and Libra moon for my inability to make snap decisions. I have to weigh pros and cons, try to reach consensus, and yet leave room for changing my mind. It drives my darling husband crazy.

Lynn Crandall I think I’d have to pick mermaid, ’cause I’m frequently swimming in emotions and enjoying the feeling of spaciousness, that is when I’m not stressed. I’m not someone who tries to sabotage people, though, which if I remember correctly is a mermaid trait. You know, singing sailors to their death on a rocky shore, stuff like that.

Sheila Claydon An English Brownie – one of those legendary little creatures who carry out a lot of household tasks at night, when they can’t be seen, and who do this in exchange for food. If the householder tries to pay them they leave the house and go looking for another one. Well there’s no risk of me being paid for all the things I do for the various members of my family…not that I’m complaining. Better to be needed than not.

Carol Henry I am most like Eos—Titan Goddess of the Dawn. I’m a very early riser even without an alarm clock. These early hours is when I get the most done—whether it’s writing, cleaning house, working outside, and taking care of business, I’m more active in the morning. And I love the early morning air, especially when I’m still lying in bed and the birds start twittering outside my window. The time when it starts to get light is like God giving me a new day to set things right. And, of course that early morning coffee on the deck at dawn when the small wildlife starts to wake up and scamper around my back yard is special. Yep, I’m most like Eos.

Robin Renee Ray Most say the vampire…so I guess because I do stay in my cave until the sun goes down…I wear black tank tops all the time and I never cut my hair…down past my knees now…most really do call me a vamp or vamp like creature..LOL, Vamp!

Joya Fields Well, I might be cheating with this a little since she is a mythological figure, not a creature, but I’m going to say I am most like Demeter, Goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest, growth and nourishment. I love farming, learning about nutrition, and growing things.

Patty Campbell I used to think I was Wonder Woman, but now think it’s more likely Oscar the Grouch.

Genie Gabriel The Loch Ness Monster. She’s reputed to be silent and elusive, but I think she’s just a shy, introverted writer who’s more at home with a computer than with a room full of party-goers.

Elysa Hendricks Depends on which time of the day. First thing in the morning I’m more like Bigfoot – all hairy and grumpy. By mid-morning, I’ve morphed into a elf/troll hybrid. In the afternoon I become a fairy, in the evening I’m all fairy and at nightfall I turn into a shape shifter.

Allie Boniface I actually think I resemble my zodiac sign, the Centaur, pretty closely. Half-man, half-beast, the Sagittarius Centaur is supposedly torn between 2 worlds, optimistic about life (I truly am) but intuitive enough about life to see the pain and suffering as well (yup, I do that too). It’s an interesting duality…

Troy Lambert An ogre: at least that’s what my kids would tell you.

Jane Toombs I’d like to think I’m like a griffin.

Jaleta Clegg The kraken. I love squids. I like destroying things when I’m upset. They’re usually virtual but sometimes I kill weeds and do pruning. I’m sure the kraken weeds and prunes her undersea garden. I also like hiding in my lair for eons at a time.

Beth Trissel I’m often mistaken for a Greek goddess.

Helena Fairfax A mermaid. I love to swim and snorkel. I once went diving in the Caribbean, and it was asolutely breathtaking. If I could swim under water all the time, I’d love it.

Kelly Whitley A vampire, I suppose. I like them best, and can’t imagine being anything else. In my writing world, they live among people undetected. It’s kind of like being a secret writer and living undetected, minus the super strength and the need for hemoglobin (the iron-containing protein in blood. If you want more details, check out Into the Red from Muse It Up Publishing.)

Linda McMaken I’m not crazy about flying, so Pegasus is out. I’m slightly cuter than Cyclops, but not cute enough to be a Unicorn….Oh, a Siren – they were gorgeous, beautiful femme fatales whose music lured men……oh, never mind.

I’m probably most like a Phoenix. I’ve risen from the ashes so many times, that ‘soot’ should be my middle name, and my scorched tail feathers are a dead giveaway.

Isabo Kelly Probably a European dragon. I have a really wicked temper when provoked, I tend to horde money and books, and I like my cave.

Aaron Speca “If someone asks if you are a god, you say YES!” — so that’s where I’d go with that *wink*

Shirley Martin Oh, dear. I think you have me there. I suppose I might most resemble Pandora. I never know what trouble I might be getting into.

Amy Corwin: A unicorn–because it’s just a horse with a birth defect. LOL
In other words, it’s just like all the other animals except it is slightly different. Some might say it is weird.



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 15

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 15
Tasarla Romaney Cherry S’more – I put cherry pie filling on my s’mores. So I think an ice cream that would have cherries, marshmallow, chocolate, and crushed graham crackers would rock! And of course it would be calorie free – heck it would burn calories 🙂

Linda Palmer Chocolate Strawberry Swirl. (I love chocolate dipped strawberries.)

Kaylie Newell Orgasmic chocolate truffle.

Judy Alter raspberry with dark chocolate

Linda Rettstatt ChocoMochaCrackoLotta.

Maeve Greyson No calorie double fudge brownie better than sex sorbet

Niecey Roy Yumolicious. It’s chocolate…with chocolate…and fudge swirls…with chocolate chunks.

Tess Morrison Lick Me. It would be pink with strawberries and dotted with chunks of chocolate. Honestly, I can’t get beyond the fact that Almond Joy is my absolute favorite. Just mention ice cream and it’s all I can think of.

Anne Van There are so many crazy favors out there mine has probably been invented. I’d love a giant scoop of brownie, raspberry, Godiva chocolate swirl ice cream. I’d call it Heaven.

Jana Richards Vanilla Bean Supreme. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with bits of chocolate covered coffee beans. Three of my favorite things, all together in one bowl.

Tina Pollick Chocolate chip mint moose tracks, with chunks of cookies and crème. Mmmmm 🙂

Debra Doggett It’s called the Kitchen Sink. It has chocolate, vanilla and a thin ribbon of strawberry with three different kinds of nuts, caramel, fudge and marshmallows. One bite and you throw up.

Nia Simone Really? It’s been done. It’s called Ben and Jerry’s. They really get it. GIANT chunks of whatever. No skimping. My favorite ice cream besides the heavenly creations out there by B&J, is mint chocolate chip. My husband hates it, which is perfect. More for me. I’ll eat any brand. When I was growing up, my dad and I used to share the mint chocolate chip ice cream. He bought Lucerne, the Safeway brand, in a half-gallon size, and he would scoop out a bowl for me and a bowl for him while I eagerly waited. I was always a “good eater” as my mom would say, approvingly. I was always proud of being a good eater and still am.

Virginia Crane Vanilla almond caramel crunch. It has all the flavors I love combined into one.

Graeme Brown Everyberry, with a bit of all my favourite berries: blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, saskatoon, and raspberry.

Nancy Fraser I’d take the ultimately rich dark chocolate ice cream, mix it with ribbons of solid white and milk chocolate and lightly salted pecans. I’d call it, Triple Super Choco-Pecan Heaven!

Jeanette Baker Rhombauer Zinfandel with fudge swirls.

Kim Hornsby Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Surprise. I know every yummy flavor in the world is already invented but the surprise part would be free tickets inside for a round the world vacation for 4! I’d take my 17 year old son, my 11 year old daughter and of course my hub and off we’d go on the adventure of a lifetime. Love to travel!!

Willa Blair I don’t think I can top Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra. It’s perfect on so many levels. It’s also my favorite B&J combo flavor. Half caramel icecream on one side, half chocolate icecream with chocolate chunks, and a ribbon of caramel running down the middle. Yep, hungry again.

Lynda J Cox Wyoming Peaks–vanilla with just the tiniest bite of spearmint.

Lynda Coker Graham Crackers and Cream

Susan Fox Candied ginger ice wine. Ice wine is a dessert wine made from frozen grapes and the flavor is intense and fruity, in a kind of sophisticated way. It’s like the essence of summery sunshine in a glass. I think it would make a great ice cream flavor, enhanced with tiny bits of candied ginger scattered throughout.

Mary Hughes Death by Chocolate. Cocoa ice cream with dark and milk chocolate chunks, swirls of chocolate caramel and chocolate sprinkles.

Shannyn Schroeder Nutella ice cream. Doesn’t that say it all? Nutella is chocolatey smooth goodness and a bit addictive. Oooo…And I’d add chunks of brownie because I love fudge brownie ice cream. Adding brownies to Nutella–yum!

Sheila Claydon I don’t think this is possible. All the flavours have been created unless you’re into things like cabbage or meat flavours. yuk! But if you push me then how about sweet chilli? Of course somebody might have already created it but if not, then I think sweet chilli and the cold of the ice-cream just might be a good combination. Personally I’m still going to buy mint-choc-chip or coconut though.

Carol Henry That’s easy, I love Kahlu, Mocha and almonds, so I’d have it swirled together, put dark fudge on top and sigh with pleasure. I’d call it Dream weaver’s Delight.

Robin Renee Ray Double fudge swirl, chocolate cover peanuts, dark chocolate ice cream mix….called: Touch and Die

Joya Fields Wow, it seems like every ice cream flavor is already out there. I love nuts, chocolate and cheesecake, so maybe Chocnutcheesecake flavor? LOL.

Patty Campbell Peanut butter, dark chocolate and chili peppers. I call it Hot Nuts.

Genie Gabriel Paw Prints. It’s creamy vanilla and contains peanut butter and honey, plus a side of bones for the furbabies and another side order of chocolate for the humans.

Elysa Hendricks Dark chocolate with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate.
Chocolate Heaven
I know it’s not very original, but what can I say I like chocolate.

Allie Boniface Mocha Grey Goose Divine (in case you couldn’t tell, it combines 2 of my favorite things, chocolate and martinis!)

Ryshia Kennie I love, love ice cream. And I’ve never thought of creating an ice cream flavor. How can you improve on plain old soft ice cream drizzled over with hot fudge or cheese cake ice cream with blueberries or strawberry shortcake or a rainbow of flavours all on one cone? As I say that I’m imagining my favourite ice cream shop. The Milky Way – a little shack on a busy street that has a menu that is an ice cream lovers’ delight. There’s a lineup spring through fall – and as it’s done for years, it closes through the long cold prairie winter and we’re all forced to go elsewhere for our ice cream fix.

Jane Toombs Mine would be choclate raspberry, with little peppermint crunchies in it. I’d call it Decadent.

Jaleta Clegg Horribly Depressed – Use just enough vanilla ice cream to cover the following – raspberry truffles, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate covered macadamia nut caramels from Costco, stripes of butterscotch sauce, hot fudge, almond roca, dark chocolate orange sticks, dark chocolate raspberry sticks, fudge, Twix bars, Butterfinger crumbles, mini Charleston Chew bars, and Junior Caramels.

Darn it! Now I’m hungry.

Beth Trissel mocha dark chocolate peanut butter mint

Heather Haven Wild Hopes and Dreams. Made out of a rainbow of colors and flavors, sprinkled with chocolate, non-fattening, sugar free, 0 calories, and absolutely delicious. Baskin Robbins, are you listening?

Helena Fairfax Shamrock. I’d create an Irish icecream, flavoured with Guinness, and coloured bright green. It would go down a treat on St Patrick’s Day!

Kelly Whitley Name: Dream Machine:
Vanilla frozen yogurt with chunks of spun caramel and dark chocolate-covered cinnamon imperials.
Ben and Jerry, if you could just whip that up for me I’d be much obliged.

Laurel O’Donnell Cinnamon Coffee. Sounds kind of Christmas-y, doesn’t it? I love cinnamon! And I love coffee! So, the two together would be delicious.

Paty Jager Peppermint pieces, chocolate wafer cookie pieces, and vanilla ice cream. Peppermint Paty Crunch.

Linda McMaken I’d call it – Paperback Writer – Creamy vanilla ice cream, swirled together with a lovely black cherry with bits of cherry in it. Served in an edible chocolate cup, covered with chopped nuts, and topped with a generous dollop of chocolate whipped creme – served with a good book.

Isabo Kelly Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, oreos, and peanut butter cups. Destructo’s Delight. (My oldest’s nickname is Destructo and those are all his and my favorite sweets.)

Shirley Martin Strawberry, mint, marshmallow, and chocolate. It’s pink and called “Pink Delight.”

Amy Corwin: The mango-ginger Thriller. Vanilla ice cream base mixed with chunks of sugared mango and ginger. Yum. And a real taste thrill!



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 14

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 14
Tasarla Romaney “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe” ~ unknown. I love this quote because it is truly the road map to life. You must do all four to succeed.

Ash Krafton “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I advocate practicing, not preaching, to inspire progress.

Linda Palmer My favorite quote at the moment is from Total Recall (the Colin Farrell one):

“Dream of me…but not in these pants.”

I love it because it’s sweet and funny. It’s also a crazy thing for someone as gorgeous as Kate Beckinsale to say since she’d look good in or out of anything.

Debra St. John I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. It reminds me when things get tough, I’m not alone and I don’t need to carry the burden myself.

Judith B. Glad “Yield to temptation. It may never pass your way again.” I have no idea who said it, but it really expressed my outlook on life. After all, if we don’t do things on impulse, we never try anything new. And if we only do those things that are socially acceptable or good for us, we’ll never have any fun.

Kaylie Newell “I am the literary equivalent to a Big Mac and Fries.”
-Stephen King

I heart Stephen King.

Judy Alter Mark Twain: I love having written

J.A. Garland “If I knew the world was ending, I would have brought better books.” – Dale from The Walking Dead.
I am a die hard Zombie fan, can you tell?

Linda Rettstatt “Life’s an adventure–wear comfortable shoes.” I like this because I want to be able to step into life and follow a path without the hindrance of high heels and sore feet. Metaphorically speaking, I don’t want to walk through life in shoes that don’t fit.

Maeve Greyson No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless YOU give it to them –by Maeve Greyson.

I survived a rather traumatic childhood. I still struggle with low self-esteem and insecurity. One of the most difficult things I have had to do is learn to “allow” myself to dream. When those words came to me, I latched on to them. They are my shield.

Niecey Roy Ooohhh, that is a tough one. I really don’t have a favorite quote. I actually don’t quote at all!

Tess Morrison “Tall girls are queenly.” That’s from my Grammy. She told me that when I was a gangly teenager and feeling self-concious about being taller than most of the boys in my class. I remind myself of it often. Yes, I am queenly!!

Jana Richards “No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. I like this quote because it reminds me that I can’t get away with making half-hearted efforts. In every aspect of my life, I must give it my all, and expect to succeed. I also like the Nike slogan “Just do it”. It tells me to get off my butt and do what I need to do.

Tina Pollick Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.

And ever mind the Rule of Three:
What ye send out, comes back to thee.

Follow this with mind and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

It’s the Wiccan Rede. It’s how I live my life.

Debra Doggett It’s a quote from J.M. Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan:
“It is all very well to write books, but can you waggle your ears?”

Zoe Forward “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

You must believe in yourself, if you have a dream. This is the most important aspect of being a writer where rejection is common.

Virginia Crane Though my mind aspire to higher things and grow rich in that which never gathers rust.

It was across the top of the stage in my high school and inspired me to challenge myself.

Graeme Brown “He who knows much knows little.”

I like this because it reminds me to keep learning and to stay humble.

Nancy Fraser “Thoughts to words, words to paper. A gift we give ourselves, both now and later.”

I wrote this quote myself for an assignment during a creative writing class years and years ago. It reminds me why I love to read and write. Books (whether paper or e-book) are enduring. They enterain and teach us and never ask anything in return. Written words are truly the ultimate gift.

Robyn Bachar “No one can live at that speed!”

It’s something that crept into my speech after watching Eddie Izzard’s “Dress to Kill” special many, many times. Other phrases I picked up from it include “Cake or death?” “Monster! Very small monster!” and “Do you have a flag?”

Jeanette Baker “No one ever learns anything listening to himself talk.”

My late father used to say this and he was the smartest man I’ve ever met so I believed him.

Kim Hornsby Fall seven times and stand up eight

We all fall, life can throw curve balls and it might seem unfair but recovering is key to leading a happy life. Everyone else isn’t having an easier time than you necessarily. They just recover faster. My hubby has had cancer three times and we just faced bankruptcy last year but we’re up. Standing. With great hope for the future.

This Japanese proverb is in my book The Dream Jumper’s Promise and the protag uses it to keep going in the face of a horrendous situation.

Juliet Waldron “The Holy Land is Everywhere” ~~ Black Elk. I like this quote because so many problems would be solved if we thought like this. Many wars would end, and we would treat the whole earth, which has mothered us, so well that this astonishingly perfect system would continue to function for the benefit of our descendants.

Mary Jo Burke  ”I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”
Invictus by William Henley

The entire poem is a stirring pep talk. You possess the skills to succeed, the world is yours to explore, seize the moment and never let go.

Willa Blair “Do or do not. There is no try.” (Yoda) It’s that striving thing again.

This runs a close second: “A human should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” Lazarus Long (Robert A. Heinlein)

Lynda J Cox I actually have three:

“Dogs aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole.” –Roger Carras, the man who used to be the voice at Westminister Kennel Club and I love this quote because it reminds me of how important those happy “furkids” are to my life.

“The first draft is always shit.” Earnest Hemingway and this quote reminds me to shut off the internal editor for the first draft and just get it onto the page.

“Acta non verba.” Actions, not words. Seems like a strange quote for an author, but too often people get hung on talking about problems and doing nothing to solve them.

Elaine Violette  Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.” So many times life has been too difficult but for the sake of those I love, I push myself forward. When you do, you become stronger and that sets an example for others.

Lynda Coker “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

When I first started writing, I had no formal education in creative writing, nor a clue about how the publishing world operated. I didn’t know any writers and was not a member of any writing groups. So I posted this quote on the wall behind my computer and proceeded forward on the premise of faith. Faith that if I put forth the effort, the results would follow.

Brenda Gayle “The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new”– Samuel Johnson. This is an idea that I try to keep foremost in my mind as I’m writing.

Lesley-Anne McLeod “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.” Jane Austen

This quote encapsulates my theory of writing, and of reading. There is so much distress in the world, so much anguish, unhappiness and wretchedness. The only way we can deal with it, is to escape from it now and then. I write my stories to give people that escape. Not so that they can deny that the pain exists, but so that they can refresh themselves, and face life with renewed energy and courage.

Maryann Miller I love the quote from Cicero – ” A room without a book is like a body without a soul.”

Books and stories have brought me so much joy throughout my life, and I could not imagine a day without reading. People who treasure books as much as I do know how empty their lives would be without the stories that take them to new places and introduce them to new people. What a thrill it is to be able to do that and not leave the comfort of home.

And that is really the reason I write. I want to be able to bring that joy to someone else through my stories.

Lynn Kellan My favorite quote is: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

How often have you opted not to pursue something because you’re afraid you’ll fail? (Please tell me I’m not the only one.) I used to be afraid of everything. For all the times I feared something bad would happen, the things I feared only happened twice. When they did, I expected them – they weren’t a surprise. Over the years, I learned the worst part about fear is…fear.

Everything changed for me when I started thinking “What if I CAN do this?” Rather than thinking about all the horrible things that could happen, I started thinking about possibilities. Sure, I was still scared, but I gave myself permission to feel scared while I tried. Every single time I acted in spite of my fear, some degree of success occurred.

If everything we want is on the other side of fear, let’s put on our boots and wade through the anxiety, sweaty palms, and panic attacks. The moment we are willing to stumble through those muddy waters, anything is possible.

Meg Benjamin “Don’t look back–something may be gaining on you.” Satchel Paige said it first, but Bob Dylan said it too. I like it because it’s true–regretting the past doesn’t help. Just change what you can.

Mary Hughes David Tennant (Shakespearean actor famous for Doctor Who, Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and more): “It’s very easy to get seduced into believing your opinion is informed just because people ask you for it.” ( Fame doesn’t equal wisdom.

Shannyn Schroeder My favorite quote is one that is thrown around me house all the time. “Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda says this to Luke and although I don’t take the quote literally, I love the spirit of it. I think by saying you’ll try, you’re immediately leaving the door open for failure. I know people make mistakes, and I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect real effort. Sometimes, adding in that “I’ll try” makes it too easy to not really try at all.

Denise Golinowski “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” – Mark Twain I’m a big believer in the need to find the right word to convey the emotion or present the object. I work hard to choose the correct words and phrases to help build my worlds and my characters so that my readers don’t have to struggle.

Lynn Crandall Oh my gosh! I am a quote collector. I have so many favorites! Here’s one: Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time, like dew on a tip of a leaf. Rabindranath Tagore

And another: “The only true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Prous

And this: Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll

I could go on but this is a good one to finish with: Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, “Wow, what a ride!” Unknown

Sheila Claydon ‘First find out what your hero wants. Then just follow him…’

This is part of a quote by Ray Bradbury and it is the one I keep at the front of my mind when I write my books. There are many, many other quotes I like…those that make us feel good, that inspire, that make us think more deeply…but this one is the quote that keeps me writing and, more importantly, keeps my writing focused.

Carol Henry My favorite quote is: Success is the Best Revenge. Why, becuse it’s a great way to get even without having to say a word or confront anyone. And it make you the better person.

Robin Renee Ray Live and Let Love! Kind of says it all….

Joya Fields Henry Ford’s quote is my favorite: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” It’s so true! 🙂

Annette Bower My favorite quote is:

“Late Fragment
Raymond Carver

And did you get what
You wanted from this life, even so?
I did
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
Beloved on the earth”

As a writer of stories about relationships which are about love and belonging, I believe that all persons would like to be called beloved and be beloved. This too is my goal and because love is not something we feel it is something that we do, it is continual until we are no longer on this earth.

Patty Campbell Liu Xiaobo, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, said it best. “Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the source of humanity and the mother of truth.”

Isn’t that what writing is all about?

Genie Gabriel Anatole France – “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
Why–My first pillow was a Collie, dogs have been my companions all my life, I currently have six dogs, I have worked at the local humane society, I help my friends with their pet sitting business…do I need to say more?

Pamela S Thibodeaux Actually I have 2: Jeremiah 29:11 “For I have known the thoughts that I am thinking towards you — an affirmation of Jehovah; thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give to you posterity and hope.” kept me going after my husband passed away in 2009

“Write the vision, make it plain upon the tablets that he who sees it may run with it.” Habakkuk 2:2 – it keeps me writing when I’m ready to throw in the towel and quit.

Elysa Hendricks “There are three rules to writing, unfortunately no one knows what they are.” Somerset Maugham

This quote helps me get over bad reviews and discouraging critiques of my work.

Allie Boniface So many of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quotes come to mind, but this is one of my all-time favorites: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

There is so much in life that can scare us, from the little to the huge. Facing fears helps us grow. I try to live by this quote every single day.

Kate Robbins “It is a truth universally accepted, that a young man of good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

Jane Austen rocks! Her dialogue is the best I’ve read in any book. And Pride and Prejudice is my all time favourite romance novel hands down. I have the 10th anniversary DVD of the A&E 1995 version. Oh Colin Firth in that one…mrrrrowwwwrrrrr!

Liana Laverentz The work of art which I do not make, none other will ever make it.

Simone Weil (1909 – 1943)

It means if I don’t express what is inside of me through my writing, nobody else will. So I’d better get on with it or it won’t get done!

Ryshia Kennie My favourite quote is actually more a saying than a quote but I’ll share anyway. It’s special because there was a point in my life when I realized that I needed to put up or shut up. It was the end days of 1999 and I’d been a “wanna be” writer all my life. Writing in the margins rather than getting down and putting in the time and getting serious. So on a trip to Singapore I finally decided that I was going to put in the time necessary to make this dream a reality – that it was now or never. I’d only recently made that resolution when we checked into the hotel where there was a little jar of fortunes and I pulled this one out.

“You never know what you can do until you try.”

That fortune confirmed my resolution and helped me stick through the ups and downs of forging a writing career. And in 2007 I published my first book, “From the Dust”. I kept that little green slip of paper and it still sits on my desk today.

Jane Toombs “You can’t take I with you.” I think this is an excellent reminder to not get too big for your boots. We need to remember that whatever you become in this world all goes away when you die.

Jaleta Clegg “Do they have any missing limbs? I hate it when they have missing limbs.”

Does it need an explanation? It’s a great quote. Touches me right here every time. *headdesk* It’s from the greatest bad sci-fi movie of all time – Spacehunter in the Forbidden Zone.

Beth Trissel “Onward and upward.” ~ C S Lewis, because it means the quest continues no matter what.

Heather Haven “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This reminds me to pen up my mind and let the world in. It’s amazing.

Gail Pallotta Matthew 22: 37 – 39, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Good words to live by.

Helena Fairfax “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” It’s by Kurt Vonnegut. Slaughterhouse 5 is one of my favourite books, and I find this quote really moving.

Kelly Whitley Nothing profound.
I do tell myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day” when I’m frustrated with my slow writing pace. Some days it’s like “Get ‘er done!”
From time to time I see quotes I like, but mostly I’m not a big quote person.

Laurel O’Donnell “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take but by the moments that take your breath away.” I love this quote because you can just feel those breathless moments when you read a good romance novel!

Paty Jager Piglet: “How do you spell love?”
Pooh: “You don’t spell it, you feel it.”

I believe when you say the words, “I love you” too much they become just that; words. But when you show the person you love them by the things you do, then they know you love them.

Linda McMaken “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

History does repeat itself, both on a worldwide level and on a personal level. If we do not learn from our mistakes as individuals, as a country and as part of humanity, we will continue to do the same stupid things over again.

Penny Estelle Never make someone a priority, that considers you an option! It’s the greatest quote I’ve ever heard…..

Keena Kincaid “I like a man who grins when he fights.” — Winston Churchill. Because a man–or woman–who grins when he fights isn’t going to be one who carries grudges.

Isabo Kelly I’m not sure who said this so my apologies for not properly referencing the quote. “The point of Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ‘…holy shit…what a ride!'” It’s my favorite quote because I couldn’t agree more and it’s how I want to reach the grave–exhausted, happy, and knowing I did as much of the stuff I wanted to do as was possible.

Lynne Marshall  “Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not’ the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” Calvin Coolidge

Aaron Speca  “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” – Winston Churchill … I love this quote because it always reminds me to dig for the real truth in everything, because there is so much untruth being thrown around these days.

Pamela Turner “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” (Albert Camus). Hopefully, I got that right. For me, Camus’s quote says something about the human spirit. He was a major inspiration to me as a writer, and remains one of my favorite authors.

Shirley Martin “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.
This applies so well to the times we are living in. So much evil in the world. Iran will soon have a workable A-bomb and has even threatened to destroy Israel, but no one is stopping them.

Amy Corwin: Rules? There ain’t no rules around here, we’re trying to accomplish something. –Thomas Edison



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Play Twenty Questions: Question 13

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  Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 13
Ash Krafton Talk to myself in foreign accents.

Linda Palmer I plot. Is that weird? Not for a writer, maybe.

Debra St. John  I talk to myself when I’m working on a project. Cooking, scrapbooking, writing, cleaning…I also talk to myself at the grocery store, which is probably worse since there are people around. I know a lot of people talk to themselves. I do it to stay focused.

Kaylie Newell I talk to myself. But I don’t have to be alone to do it.

Judy Alter Sing Scottish ballads at the top of my voice.

Linda Rettstatt I talk to myself. And when I don’t get the answer I want, I talk to the cat. Then I interpret her expression to my own satisfaction. She always agrees with me. Well, before she gets up, gives me that ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ cat look, and walks away.

Maeve Greyson That depends on your definition of weird. *ahem*

Niecey Roy Not really, but I sing my face off everywhere I go…to the washing machine, to the kitchen, IN the kitchen, while I’m cooking IN the kitchen, while I’m getting ready for work… You get the drift.

Tess Morrison I crank up the music and sing and dance. It’s really quite disturbing for anyone coming to the door unexpectedly. But I have such fun! I gyrate and wail at the top of my lungs. Great stress reliever – you should try it. Just pull the shades and lock the door.

Anne Van I love to sing to myself. Especially after the few singing lessons I took. I’m not half bad. : )

Tina Pollick Alone? What’s that? Seriously when I get ‘alone’ time I usually go see a movie. I know it’s weird, but it’s nice to sit through a movie without anyone asking me questions or needing to go to the bathroom. 🙂

Debra Doggett Yoga. Trust me, the way I do it, it’s more than strange. I try never to do it when anyone is around. No one wants to see that.

Nia Simone  Ripping pictures of people out of magazines to save for character ideas.

Virginia Crane Sip a martini and eat almonds but that really doesn’t sound weird. Actually, when I’m alone I mostly read or do crossword puzzles. Does that make me dull and uninteresting? Maybe I’d better start paying more attention to what I do when I’m alone.

Graeme Brown Oh, lets NOT go there!


Nancy Fraser If no one else can see them, they couldn’t possibly be weird. Could they? However, I do have a tendancy to sit at my computer and write in my underwear. Which is another reason I don’t have Skype!

Jeanette Baker I already mentioned the talking to myself.
I also attempt yoga moves and dance steps that I’m too self-conscious to do in public. I’m not terribly coordinated.

Kim Hornsby I’m a mother, I’m never alone. Okay, seldom. And I have dogs who follow me around the house from room to room. BUT, for that rare moment when I don’t have anyone or anything in the house with me, I sing, loud. Like Melissa McCarthy did in the car in Identity Thieves.

Juliet Waldron I don’t know how weird it is, but I talk to plants and to birds and, of course, to my cats. I have a tree in my yard which has a sentient feel about it and so that’s my particular “friend.” I don’t tell it anything about me, mostly I just listen to it. After a while, it’s almost as if I can hear it breathing/sap rising or falling. We have a lot of brush and old trees on our small lot and many birds who mark their territories with song. I often talk to them; most don’t pay any attention as they are on their own programmed trip, but the crows do listen and sometimes talk back.

Willa Blair Make up stories and write them down? Not weird for an author, but for most people, it probably qualifies.

Lynda J Cox I talk to myself…let me clarify. I talk plotting and dialogue out loud, so I can get the feel for the story.

Lynda Coker You really expect me to answer this one honestly? Okay, I’m a pretty boring person, not too many wacky personality traits. But I do have to admit I love watching Asian Dramas. My husband doesn’t care for them so it’s definitely something I do when I’m alone.

Brenda Gayle I like to sing at the top of my lungs to the radio or CD. Before I had kids and heard myself singing lullabies a cappella, I thought I had a pretty decent voice and was willing to share my talent with the world. Now that I know the truth, I only sing when I’m alone and when I am accompanied by Mr. Springsteen.

Maryann Miller I don’t know how weird it is, but sometimes when I am alone I play music at a very high volume and sing along at an equally high volume. That used to be a problem when I lived in a suburban area, but not so much since I have moved to the country. Although my horse does stop his grazing now and then to look at the house as if he is wondering where that awful noise is coming from. The goat doesn’t seem to care.

Meg Benjamin If my hubs is gone for a couple of days, I’ll binge watch “Say Yes To the Dress”. For some reason I just love watching those brides choose dresses they’ll never wear again.

Mary Hughes Sing at the top of my lungs. I used to dance until the downstairs neighbors registered their displeasure with a broomstick on the ceiling.

Shannyn Schroeder I tend to talk to myself. I guess it might be reminiscent of the days of having an imaginary friend. When I’m trying to process something, I’ll carry on a bit of conversation, at least my half and within my head, the person I imagine I’m talking to will answer. In my house, however, talking to myself is not weird because everyone in my family does it.

Lynn Crandall I’m probably like a lot of people in that being alone — and with music playing — unleashes my inner dancer. It’s fun! One time when my children were younger, my step-daughter walked in the backdoor just as I was doing the dishes and jamming to music. She laughed and I laughed too. My inner dancer was let out of the closet!

Sheila Claydon I dance. I turn up the music and rekindle all those moves I did when I was young, you know, the really energetic ones. I dance until I’m out of breath and beginning to worry that my heart’s not up to it anymore, then I dance some more. And by the time I’ve finished I feel years younger and ready for more.

Carol Henry Because of my love of dance, I turn the radio up and dance my heart out in the living room when no one is around. I watch my reflection at night in our full-length picture window that takes up one whole wall. It’s such a liberating sensation—and great exercise.

Robin Renee Ray Not really…I’m pretty much a freak all the time..LOL

Joya Fields I sing and dance a lot when nobody is looking. I mean, people already think I’m weird, why give them more reasons by doing this when others can see me? 🙂

Patty Campbell I listen to classical opera arias at ear-splitting volume. Doesn’t matter if the singers are male or female. I get a thrill in my chest that is a real physical response. BTW I don’t like opera.

Genie Gabriel Does this count? I was alone, but the whistling may have been overheard…The neighbor’s grown son is pretty obnoxious sometimes, so this morning I decided to be disgustingly nice. Whistled a familiar song as I was unloading my vehicle, but didn’t sing the slightly altered words to anyone but myself. And, no, I can’t share those words on a PG-rated site.

Elysa Hendricks I do lots of weird things (of course, I don’t really consider them weird,) but rarely wait to do them when I’m alone. Why deny the world my creative awesomeness?

Kate Robbins  I talk to myself whether I’m alone or not. Does that count? I’ve often been told that the only time I should really worry is if self starts talking back. o_O

Ryshia Kennie I talk to myself – not always, but sometimes. Sometimes I’ll put music on and dance, wild and crazy and more than likely badly. I’ll dance circles around the house and sometimes – well I’ll clean and dance. Which, of course, is why I do it when I’m alone.

Troy Lambert I have a stuffed monkey my kids gave me. It came with a card with a website on it, so I can play online. So sometimes when I’m alone, I play with my monkey online. Is that weird?

Jane Toombs Really weird? No, if you don’t consider picking your nose weird.

Jaleta Clegg How much TMI are you after here? I talk to myself; wait, that’s not weird. I sing, loud and off-key, while I play the piano. I do gorilla impersonations. I quote movies and do actor impressions. I sing the Six-Million-Dollar Man theme and move in slow-motion. Or Baywatch if it’s summer.

Wait, I do all those things in front of my family and in public. I guess I’m just weird no matter who’s watching.

Beth Trissel Define weird.

Helena Fairfax Plenty! Ones I can talk about in public are: talking to myself, singing really loudly (and out of tune), and repetitively watching reruns of Frasier. (I’m not actually crazy – honestly!)

Kelly Whitley Sing along with the iPod.
I don’t do this when anyone else is around. Not only do I have eclectic taste in music (read: “You LIKE that?”) but I cannot sing. Not even a little bit.

Laurel O’Donnell I don’t know if you would call it wierd, but I love to sing on Rock Band 3. I will do it if I’m alone or sometimes with my children. I like to pretend I’m really good and in this super popular band. I can dream!

Paty Jager I don’t know if it’s weird. I like to dance but I’m not very coordinated or good at it, so I wiggle and jiggle to loud music when I’m alone and feeling the need to expel extra energy.

Linda McMaken LOL, define weird. Okay, I confess, I LOVE to sing and when I’m alone I find songs on Youtube with the lyrics and pretend I’ve just filled Madison Square Garden and I rock out. Occasionally, I will even put on lip gloss and pretend I’m sexy when I rock out!

Even the dog leaves the room, nuff said.

Penny Estelle I two step by myself….

Isabo Kelly I walk around acting out scenes in the stories I’m working on–or sometimes just scenes I make up for fun. Like I’ll have full conversations with imaginary people. Sometimes I do this so I won’t go all political on social media, or to work out my anger on a soapbox issue like women’s rights. My boys are sometimes subjected to these conversations but mostly I try to only do this while I’m alone.

Pamela Turner I practice being interviewed. Okay, stop laughing. I simply practice scenarios in case the opportunity arises and I find myself in such a situation. At the same time, I’m visualizing. Has it worked? Yeah, it has. Not only that, but it helps make me better prepared. And no, I haven’t worked on my Oscar speech yet. 🙂

Shirley Martin Not really. I daydream a lot. I think about places I’d like to visit, things I’d like to buy if I had the money.

Amy Corwin: Sing to the dogs. Sing or just chat. I chat constantly to the dogs. I’m sure people think I’m completely insane because I’ve been caught several times chatting in a sing-song voice to the dogs and cat.




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Play Twenty Questions: Question 12

anniversary header 2013 copy

 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 12
Ash Krafton Tibia fracture in a car accident sixteen years ago. Still aches when it rains.

Linda Palmer No broken bones ever.

Debra St. John No broken bones, but I did step on one of my hubby’s hunting arrows earlier this summer and wound up with stitches in the bottom of my foot. I hobbled on crutches for a week and am still limping. The story also involves a possum that was living under our front porch. And lots and lots of blood, along with a very…how shall I say?…interesting ER visit. You wouldn’t believe the kind of people who wind up in the ER on a warm summer Thursday night.

Kaylie Newell No broken bones! Now of course, I’ll brag about this and will fall down the stairs tomorrow.

Judy Alter Greenstick fracture of the collar bone when I was three–fell out of bed.

Linda Rettstatt I had a stress fracture in my foot once. The doctor put me on crutches. Then I slipped on the crutches and badly bruised my elbow in the fall. If I’d stayed on crutches, I might have broken everything.

Maeve Greyson *sigh* Yes. Hubby and I finally made my dream trip to Scotland. While walking down a set of castle steps, I decided to multi-task and take pictures at the same time. Bad decision. I crashed and broke my left foot. The worst part was that I did it TWICE. Apparently, I’m a slow learner. So, I limped through Scotland and Ireland and got a lovely cast when I got home. NOTHING was gonna interrupt my dream trip. 🙂

Niecey Roy Nope. I was too paranoid to break any bones.

Tess Morrison Never. But I do have a crooked finger from a volleyball mishap. Hurt like the dickens while my family laughed their butts off. I supposed it doesn’t help that I look like a drunk giraffe when I play.

Anne Van It’s funny after all the crazy things I’ve done in my life I never broke a bone until I dropped a TV on my toe. They say it’s the household accidents that will get you. It did me!

Tina Pollick Yup. Well I didn’t break it my daughter did.

We were lifting a heavy trashcan, and she said it’s so heavy and let it go… on my toe. Yeah. My toenail is still black and blue and that happened about four months ago.

Debra Doggett I have managed to never break a bone, knock on wood. Oops, maybe…no, still haven’t broken one.

Nia Simone Yes, my nose and my arm. When I was five I went for a thrill ride on my tricycle, not realizing that tricycles don’t have brakes until it was too late. I remember thinking as I discovered this, what kind of an idiot engineer would not put brakes on a trike? I didn’t like engineers for a long time because of this. I ended up marrying one, though, but a very smart one who makes everything work and never does anything stupid. Ever. Especially when he’s designing something.

Virginia Crane Good heavens yes. Broke my leg vacuuming. We have a central vac system and I was coming down the stairs when my foot hit the side of the hose, threw me off balance and fell four steps and landed on my left leg. Result: lateral fracture of the tibia.

Broken collar bone walking the dog early in the morning. I was busy looking at the stars, he saw a rabbit took off and down I went on the street. However, he did come over and lick the blood off my face. Guess that was his way of saying he was sorry.

Graeme Brown I broke my baby finger bone when a friend in school kicked me in the hand for stealing his Jube-Jubes.

Nancy Fraser I broke a collarbone when I was nine. I tripped over my mother’s foot as we were walking home from church. I kept trying to run ahead to play with my cousins. She kept telling me not to run that I’d trip and fall and get my good dress dirty. I guess, as always, my mother was right!

Robyn Bachar I’ve broken several toes, because my feet are hugemongus and if I’m not paying attention they catch on doorframes, table legs, radiators, the bottom of the couch…it’s not fun.

Jeanette Baker I broke my wrist when I was newly pregnant. I teach school and was standing on a chair, on top of a table to work on my bulletin boards. No one was there, I thought, so when I heard someone come into my room, it startled me. I turned, fell to the ground and broke my wrist. It looked like a roller coaster and terrified my teacher friend who had come in to say hello. I found out at the hospital that I was pregnant but everything turned out fine. That was 33 years ago and my wrist still aches when it rains.

Kim Hornsby I broke my wrist twice when I was a young teen. Back then I figure skated and that ice is pretty hard when you jump four feet in the air and come down on a twisted ankle. I remember sitting in the arena dressing room feeling faint and my Mom coming in to take me to the hospital.

Mary Jo Burke No, but I was present all four times my nephew broke his arm in the same place. He jumped off a boat in the neighbor’s driveway, fell off his bike, slid into the bar in my uncle’s basement, and tripped down the front stoop. All incidents happened in one year.

Willa Blair I dropped a bowling ball on my foot during freshman orientation in college and limped around campus for the first few weeks of class with a broken toe. I was trying to get at the finger holes to pick up the ball when it rolled off the shallow-sided ball return, and the rest was gravity.

Lynda J Cox Broke my big toe when a 150 pound mastiff I was showing was startled by a 2 pound chihuahua. She jumped onto the closest grooming table she could see, pulled the table down onto my big toe with all of her weight behind it and broke the toe at the first joint. This was the first day of a six day show circuit and I had several collies and the mastiff to show every day. It was NOT fun.

Lynda Coker I hate to ask this, but… You are referring to other people’s bones and not my own, right? That’s a much more interesting story. But for the sake of future legal action, I’ll just take the 5TH and shut up.

Susan Fox Not a single one, which is surprising considering that I was a tomboy. I felt guilty because my best friend broke her arm, climbing a tree with me. She’d really rather have been playing dolls. We took turns planning activities. On her days, it was dolls or her cake-baking set. On my days, it was bicycling, the beach, tree climbing, or playing horses. Thinking back, isn’t that a great model for a relationship? You don’t have to like all the same things, you have to be willing to share. (Preferably if no-one breaks a bone!

Maryann Miller I broke my little toe once and when I went to the doctor he was touching it, asking where it hurt. Then suddenly he pulled the toe into place. (It had been sticking out at a very odd angle.) After my screams died down, he said, “That’s what’s known as Vocal Anesthetic.”

That was after I broke my ankle several times, my nose once, and my back, hip and pelvis once. The nose suffered when I missed a pole vault. The first ankle break came when I swung a baseball bat the wrong way and clobbered the bone. It was quite a sight to see. The other breaks happened when I was thrown from a horse. I didn’t blame the horse. It was my fault for riding bareback at a full gallop. The horse stopped and I didn’t.

Meg Benjamin I broke my ankle once, but don’t ask me when or where. I only found out it had been broken when I got it x-rayed after I sprained it badly. “When did you break your ankle?” the doc asked. “Haven’t a clue,” I replied.

Mary Hughes In middle school I broke a toe bone. I was on crutches for a few weeks because that’s what they did in those days. Now, I wasn’t terribly athletic then, but for some reason in our science class we had one-legged races (studying leg strength or speed or something). Normally in foot races I came in, puffing, second-last or last. But I won the one-legged race–proving anyone can win if they’re forced to strengthen one area.

Shannyn Schroeder I’ve never had any real broken bones, but I did fracture my nose in fourth grade. I was on the playground before school one morning talking to a friend. The playground was really just the parking lot with a couple of hopscotch and four-square games painted on the ground. My younger brother ran up and kept bugging me while I talked with my friend. I finally got fed up and chased him. I slid on some broken asphalt and ran my face into the guardrail. I fractured my nose and had two black eyes.

Barbara Meyers I broke my collar bone when I was three or four years old. I had straddled the side of my crib and was rocking from side to side showing off for my older brothers. They were probably more impressed with my antics when I fell.

Carol Henry A couple broken toes—learned never to go barefoot again (well, most of the time). Both times my foot (two separate times, two separate feet) made contact with a very hard oak dining room chair—the chair didn’t give an inch. Yeouch. The only thing that made me go to the doctor was to prove to everyone that I didn’t break anything. Boy was I wrong. Hated wearing those flat-footed shoes–clunkers.

Robin Renee Ray Good Grief…I’ll give you one story. I fell head first 17 and a half foot at 13 and broke about 52….okay, a friend yelled…”watch out for that spider” and there I went….very true story!!!

Joya Fields I broke my hand in a water skiing accident. It was pretty scary because we were out on the water and I was getting ready to ski, but a boat passed too close, tagged our ski line (with my hand in the middle of it) and dragged me under water. For the few seconds I was under water, I was sure I was going to lose all five of my fingers. All was good…one broken bone and eight weeks in a cast. Whew.

Patty Campbell Broke my little toe while rounding a door. I was running away from my husband who was determined to catch me and tickle me to death.

Genie Gabriel My own or someone else’s?

Pamela S Thibodeaux Well sort of, I fractured my finger playing volley ball in high school.

Elysa Hendricks When I was in my twenties skateboards were all the rage. I pestered my husband for one and first day, first hour out on it I broke my foot while attempting to ride the stupid thing. To add insult to injury as I lay on the ground clutching my foot the eleven-year old neighbor boy skated up on his board and asked it I was okay. Since then I’ve stayed off wheeled machines that don’t have hard metal shells for me to sit inside.

Allie Boniface The summer I was 8, I was playing on my swing set and fell off and broke my wrist. The funny part of this story is that I recall sitting on the couch in my living room while my mom made me twist it all around and ask “Does it hurt? I don’t think it’s broken.” (turns to my father) “Do you think it’s broken? Maybe we should go to the ER just to be sure.” I ended up in a cast for the rest of the summer…

Kate Robbins Yeah I broke my tailbone when I was 11. My friends and I were playing a skipping rope game and I got tired (I really don’t do physical exertion haha) and so I went to sit on a chair while the rope was around my ankles and then my knees. Why should I stand up until I have to? Anyway, I stood up to move the rope and when I went to sit again, my friend hadn’t realized what I was about to do and had removed the chair. CRACK! Scream! I couldn’t walk for days. It’s was nasty. Seriously childbirth is less painful.

Jennifer Shirk Oh my gosh, yes. I only broke one bone in my life and it was in college. My friends and I were… Okay, I was drunk and fell out of a bunk bed into a trashcan. There. Happy?

I broke both bones in my wrist, but luckily someone there who was not drinking was able to take me to the emergency room.

My parents didn’t know the truth until many years later… 🙂

Ryshia Kennie I broke my thumb when I was eleven or twelve. Playing tag with a friend, she tagged me and tackled me from behind. I landed on my hand with my thumb at a funny angle. But it was a “green stick” fracture so the first x-ray was misread by the intern who deemed it a “sprained” thumb. I spent a month with all sorts of tapes and bandages and mother approved remedies. But the thumb wouldn’t stop aching and it wasn’t until another doctor looked at the same x-ray that it was deemed broken and put in a cast.

Troy Lambert My right thumb in a motorcycle accident in 2000. I call it my $10,000 thumb.. After 5 surgeries I have about 85% use. I’ll probably cut it off by accident in the table saw sometime and lose in the garage.

Jane Toombs Nope, not a one, Possibly because, since I’m not good at sports, I never was part of any team.

Beth Trissel Wrist, kid, clumsy on the monkey bars

Gail Pallotta I’ve had three broken bones. Ouch, and I wish I could say I was doing something exciting like swooping down the Alps on skiis, or hiking a mountain trail. I wasn’t though. I was just slipping and sliding around the house. In one incident the refrigerator ice maker was the culprit. While I was upstairs, it just decided on its own to spit out an ice cube. Eventually, the cube melted. I strolled into the kitchen on my way out in a hurry, stepped in the water and slipped. Now, every time ice cubes plunk out of the refrigerator door onto the floor, my husband hollers, “Death!”

Helena Fairfax I once ruptured my Achilles tendon playing cricket. You might think this is a gentlemanly English game – but not when I play it! I’m quite competitive, and I whacked the ball with the bat as hard as I could, jumped back, and next minute my tendon was snapped. It was really, really, painful!

Kelly Whitley Yes.

The most interesting was a spiral fracture of the tibia in childhood. I fell off my bike. My dad was one of those “brush it off and walk” kind of guys, and insisted I walk on it–I don’t recommend it. Finally my mom intervened and there was a doctor visit and a thigh-high cast!

The other kids would steal my crutches at recess and leave me stranded on the swings!

Paty Jager No broken bones, but I dislocated my collar bone as a teenager from falling off a horse. I was riding bareback around a pasture that had a power pole at one corner. Twice I blacked out and fell off at the power pole. The second time my shoulder hurt. After that I put the horse up and went to the house. My mom was an RN who detested people who came to the doctors office and wasted the doctor’s time when they didn’t have anything wrong with them. She said I must have sprained something I’d be fine. I walked around about a week, cradling my right arm in my left hand. When I was getting my college physical the doctor asked me when I dislocated my collar bone. My mom turned red. But it turns out what I did to ease the pain would have been what they would have done had I gone to the doctor.

Linda McMaken I’ve had twelve broken or fractured bones – can you say ‘klutz’? Oh, how I wish I had a brilliant story to go with them – like skiing in the Alps.

Alas, the true story is pretty boring. I broke eight bones in my foot and ankle —- jumping over a snowdrift. I was a senior in high school leaving my job and it had snowed. Crews had plowed the parking lot and I didn’t realize how high the snow drifts they’d plowed were.

Being a teenager, I didn’t want to walk all the way around the lot, so I climbed up the drift and when I went to step down I realized too late that the drift was about fifteen or twenty feet high and a solid sheet of ice. Needless to say, that blacktop parking lot at the bottom was a nasty place to land. I actually ended up under my car. It was the scream heard around the world.

After nearly 16-weeks I got the cast off – two weeks before graduation.

Penny Estelle Only my thumb. I was showing off when I was a kid about how I could do a front flip. I lost my balance after the flip and whacked my hand against a door jamb….

Keena Kincaid Broke a collar bone when I was a toddler. Just started crawling/walking and was having great fun climbing onto the back of the couch and jumping onto my dad (or so I’ve been told). He got distracted by a game on TV, missed me when I jumped and I fell to the floor. I crawled to the corner and wouldn’t let anyone touch me for a couple of hours. When they finally got me out of the corner, my parents realized I was really hurt and took me to the hospital. Oddly enough, my older brother had broken his collar bone about 9 months earlier, so the ER doctor called in social services to interview my parents as potential child abusers. I suppose my saying “bad daddy” didn’t help.

Isabo Kelly I broke my toe once. I have no idea how I did it. Just ended up limping one day and my toe was all swollen. It got better eventually–not much you can do for a toe.

Lynne Marshall In all of my years, I have only broken one bone and that was just this last February. I was pet sitting for my daughter’s big old lab, and my little mutt was all excited having company. They seemed keyed up so I went out back with them – in the dark! – to let them run. Something made this gal decide to run with them. My pooch ran like a bullet and cut me off. Down I went and knew immediately I’d broken my foot. Broke a metatarsal in my left foot.

Melissa McClone My right thumb was broken during a sailing race. It was a practice race, but my then-boyfriend-now-husband acted like it was a leg in the America Cup. I was tailing the rope when we were jibbing and he was cranking the wench handle. My hand to go close and he hit my thumb. He and the owner of the boat then told me to suck it up because there was no way that would break my thumb. WRONG!

Aaron Speca I had my nose broken playing basketball, took an elbow right across the schnozz. I had never seen so much blood emerge so quickly in my life.

Shirley Martin  Broke my ankle when I was 23, racing down the steps of my apartment. I was engaged at the time, and my fiance was very helpful. He lived at home, and his mother did my laundry for me.

Amy Corwin: Yes. Several bones. When I was a kid, I had problems with “doors”. I broke my thumb when I was about two when someone thought I was all the way in the car but still was clutching the doorframe. THen I broke my middle finger in a door at church when I was going through it and someone called my name and I turned back and the door slammed on my hand. Then I fractured my tibia (leg) running down a hill after a dog. Recently broke my thumb (again) playing volleyball when I hit the ball open-handed instead of with a fist. The list goes on. Generally just clumsiness and distraction on my part. LOL


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Play Twenty Questions: Question 11

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 Enjoy these answers from a host of authors in multiple genres, from YA to mystery to romance — then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon or BN GC and more!

2013 Anniversary NON Questions 11
Tasarla Romaney  Nothing usual just the boring mouse thing. The woman standing on her counter top screaming in cartoons – that’s me in real life. I refuse to enter a room once a mouse has been spotted and sleep is very difficult. My husband assures me that the little beast will NOT leave the garage and travel 4 flights to our bedroom just so he run across my face while I’m sleeping. I’m not so sure….

Ash Krafton Bridges. HATE THEM.

Linda Palmer I hate heights. I dream of falling over a cliff or a rail in a tall tower.

Debra St. John I absolutely hate clowns and birds. Clowns are just creepy. You never know what’s lurking behind all of that make up. Birds are yucky. They drop their babies out of their nests and it looks like there is uncooked chicken all over the driveway/sidewalk. They also poop all over everything, including people. My hubby’s gotten nailed several times and I got hit at Disney World once (Magic Kingdom) and at the Bears’ game in Tampa. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Kaylie Newell SPIDERS!!!!!!!!

Judy Alter height, clautrophobia,

J.A. Garland Snakes. Need I say more?

Linda Rettstatt Spiders and snakes. I shudder just typing the words.

Maeve Greyson Absolutely. After a bout with congestive heart failure that turned my lips blue, I have been EXTREMELY claustrophobic. I can barely manage elevators and plane trips require a LOT of medication. Sucking air into your lungs but still being starved for oxygen branded me for life.

Laura Strickland Well, I’m so afraid that some day I’ll become afraid of something …

Niecey Roy Yes. It’s called working a day time job phobia…eeeekkkk!!!

Tess Morrison Heights! I once went to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago and couldn’t leave the elevator. My kids thought I was nuts. We went to a Brewer Game in Milwaukee and I couldn’t cross the cat walk to our seats. Now, this is weird, I went up in the Arch in St. Louis – no problem. Go figure!

Anne Van Yes. I’m afraid of heights. Funny enough I never had the fear when I was a kid. I loved to climb trees and go to the top of sky scrappers. Then in college I took up bridge diving. A boyfriend at the time talked me into it. It was quite the adrenaline rush. Then one day I hit the bottom of a river and almost broke my neck. Been afraid of heights ever since.

Jana Richards   I hate enclosed spaces, so I guess I’m claustrophobic. Even when I was a kid, and all the other kids were digging tunnels through the deep snow drifts behind our school and crawling around in them, I could only go feet-first into a tunnel, making sure my head was still sticking out. Just the thought of going inside a narrow snow tunnel still gives me the heebie-jeebies today!

Tina Pollick Spiders! Ewwww I hate those little buggers. We recently moved out to a farm and there are all kinds of creepy crawly things, but spiders are the worst.

We had a wolf spider the size of a small bus crawling across my kitchen floor and my son killed it. Did you know they carry their young on their backs? Yeah I didn’t either until they started running across my floor. Ahhhhh!!!!!

Debra Doggett  I went through a period of being claustrophobic, to the point of not being able to ride in the back seat of a car. I even made a friend of mine stop the car and let me out for a minute when we were on our way to work. Amazingly, she’s still my friend.

Nia Simone I’m afraid of heights, which is interesting, given that skiing involves riding very high chairlifts and standing on the edge of very high mountains. I have recurring nightmares about these things, but I still do it. I always insist on putting the safety bar down on chairlifts, though. I don’t care if the other riders think I’m a sissy. I am.

I’m also afraid of going hungry. Nobody should ever be hungry. Hunger is a core item on my annual charity donations list. First hunger, then art. Those are my two biggies for donations. Education too. And animals. Okay, it’s hard to choose but I always donate for hunger. And it is an irrational fear I have. Of being hungry.

Zoe Forward Snakes. There’s something about the way they move. I also almost did a necropsy in veterinary school on a super venomous African snake that wasn’t dead…terrifying. It was just hibernating. As a student we’re just ordered to do the necropsy when the animal comes in deceased form the zoo. Good thing we tape their mouths closed first. (And for those of you who love these guys we did not do the necropsy…sent the snake back to the zoo.)

Virginia Crane I am not thrilled to see a snake. Based on where I live in SW Florida the chances of meeting up with one are high. We see quite a few in the yard, mostly black snakes or corn snakes. They give me the heebeejeebees but I wouldn’t kill one as they have their place in nature.

Graeme Brown Flying. If you want me to go in an airplane, give me Ativan.

Nancy Fraser  Yes, and it’s a strange one. No matter how hot it is, I can’t sleep with my feet uncovered. My mother used to sleep with one foot outside the covers. She passed away in her sleep, with one foot uncovered and dangling over the bed. I’ve always been afraid that if I fall asleep that way, I won’t wake up.

Robyn Bachar I’m afraid of Canadian geese. They’re mean as all get-out, and not afraid to attack, like feathered honey badgers. You haven’t known fear until you’ve been chased by a flock of angry geese.

Jeanette Baker I’m terrified of jumping insects and flying bees that sting. I’ve never been stung but it looks terribly painful and I’m very afraid of pain.

Kim Hornsby I hate cockroaches. Living in Hawaii you have to get used to them but they repulse me. Once I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel and there were cockroaches all over the one side. I mistakenly rubbed them on my naked torso. (This makes my skin crawl thinking of it). One night I left the top off my contact lens case and in the morning one of the lenses was a foot away with tiny nibbles in it. Yuck.

Juliet Waldron I am terrified of heights, though I’ve been working through this one. Years ago I wanted to see the ancient Anasazi Indian site at Mesa Verde, so I listened carefully to the park guide when he told us what to do in order to conquer this fear and get up the wooden ladders. It mostly involved not looking down and steadily concentrating on nothing but the next rung of the ladder. We have a family picture of us all at the top. I’m smiling, however, after some 20 minutes of looking around, my face is still white.

Mary Jo Burke   I’m not a fan of spiders, but having children has meant I have no choice. I’m called upon to confront and dispose of them on a regular basis. Ditto about the dark. I’m now the slayer of monsters and creepy things in the closet.

Willa Blair Falling, which doesn’t bother me if there’s any kind of railing or barrier, so it’s not a fear of heights.

Lynda J Cox Spiders. I hate them. They scare the daylights out of me. I mean, look at them–eight legs, eight eyes, and just plain creepy. YUCK!

Lynda Coker No, unless it’s a fear of catching a phobia. It is a communicable disease, right?

Brenda Gayle I have a terrible fear of heights. Earlier this year I was going to a conference in Colorado and suggested my husband come and we make a vacation of it. The scenery was beautiful–at least what I saw of it huddled in my seat with my hands covering my eyes while we zigzagged up and down the mountains to get ANYWHERE. One word, Colorado–guardrails.

Mary Hughes No phobias, but I sometimes experience low-level anxiety. Meditation (ten slow breaths) usually takes care of it.

Shannyn Schroeder I am claustrophobic. It’s not so severe that I can’t ride in elevators, but really confined spaces make me pant. For my entire life, I’ve never been able to go head-first into a sleeping bag. You’re probably asking why anyone would want to, but kids do stupid things. My brothers always did this, but I never could (at least not without freaking out). I remember one time we were at some carnival or something and there was a huge tunnel. I went in and got stuck about halfway through. I probably would’ve been fine, but a bunch of kids all decided to take seats along the sides of the tunnel, narrowing the space. My mother must’ve gotten tired of waiting for me because she stuck her face at the exit to call me. Once I saw her face, I closed my eyes and plowed through to get to the end. I’m okay with some tunnels now—it’s not like I have a choice, I had kids who wanted to play at McDonalds playland.

Denise Golinowski I’m scared of heights. I can’t stand on a high platform without a good strong barrier between me and death. I can’t climb a ladder very far and I was absolutely mortified at a company team-building event when I couldn’t complete a “rock climb”. That said, I LOVE roller coasters and the “Drop Zone” at Kings Dominion here in Virginia, all of which involve great heights. Go figure.

Lynn Crandall I don’t know if they would be considered actual phobias, but things I don’t do well with are enclosed spaces or even the suggestion of them (such as a scene on TV). I also go a little nuts driving over bridges and have a fear of heights, mainly because I experience vertigo in those situations. It’s hard to be me!

Sheila Claydon Feet. The thought of cutting the toenails of anyone over the age of about 12 freaks me out. And don’t get me started on hard skin, calluses, nail ridges…the older the foot, the more disgusting…eugh!

Carol Henry Of course I have a phobia. Heights. Never used to bother me, but the older I get the worse it gets. I have a fear of falling off a cliff, a mountain top, or our car careening over the edge of anything. Drives my husband crazy when do road trips—which we do a lot. Even riding with him along our country road when we go to my daughter’s—there is a ledge on one side with a creek far below. Gives me the willies.

Robin Renee Ray Are you kidding…I cannot even go to Wal-Mart because I fear crowds and really do not want to be bumped, touched or spiken to by strangers. Then please, I hate bugs…spiders being the worse. I do all my flower pot watering around midnight cause most humans are in bed….yep, I am a truly warped ole Hippie.

Joya Fields No way. I’m not afraid of anything. Oh? You were serious? Okay, I guess I’d have to say snakes. I know some of them are harmless, but they’re so quiet. And scary looking.

Annette Bower I am afraid of mice. I believe it is a carry over from my mother who grew up on a farm where they were plentiful. There were always caution stories about being careful that they didn’t crawl up our pant legs while we wandered in the fields as children. Or that they didn’t ever get into the house because they could do so much damage. One year when my mother-in-law was away for the winter they got into her house at the lake. We had to empty drawers where they had left behind their droppings on everything. My husband and sons always received a caution from me when they brought things in from the garage. Whenever I see a small black speck I check it just to make sure that it is sock fluff, even in my 13th floor condo. I never take the possible invasion of mice as something that will not happen.

Patty Campbell I have a terrible fear of drowning. It comes from a near drowning incident in the Pacific Ocean when I was three. If I’m in a swimming pool or lake all it takes for me to sink like a rock is somebody touching me. Yikes!

Genie Gabriel No–and the stuff under my bed really does come to life at night!

Pamela S Thibodeaux snakes!

Elysa Hendricks Actual phobias? No, I don’t think so. I do dislike spiders and stinging insects. When I was younger I’d run screaming into the house if a bee or wasp flew by, but now I’m less afraid. I just ignore them. I don’t however ignore any bug that gets into my house. I figure if they’re in the house they have a death wish I’m happy to grant.

Allie Boniface I’m claustrophobic and I really, really, don’t like flying. However, I love to travel, which means getting from place to place is sometimes a really traumatic experience for me! (I feel so bad for my poor husband, who has to try and calm me every time we go…)

Kate Robbins I have a love/hate thing for water. I’ve always lived by the sea and have been in boats of every size all my life. I LOVE smelling the sea air and watching the waves crash against the rocks here in Newfoundland, Canada. But try to put me in a boat and I’m like a cat when you try to put them in the bath. Arms, legs, all go rigid. Hate boats. It’s just not natural. Not right that a boat should float on the water like that.

Ryshia Kennie I get kind of creeped by spiders. Our first house after we were married had a basement suite. I remember going down there one day and seeing spiders coming up through the bathtub drain. I was so freaked I grabbed the nearest defense, a can of hairspray and sprayed them as they emerged, screaming with each attack. Crazy I know and I haven’t done that since – of course there have been no bathtub incidences either.

Troy Lambert I’m conquering it right now, by doing Long and Short Reviews interviews.

Jane Toombs No.

Jaleta Clegg I can’t stand heights or small places or being underwater.

Beth Trissel How long is this answer allowed to be? Let’s just say YES.

Helena Fairfax I am terrified of heights. It’s a terrible phobia. I have felt dizzy on the smallest of hillsides, and even watching television can make me feel queasy if there is a view from a tall building.

Kelly Whitley Heights.
Bridges bother me–even overpasses if they’re the triple-stacked kind and I have to drive on the top one. Needless to say, I’ve never been bungee-jumping, parachuting, hang gliding…

Paty Jager Bats! And they use my dad’s attic to sleep. One night while staying there we had one flying about the bedroom. Not sure how it got in, but I screeched and pulled the covers over my head. My husband couldn’t’ find anything in the room to catch it but every time he tried to open the door it would try to fly out. It was like those comedies where he’d open the door, try to step out, and have to shut the door quickly to keep the bat in. Only because I was screeching, “Don’t let it out the kids are out there.” Then it would fly over the bed, I’d screech and dive under the covers. He finally caught it with his baseball cap and a book and carried it outside. I don’t like mice either so a bat to me is a mouse with wings!

Linda McMaken I am a walking phobia. I could be my own chapter in the American Psychology Journal, maybe even two chapters.

If I had to pick I’d say water. I’m a lousy swimmer. I sometimes think there is lead in my bum, because I sink like a rock. When I was in my twenties I actually took swimming lessons because I didn’t want to be afraid of the water anymore. I had to jump off the side of the pool into about 4-feet of water. I stayed so close to the edge, that I scraped my side on the pool ledge, which doubled me over in pain and of course, I sank to the bottom. I had to be rescued by the swimming instructor. Enough said.

Penny Estelle Is being afraid of the dark a phobia?

Isabo Kelly Despite the fact that I’m on the subway all the time, I find train platforms terrifying. I have a constant worry of falling/being pushed onto the track as a train is coming. This fear has only gotten worse over the years and is exponentially worse now that I have kids to worry about. We still take trains all the time. I actually love train travel. Just not mad about standing on the platforms.

Melissa McClone Ants. I’d rather face a room full of spiders and snakes then a few ants. My fear stems from dropping a ring in a garbage can when I was a little girl. I reached in, dug around, found the ring and pulled my arm out. My forearm was covered in ants. Not sure if I screamed or dropped the ring back into the garbage can, but I never saw the ring again and the sight of ants still paralyzes me. Hate them!

Aaron Speca I am still very afraid of heights, although I usually conquer it for minor things like ladders and tall buildings.

Pamela Turner Any that involve the eight-legged kind. Seeing one usually results in some minor collateral damage. Okay, so I damaged the wall. So what? Plaster can be replaced. Now, about that broken window…

Shirley Martin Spiders! Deathly afraid of them. Can’t even look at a picture of them. Some time ago, the Wall Street Journal had an artilce about spiders. I just skipped over it.

Amy Corwin: Nope. I’m afraid of a lot of things, but if I’m afraid of something, I try to confront it to get over it. I am afraid of heights, but I go to the edge of cliffs and hang over railings just to prove I can do it. I’m a bit hard on myself that way.



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