Teen Talk – Decorating

So, I don’t know about you, but when I have the opportunity to do some room decorating it makes me super happy. This usually comes about when I grow out of things or when I just get tried of looking at the same colors on my walls. There are so many opportunities to get up and redo your room that I jump on projects whenever I can. I LOVE cute new DIY ideas for decoration or organization, especially because I am…super…messy. So any cool new idea that I pull off Tumblr or YouTube MUST be tried immediately.

Call me whatever you want, but I LOVE string lights. They must be hung up in my room or I just can’t be a happy human being. They just make the mood a lot more relaxed, and I don’t know why, but they just do. I love my lights more than anything in the world…totally would suggest these for a room decor.white-christmas-lights-in-bedroombedroom-string-lights-thefairs-ault8vgt



Ugh. I love them. I’m sorry but they’re just amazing.

Gahhhhhh <3

Another thing: MASON JARS.

Admit it. ADMIT IT THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING. They can go rustic if you’re a redneck like me, or you can spray paint them funky colors, throw…*gasps* GLITTER on them (God forbid you use glitter)(It’s too…shiny and sparkly) AND you can use them for EVERYTHING.








Also. You need throw pillows. And not just the kind you buy from the store: I’m talking DIY pillows because YOU WANNA BE ORIGINAL!!!

Lookit these wonderful ideas:

5fdc1d8a05dfb2ddcdecf52b4a181a01 tumblr_mmxmetxXsg1rspbako1_400Just thing how amazing those would look on your bed. AREN’T THEY COOL????

Oh. We cannot forget. BOOKSHELVES! Bookshelves are totally YOU. Because no-one will have your taste in books or in organization, your bookshelf might look like this:


Or it might look like this: 55769-The-Bookworm-Bookshelf

Either way, YOUR creativity will shine through on your shelves. Mine in particular has nails hammered in all over the freaking place and I’ve got bookmarks and scarves and jewelry dangling off the edges all over the place. But, that’s how I love it and STRING LIGHTS MAKE IT BETTER but customize your shelf exactly how you imagine and not how someone else thinks it should look like! Have fun decorating!

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