Teen Talk – Night Alone

Do you ever just have one of those days where you go to school or you go out for a few hours and it’s just amazingly stressful and really all you want to do is GET AWAY from thquestionmarke WORLD? Yeah. I feel for ya. So, in that case, what would you do if you got home early and didn’t have anything to do? Would you read a book, listen to music, draw, go for a walk, or just hang out on your couch (or bed) and watch Netflix?

Or say, even on an average day schedule? You know, school for a good six or seven hours…you come home and you’re just like:

Too much social time. Need computer. Need book. Need to hide under blankets and ignore life.


NOT ENOUGH SOCIAL TIME! MUST TEXT FRIENDS! YAY! (Nope. We’re not going to go there. Sorry you normal social people.)

Personally, I find myself the type to stay up until three in the morning watching my favorite television series or reading with music. Both of these things cause me to completely lose track of time and the next thing I know it’s way too late on a school night and I have to scramble to get all my homework done before I can get those precious two hours of sleep when I was really planning on nine.

Whoopsies. I’m a bad example aren’t I?

Then again,  I like to multitask so usually what ends up happening most of the time is I have this brilliant idea to go on Hulu or YouTube and do my homework at the same time.


girlwbooksThat never works.

Five minutes later, I’m staring at the computer screen like it owns my soul. PFFT WHAT IS THIS GPA YOU SPEAK OF? I don’t need it! (*disclaimer* You need this to actually live life after you graduate highschool/college/etc.) (It is important) (I promise it’s worth it) (I swear)

It is a really good thing I can do my homework as fast as I do. *awkward smile* (BEFORE you make those assumptions that I’m failing classes…I know you are. You can’t hide them. Stop that. Stop that right now. BECAUSE I’M NOT HAHA! 😉 #dealwithit)


I told you I’m a bad example. (*disclaimer* Do not follow my example.)

Now that THAT tangent is over, I usually include food on these relaxing days with no responsibility. Pizza. Popcorn. Chocolate. Potato chips. All the loves of my life….and then there’s coffee which pretty much rules my entire existence. Yep. Huge mug full of black coffee. Ahhhhh. Yum.

Of course, after I’ve gone and eaten my food and watched seven hours of TV shows on the internet, I realize it’s like 2:30AM. Oops. I never did get to finish my book, so then of course I have to stay up LATER just to get to the next chapter. Then the next. And the next. So on and so forth.

So there’s my night in a nutshell…what about you?

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