Teen Talk – The Comforts of Reading

That can be taken literally or metaphorically.

Literally: Reading is comforting.
Metaphorically: There are comforts required for reading.
My point: Both are needed in order to have a relaxing time.

Don’t get me wrong, I read all the time, but reading at school or if you have really noisy siblings or just general annoyances don’t go over well with “relaxing” and “enjoyment”. At least I don’t think so….it’s hard to sit back and chillax if all you have is obnoxious people around you. QUIET people are cool, or loud people away from you….bit off track but noise isn’t my cup of tea. Speaking of tea it’s awesome and you should try to drink some when reading. Also coffee. Or hot cocoa. Blankets too. Those are nice to have especially if you have a wood stove and you can curl up by it.

Then there are lucBook-Nook5ky people who get to have book nooks they can go into to read which is so cool…

But anyways… For those of us who love books, aside from being comfortable and warm or drinking a nice beverage, reading is a way to escape reality for a little bit and forget about everything that’s happening around you, and that is one of the reasons reading is so important for me. If I can’t forget about real life for at least an hour, then I get stressed out simply for the reason that I haven’t stuck my nose into a book.

Plus, there’s a lot of satisfaction when you finish a book (though sometimes I’m sad especially if it’s the end of a series) but when you do it’s like YES I AM THE CONQUEROR and now I can check it off my list of 8,000 books I have to read. Woo hoo.

So that’s me in a nutshell. However, I want to know what you love about reading (like, do you like the calmness or the relaxation) and where you prefer to be when you pick that book up. Comment below! :)h

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