Hints of Hot Pink – DIY Dolls Book 2 by Cheryl Oblon

Hints of Pink DIY Dolls Book 2

Hints of Hot Pink by Cheryl Oblon
DIY Dolls Book 2
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (211 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 5 Stars
Review by: Orchid

BoM LASR YA copy

When two worlds collide, there will always be fallout. Blending two families with cultural and economic differences is a headache.

We moved to a nicer town, and some of the people from my old neighborhood don’t like that. Then again, I’d prefer distance from a few in my past. A criminal ex of my cousin made a lot of trouble for me and one of my stepsisters.

That was all I needed while I was getting used to my new stepdad and sisters. But, Chloe and I were off to a good start. We were actually friends and starting to make plans for our senior year of high school.

Then life comes and tosses crap in my face.

The death of my favorite uncle is bad enough. He was the only stable man in my life before my stepdad. Now, that criminal, or one of his minions, is cyber stalking me. The whole thing is way beyond awkward.

But, the worst is my real Dad turning up and unleashing nearly seventeen years’ worth of my pain and pent up rage during my sisters’ quinceañera. My bio dad wasn’t reliable or secure like my stepdad. Bio dad stopped coming around when I was seven. Is he after money, attention, or something genuine?

Whatever it is—he’ll have to go through me before he hurts my mom or sisters, again. Good guys are few and far between, but I’d rather wait forever than settle!

Catalina’s mother marries a wealthy man who has three daughters. Cat also has two younger sisters and this makes six teenage girls in one house. Cat’s twin sisters are about to have their fifteenth birthday quinceañera but tragedy strikes when their beloved uncle is killed in action. Then the three girls biological father sends a birthday card. Put this with a problem carried on from the first book in the series and what should have been a wonderful time, starts to become an time fraught with danger and unhappiness.

Cat has spent so long looking out for her sisters, she finds it difficult to acknowledge her oldest stepsister Chloe might be able to cope with the “bad boy” at school. Chloe who has mothered her own younger sisters, takes exception to being looked after. When Cat’s biological father makes contact, it’s Chloe who helps Cat come to terms with the situation.

I found the way the girls sorted things out, only to disagree again within days, to be perfectly natural. In fact they were acting like actual sisters instead of stepsisters.

Again the author has produced a wonderful story of the problems affecting a blended family, and how difficult it is for teenagers to adjust not only to the change in their family circumstances, but also the changes they have to manage in the growing up part of their social lives.

I found this second book in the series is as good as the first one. In fact I read this one first and enjoyed it so much I bought book one.

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