Dragon Ice by Sue Perkins

Dragon Ice by Sue Perkins
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, YA
Length: Short Story (94 Pages)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Neisha meets Tane in her dreams but finds out he is real when he travels north to rescue her people from the ice dragons. Unfortunately he is injured on the journey and finishes it trapped in the humans’ underground home. A discovery regarding the ice dragons requires Tane to mediate between the northern and southern dragons and arrange the possible release of the humans. The weather turns to an icy cold winter while Neisha and Tane grow closer together. Will the humans be able to leave their underground home when the warmer weather arrives, and will they all to leave?

When the Earth became overcrowded, settlers were sent off into space to make their way on new worlds. Over one hundred years ago one such group crash landed on an icy plateau, an area which was also home to the ice dragons. The people were forced to live underground in caves because the ice dragons would not allow them to travel through the mountain pass to look for better lands.

Neisha and her community have never known anything other than life underground. She goes outside briefly whenever she can, but the weather is brutally cold and the ice dragons circle around herding her back into the caves. But in her dreams she contacts a young man named Tane. At first she doesn’t think he is anything more than a dream, but in fact, Tane is also a descendent of Earth settlers, in this instance, settlers who arrived on this world fifty years ago, but they landed in the warmer areas. When Tane learns of the plight of Neisha’s community, he and his friend Rik set out to see if something can’t be done to help Neisha’s people, because in Tane’s part of the world there is an alliance between dragons and humans, and they work and live together in harmony.

Sue Perkins has written a wonderful story about dragons and humans. I like the way she uses telepathic communications between the species and also how some humans can communicate telepathically with other humans as well. Neisha is a lovely kind young girl, who is very capable and smart. Tane is an adventurous young man who is intrigued by the prospect that there are not only other humans on the planet but another clan of dragons as well. He overcomes Neisha’s worries with his determination to bring the ice dragon clan into the alliance and save Neisha’s community.

The budding romance between Neisha and Tane is handled delicately and sensitively. Because of the weather and Tane’s broken leg, the two of them spend a lot of time together through the winter, trying to figure out how to save the community. In addition to these two young people, there are also several other well-drawn characters, and my favorite is Shonta, the oldest member of Neisha’s community. She is old, but she is smart and savvy, and certainly game to try something new.

I was impressed with the amount of detail that is given when the community has to plan how to relocate. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration and I felt these planning details are realistic and ingenious. The plot moves rather slowly in places, and while I might have liked a bit more action, the slower more deliberate pace matches both the winter season and the time needed to convince one hundred people to move out of the only homes they have known.

This is a wonderful book about dragons and also the importance of not making assumptions and talking things through. I’m sure that lovers of dragons and fantasy will truly enjoy this book.


  1. Thank you Cyclamen for this very helpful review. Your comments were wonderful.

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