Lady in Waiting by Lady Victoria Hervey

Lady in Waiting by Lady Victoria Hervey
Lady in Waiting by Lady Victoria Hervey
The Wristband Diaries Book One
Publisher: Finch Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (255 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4 stars
Review by: Orchid

Lady Frederica Felton, or Freddie to her friends, is poised to return to Mapleton Manor boarding school for Sixth Form. After a summer at home in Monaco, Freddie is more than ready to see her friends again…and she’ll find herself in numerous escapades along the way, collecting wristbands as she goes.

Midnight feasts, great escapes and ghost stories—life at Mapleton Manor is anything but boring, especially for someone like Freddie. Whilst fiercely loyal and fun loving, she is the go-to girl for contraband and fashion advice. Freddie is the girl to know.

But the next couple of years won’t all be fun and games. As well as exam pressure there are rotten teachers to contend with, and a friend Freddie isn’t so sure has her best interests at heart…

There are difficult choices to be made. First love to experience. Heartbreak to be had. But with her friends at her side and her fearless nature, will Freddie take her world by storm?


Lady Frederica Felton known to her friends as Freddie, is the eldest child of her wealthy parents. The family’s main home is in Monaco but Freddie spends most of the year at an English boarding school.

This book tells the excitement, pranks, feasts and other hi jinks a girl can get up to at boarding school. In her final year Freddie also finds the love of her life, but true love never runs smooth.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a little bland in part, but had enough highlights and unexpected turns to keep me entertained, but not completely enthralled. The friends were as individual and amusing as Freddie, and all the usual schoolgirl pranks, plus a few new ones, were attempted.

Any teacher at a boarding school who reads this will either be in denial as in “it couldn’t happen in my school” or the inmates could suddenly find their freedom being severely restricted. Good read for younger teens but maybe not exciting enough for the older ones.

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