November Book of the Month Poll Winner ~ Curse of the Moon by Beth Trissel

Curse of the Moon by Beth Trissel
Secret Warrior Series
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (182 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by: Orchid

BoM LASR YA copy

The bad news? Morgan Daniel’s wolf is out of control. The good news? There’s a treatment. She just has to get a potion from a lizard shifter witch–without looking into the witch’s eyes. Easy, right? But when the witch puts a spell on her younger brother, Morgan has to do the witch’s bidding to save him.

Fortunately Morgan isn’t alone. She has Jackson to lean on, a few witches coming into their powers, a secret warlock, and the always mysterious Chief Okema. What could possibly go wrong?



  1. Leonardo Vieira says:

    Without a doubt this book is as visual as I am watching a movie. Great story, lovely characters and nice flow. I’ll go for this one.

  2. Winona Cross says: Trissel is among my favorite authors. Her attention to historical accuracy is astounding.

  3. Selva Rani says:

    Very Good! Suspense all the way. Suitable for all ages.

  4. LINIE SHERROD says:


  5. Arletta Dawdy says:

    A FENCE AROUND HER is a delightful book.

  6. Zoya Zeman says:

    Brigid Amos’s A Fence Around Her gets my vote.

  7. Dianne Gerber says:

    I love Ms. Trissel’s writing. Definitely a must read.

  8. Go, Beth!

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