Poppies for Christmas by Stacy Renee Keywell

Poppies for Christmas by Stacy Renee Keywell
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Holiday, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (298 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

A celebration of love without labels. It’s easy to be brave with you by my side!

Popular DJ Dexx finds himself positively smitten by the precociously pristine Poppy Paris. Too bad she’s already taken by an older boy, Declan Davies, a beautiful model with a thriving career, and a perfect family. By a dreamful stroke of chance, Dexx finds himself invited to spend Christmas at the Davies home by a gorgeous girl, granting him the opportunity to pursue the precious Poppy. But in his quest to win her over, he unlocks a world of imperfection and insecurity, where people are picked on for their disabilities, speech, appearance, and eccentricities. For Poppy and her friends, love trumps labels, and everyone deserves a brave friend to stand by their side. What gifts will Dexx discover this Christmas? Will he ultimately find true love, or will he discover something even greater?

You are invited to read a powerful story about living with autism, but not letting it define you, about being bullied, but carrying on with determination and grit, and about having dreams, but not giving up in the face of adversity. Come celebrate something beautiful with Poppies for Christmas.

Sometimes Christmas is the most romantic time of the year.

The love triangle was my favourite part of the storyline. Both Dexx and Declan seemed like great guys. and Poppy sounded like she was a wonderful girlfriend in general as well. It was nearly impossible for me to decide who I wanted her to end up with because of this, but it sure was fun to watch everything unfold.

This book got off to a pretty slow start, so it took me a while to get excited about what was going on. While I was a big fan of the premise, the way the beginning was written made it difficult for me to connect to the characters because it took so long for interesting things to start happening to them. The plot did eventually pick up, but I would have liked it if the characters could have faced at least one obstacle early on as I was getting to know them.

I really appreciated how this story portrayed the characters in it who had autism and other disabilities. It was honest about the bullying and other challenges they faced as a result of their diagnoses. On the other hand, this definitely wasn’t the only thing going on in those characters’ lives. The conflicts they dealt with were complex and fascinating. It was so interesting to see how they juggled everything they were dealing with during the course of the plot.

Poppies for Christmas should be read by anyone who has ever been in a love triangle or wondered how they’d react to one.

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