Resolved by J. Lilley

Resolved: Shalean Moon Book 6 by J. Lilley
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (95 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

When Shaleans fight Shaleans nothing is simple. With the help of true friends can good overcome evil?

To save Shalea, so much depends on so few people, that nothing is certain. It’s not even clear just which side some of them support, and the Sept is getting weaker.

Brios and his friends must save their world, but time is running out. To make things worse, the identities of some people might just result in no resolution at all.

Can everything become clear and good triumph over evil before the next Shalean Moon, or is Shalea as they know it over?

Rach is worried about her friends who have been missing for ten days. She is still discovering her own powers as a shape-shifter and she needs the help and support of her friends, but where are they? This is the sixth novel in the Shalean Moon series and it is filled with suspense as the history of several characters is revealed.

I enjoyed this book and I found it easier to get into it because I had read the fifth in the series, Threatened. J. Lilley writes compelling, fast moving novels which are fun to read. Her characters are very believable, and I especially enjoyed the dynamics between Rach and her father and their relationships, in turn, with Rach’s friends. Lilley handles the entire adolescent maturing process realistically. We see Brios, a teenage boy, needing the comfort of his father’s arms. We see Rach worrying about how her father will react to various revelations. There are other examples of how these families handle their difficulties in ways that show clearly the strengths that are found in ties of both family and friends.

I do wish that I had more background and more details about the nature of the Sept and shape-shifting in general. I do not know if this was covered in earlier novels in the series, but if so, then summaries at the start of new novels in the series would be helpful. I have really enjoyed the two Shalean Moon books that I have read, but they do not stand alone. The epilogue of book 5, for instance, was expanded to become the prologue of book 6. Writing a series can be a great deal more complex than writing an individual novel. On the plus side, the author already has their characters and setting in place. But on the minus side, readers don’t always read the novels in order from the beginning. Some authors solve this by having each story in the series complete and able to be read without any knowledge of the earlier books. That is not the case here. These novels seem to be so closely related as to make a single larger novel, a novel that I for one would happily read. For this reason, I would really prefer that each book gave a brief synopsis of what has gone before. I was able to sort out most of the details, but a synopsis would have made for a richer, more informed read.

Lilley has once again crafted an excellent fast-paced story with dynamic characters set in a small village in Scotland. I am eager to learn more about this world of Shalea and all the people within it. I have been drawn into this world and I was pleased to discover that I really do care what happens to it.

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