Sleight of Hand by Natasha Deen


Sleight of Hand by Natasha Deen
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Short (62 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rated 4 stars
Review by Rose

On a dare from his girlfriend’s brother, Javvan steals a neighbor’s car. Now he’s got a criminal record and a bigger problem: get a job or violate his parole. Endless interviews later and no one will hire him because of his criminal record. Whatever happened to a second chance? Finally, he gets a gig with a contractor named Kevin, and Javvan figures his life is on an upswing. Too bad Kevin’s a thief and he’s given Javvan one choice. Help him steal, or he’ll make sure Javvan ends up back in jail.

This short story packs quite a punch in a small space. The dilemma that Javvan faces is real and something that kids can relate to– how do you overcome the lack of trust and pain that a bad decision can cause your family, friends, and even yourself.

This book picks up with Javvan trying to find a job–a condition of his parole– and he’s not having much luck. Finally, his parole officer gives him a lead, but the job only makes things worse.

There’s not a lot of character development because of the length of the book, but I have a family and have disappointed them (and been disappointed enough by them) that I could instantly connect with Javvan’s family life.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters– especially Javvan’s younger brother, Sammy. He’s a really cool kid, in more ways than one.

I highly recommend this book — not just for kids, but for adults as well. It’s a good story with a good message. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Deen’s works and would love to see these characters again in another short story, or even in a full-length novel.


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