Trust by Tim Mettey

Trust by Tim Mettey
Publisher: Kenwood Publishing Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, YA
Length: Full Length (350 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Nicholas Keller has come to terms with his Thusian heritage and has finally achieved some normalcy in his life. But when new neighbors move in next door at the beginning of his junior year, everything changes. He is launched into an impossible search, uncertain of who to trust, and this time it’s not just his own life that hangs in the balance—it’s the lives of countless others and everyone he loves.

Having survived his sophomore year – if only just – Nicholas Keller is back and ready for his junior year of high school, and all the usual drama that comes along with it. When new neighbors move in next door, he’s force to reevaluate all he knew to be true before. Nicholas’ biggest issue? Learning who he can trust and who he should steer clear of while searching for the answers that might just change the course of everything.

Nicholas has come a long way since we first met him in Secrets. He’s become more mature, a bit more worldly, and he’s finally at ease with himself. Despite this, he still has a tendency to overreact to the slightest of things. That said, he is a teen and I think that, to an extent, is part and parcel of being a teen. His increasing independence is a nice show of character growth, even if he sometimes uses that independence to be a bit reckless.

Cora takes a bit of a back seat in this sequel, however, we are introduced to so many new characters that it’s not as big of a loss as it could have been. I liked getting to know Elle better and seeing her flourishing relationship with Nicholas added just the right amount of softness to an otherwise action-based story.

The author answers some questions laid out in the first novel as well as hits you up with a few new ones, always a good way to hook the reader in for the long haul. He also has quite a knack for slipping surprises in on you in a way that they really catch you off guard, which is always a fun thing when reading as far as I’m concerned. Trust still suffers from a few of the flaws I found in the predecessor, Secrets, however, I also believe that the dialogue has smoothed out since the first novel as well. Overall, the quality of the story trumps the few technical stumbles you encounter.

Trust is an exciting and action-packed sequel to Secrets. I cannot wait to see what Nicholas Keller is up to next.

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