Woofed Cookies by Greg Bauder

Woofed Cookies by Greg Bauder
Publisher: American Star Books
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (20 pages)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

A boy, Peter Moon, gets a puppy for his birthday that has an unusually sensitive stomach. Time and time again the puppy comes through for him in tight and often frightening situations. The story is spiced with humour and shows how resourceful the boy is by using his dog’s special attributes.

A little vomit can go a long way.

Peter acted exactly how I’d expected a boy in his early teens to act. Everything from his obsession with getting a pet dog to how annoyed he was when his mom asked him to do chores was spot-on. He was silly at times, too. Watching him bounce through all of those moods gave me a very clear image of what kind of person he was in so many different ways.

This story told the audience what was going on instead of showing us what was happening in them. It would have been helpful to have more detailed descriptions of Peter’s adventures with his dog. They got into all kinds of mischief together, but I had trouble picturing what was happening to them because everything happened quickly and with so little time spent describing what it would be like to actually be part of those scenes.

The dialogue was nicely written. I liked the fact that every single character had such a unique way of speaking. No two people in this book sounded alike, and that made their conversations a lot of fun to read. It was easy to pick out who was talking when a new scene began, and it was also easy to make good guesses about the kinds of things they’d say once I got to know them better.

I struggled when it came to picking the right age recommendation for this tale. Some of the trouble Peter got into sounded like stuff a much younger boy would do, but there were also some scenes where he experimented with certain things that are much more common for teenagers to try. Fourteen seemed like a good compromise between the mature content in those scenes and the goofiness of the rest of the storyline.

Woofed Cookies should be read by anyone who has ever been surprised by what their pet is willing to eat.

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