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2013 Anniversary NON Questions 9
Tasarla Romaney I don’t know if I’d say bad but I hate house work so often my dust bunnies grow in dust rabbits before I evict them and my laundry has been known to become a monster

Ash Krafton Tai chi.

Linda Palmer I suck socially. I’m very shy. I hate change. I hate meeting strangers. Most of all I hate discussing something that everyone has an opinion about, but none of us can change.

Judith B. Glad Conversing with people in crowds and at parties. While I love meeting new folks, I prefer to do it one or two at a time. In a crowd, I tend to find a wall to lean against.

Kaylie Newell Being photogenic.

Judy Alter drawing, singing

Linda Rettstatt Housekeeping. It’s the last thing on my to-do list.

Maeve Greyson Navigating through large groups of people. My inner mouse activates and I want to scurry along the baseboards and find a place to hide.

Laura Strickland  Having things sprung on me, especially unexpected guests.

Niecey Roy Choosing where to eat with a group of people… Somebody pick already!!!

Tess Morrison Anything athletic. Seriously, I’m the most uncoordinated thing you’ve every seen. I once tried to jump my bike onto a board walk, missed, and rolled across the beach in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing. But pretty darned funny too!

Anne Van Math. Every since I was a kid I just had no patience for it. The only thing I did well in was geometry. I think it helped being an artist.

Jana Richards Keeping my house clean.

Tina Pollick I think I’m bad at being a mom, a wife (most days), a nurse, and a writer.

I know it’s the same answers, but I have days where I think I’m whichever job I’m doing , and then days that I feel I suck. *laughs*

Debra Doggett I am really bad at fixing my own hair. Actually at fixing anyone’s hair. It was the universe’s joke to give me three daughters. They are all good at fixing hair now.

Nia Simone Memorization is tough for me. I’m pretty bad at singing. I can sing along to a song played really loudly,

Zoe Forward Cooking. Absolute disaster. I do try, but usually it ends up in a run for the local restaurant.

Virginia Crane I really suck at trying to learn all the uses of the computer. The other day I amazed myself by putting the cover of my book on Facebook. I still don’t know how I did it. <G>

Graeme Brown Staying on track. I’m very disorganized and get inspire too easily. I’ve had to learn several tricks to get around this problem with writing, but in the kitchen I’m helpless. My partner makes me into a scullion and things turn out just fine!

Shereen Vedam I’m terrible at being patient. When I want something I want it now. If you’re not going to get it for me, I’ll go get it myself. This makes it a bit difficult at work, where everything goes at a slower pace.

I had a colleague once who appeared to have timed me. He sent me a request. Then told the other person he was with, “Bet we’ll get a reply within 3 minutes.”

Yeah, I didn’t know about that deadline or that conversation until later, but I beat it with seconds to spare.

That said, what we’re bad at is what we should be striving hardest to overcome, so, leaning to be patient is what I work at most.

This is especially true when it comes to dealing with other people. While my expectations for myself will always remain high, I try to give others time to get things done at their own pace. And as much as I can, I try to eliminate any expectation I have for others doing things for me or with me. When it comes to other people, I try to live by the philosophy, “if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, and either is okay.”

Doesn’t mean I don’t have bitter moments sometimes when something I want doesn’t happen. But you did ask what I was really bad at, right?

Nancy Fraser Being patient when it comes to my writing (e.g., submission times, edit turnarounds).

Robyn Bachar Volleyball. I did not inherit the volleyball gene from my mother, and every time I’ve tried to play the ball inevitably hit me in the face. I have harsh feelings toward volleyballs.

Jeanette Baker penmanship, anything mechanical, crosswords, playing the piano.

Kim Hornsby Doing housework. I put it off like someone asked me to train a tiger. I just hate it. I like the results but the work never ends and with kids it takes so much time. I have to make myself do it and offer a reward when I’m done like 2 hours of writing after.

Juliet Waldron There’s a saying by Erica Jong: “A woman without guilt is a man.” You don’t have enough room on this form for me to write down all the things I beat myself up about doing poorly–or not at all.

Willa Blair Waiting. I suck at waiting. Just ask my husband. I blame it on my writerly imagination – if something isn’t happening when I think it should, I start coming up with all the alternatives that could be going on that might be preventing whatever I’m waiting for. I try to practice patience. Then I practice subtle nudges. Then I get frustrated and annoyed. It’s not pretty.

Lynda J Cox I’m a rotten liar. I get that “deer in the headlights” look and it’s painfully obvious I’m not telling the truth. So, to avoid that, I try not to fabricate stories–unless I’m writing them.

Lynda Coker I’m horrible at staying focused on one project until it’s finished. While working on one thing a zillion other fantastic ideas (my estimation) rise to crowd out the job-at-hand. Self-discipline is an ongoing task for me. I also hate making beds. My husband makes a better bed than I do. It’s just an annoying daily chore that I accomplish as fast as possible. That may be the reason for the wrinkles and skewed spread… I”ll have to give that some thought.

Susan Fox Anything mechanical. I just don’t have the aptitude, nor the interest in learning. Seems to me, machines should work and, when they don’t, I’ll call an expert to fix them. Life’s too short to spend time learning things you’re not interested in!

Lesley-Anne McLeod  Sports! But just like ladies of the Regency I am not required to take part in them. And just like Regency ladies, I do enjoy watching them–cricket, skating, races of all kinds, and riding exhibitions. But not boxing–never, ever boxing…

Mary Hughes Resisting chocolate cake. Especially the kind with chips in the frosting or in the layers.

Shannyn Schroeder This one is easy – I’m horrible at all social interactions. I suck at small talk, so putting me in a group with a bunch of strangers is torturous. I’m really shy, but I have learned to cover it well. Years of being in front of a classroom helped, but I’m still lost in the day-to-day striking up conversations with people. A lot of time, I think I come off as rude because I don’t know what to say, so I say nothing.

That being said, if someone talks to me, I won’t ignore them. I will respond, but depending on the topic, I might not be able to carry the conversation

Lynn Crandall I am the world’s most impatient person. Therefore I am terrible at waiting of any sort. Put me in a line at the store and pretty soon I’ll be sighing loudly and making remarks to my husband, like, “We’re never getting out of here.” I probably never drive the speed limit, and hate when other drivers are “slow” in front of me. But I’m working on this impatience thing, OK!

Sheila Claydon Ball games. I’m married to a county tennis player who used to play hockey and rugby as well, and loves to watch all the ball sports on TV, and yet I struggle to catch a moving ball however slowly it’s travelling.

On top of that I don’t even like ball gams (well why would I?) and I certainly don’t want to waste my time watching them. There are far better things I would rather do with my day. I’m even with Mark Twain who was attributed to saying that golf is a good walk spoiled. How true that is.

Barbara Meyers Baking is the first thing that comes to mind. I used to be able to but I think I passed that gene on to my daughter who took it and ran with it. Once she was old enough to bake, any ability I ever had was gone. She’s now an assistant chef for pastry.

Carol Henry Driving a truck—for the simple reason my legs aren’t long enough for my feet to reach the pedals. Of course with my depth-perception problem, I don’t like to drive anything bigger than a go-cart. And just thinking about having to back it up or find a parking place smaller than 3 parking spaces makes my heart palpitate.

Robin Renee Ray Anything and everything to do with school work or learnings. I dropped out back in the seventies and due to being dyslexic…I never went back….but, I made sure my daughter had it all and she is a wonderful Pediatric RN!!!

Joya Fields <Sigh> I’m directionally challenged. I usually get where I’m going, but I swear…I could get lost within a mile of my home.

Patty Campbell Not listening to my inner instincts when they are telling me, “No, don’t do that, DON’T DO THAT!”

Genie Gabriel Turning away a stray critter.

Pamela S Thibodeaux being patient with those I’m trying to uplift

Elysa Hendricks Self-promotion. Every time I try and promote my writing, I end up telling people about some other author I just read and enjoyed.

Allie Boniface Drawing. Painting. Anything that requires me to create a visual picture on the page. Words? No problem. Art? Oh, save me now. I have ZERO talent in that area!

Kate Robbins I suck at downhill skiing, running, hiking, cycling. Acutally I really suck at anything physical. Give me a puzzle and I’m all over it, but yeah I don’t really do physical exertion if I can help it. LOL

Jennifer Shirk I am really REALLY bad at skiing. Really bad…
I have taken many lessons–some even in Vermont–and I can’t seem to come out of snowplough mode. LOL!

Liana Laverentz Math, anything to do with numbers: time, space, and distances.

Ryshia Kennie  Well, I’m really bad at anything involving hammers or screwdrivers or any other tool. Not that I can’t do some basic repairs and way back when, I could actually change the oil on my old Volkswagon beetle. But now, other than unclogging the bathroom sink, if there’s a household emergency involving the use of tools – don’t call me.

Troy Lambert Naming things I’m really good at.

Jane Toombs I’m so not a techie. Never have been,never will be.
Never been good at sports, especially team sports.
Not a good dancer.
Terrible at math.

Jaleta Clegg  Interior decorating and fashion design. Well, maybe not so bad at that. I mean purple stripes go with green and yellow polka dots and pink flowers, don’t they?

Beth Trissel Finding my way anywhere. No sense of direction. And puzzles, which apparently tap into the direction finding part of your brain.

Heather Haven Losing weight.

Helena Fairfax Dancing! I’d like to say I have two left feet, but that would be an insult to left feet everywhere. I am a total klutz, and an embarrassment on the dance floor 🙁

Kelly Whitley Oh, the choices are legion…
Geography. Any game that involves geography questions is horrible. Crossword puzzles and so forth included.
Staying up reading when I should be sleeping. Especially a bad idea the night before working at the dreaded day job, but I do it anyway.

Laurel O’Donnell Getting up early in the morning. I’m not a morning person. I can get up, but I’m not really up. I go through the motions until about 9 am, then my body and mind kick into gear and I can function. But if I don’t get my sleep the next night, forget it! So, I guess I’m really bad at getting up early.

Paty Jager Carrying on a conversation with strangers. If I’m in a crowd or sitting next to someone I don’t know, I get anxious and panic that I might have to talk to them. If I have a task in a group setting, I can deal with the task and speak but if I am a spectator I get clammy and can’t think of anything to say and wish I could evaporate.

Linda McMaken My art and drawing is horrid. My stick people look like they are hunchbacked. I see lovely pictures in my head, but by the time they come down my hand to a pen or brush and onto paper — well, I could give Stephen King nightmares. Even Sandy, the painting elephant trumps me. So, I just go to galleries and enjoy.

Penny Estelle Making small talk

Keena Kincaid Schmoozing.

Isabo Kelly House cleaning. I’m not interested enough to be good at it. There are too many more fun things to do.

Lynne Marshall Confrontation – of any kind.

Melissa McClone I cannot do anything that would be considered fine arts. Drawing, painting, etc…forget about it. I used to do Artist Dates (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.) I always wanted to be more artistic than I was. I figured these “dates” would be a good way to improve. Well, my first water color made my hubby laugh so hard he cried. He also had no idea that I’d pained a woodland scene with a fox and birds. He thought I’d painted some half-cat-dog-thingy about to be attacked by bats. I decided to forgo any more of those types of Artist Dates.

Aaron Speca I think I’m bad sometimes at making decisions, I tend to overthink things quite a bit.

Pamela Turner Anything mechanical. Any tool with the word “power” in front of it. You ever watch the Red Green Show? Yeah. That. Hammering a nail? With my depth perception, good luck. Hence the reason I’m really bad at hitting things like softballs and golf balls. Trust me, if I tried, hilarity would ensue.

Shirley Martin Any needlework. I’ve always wanted to do needlework, such as knitting or crochet, but I have very poor manual coordination.

I love to raise orchids and other plants, but I’m afraid I don’t have a green thumb.

Amy Corwin: Social Networking. LOL


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  1. Vanessa N. says:

    I like Kate Robbins answer.

  2. Great answers! Made me smile.

  3. I can’t help thinking we should introduce the people who think they do a particular job badly to the people in the earlier post who could do the same job well. :D. It’d be like a giant coffee klatch.

  4. Oh yeah. I hear you guys on a lot of these. I love these.

  5. I can’t relax. Husband says I’m too over-wound all the time. He tells me to find the “quiet place” in my mind. I tell him that in that place in my head there’s a man spinning plates, and when he gets to the last pole and gets that plate spinning, he has to run back to the first one, and so on and on.

  6. I so hate housework too, Tasarla! Where is my fairy godmother?!

  7. I sympathize with Linda Palmer, Judith B. Glad, and Robyn Bachar for sure!

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