Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms!

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I nearly had an apoplectic fit with this topic. I’m a FREAK about fandoms! I have a bunch of fan art I talk about and want to share, but forgot to make notes to credit it back, so … can’t. ::: sad :::

In any case, hold on to your hats! Here we go…

1. The Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has successfully written three of my favorite series on the face of the planet. They are currently dominating my top shelves on my bookcases, and I have the special editions, which, of course, makes me happy every time I look at them. 🙂 Anyway, Cassandra Clare has written a world of demons and angels like no other, with it being borderline fantasy with the inclusion of the Seelie court (Fae) and magical ideas. The stories are rich and well developed, and you’ll grow to fall in lo- actually, I’m still in a puddle on the floor over this series, so to be honest you might be in a book hangover for a few weeks.

The characters in the Mortal Instruments books are not like their movie or television series counterparts I gave up on both of those a long time ago. Not only will you find yourself beginning to understand and integrate yourself into these character’s lives and start an amazing (*cough* I’m still in an upset over this series) journey; but Cassandra Clare’s fanbase is amazing! She often loves to tease us with amazing official art done by Cassandra Jean and other very talented fanartists. They make the main characters like Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Magnus (along with others) come alive on the page for us.

She has written in the time periods between 1878 and this current year. The Infernal Devices Trilogy is the first, soon to be followed by another series/trilogy once Cassandra Clare has finished the Dark Artifices. THe Mortal Instruments was set in the early 2000’s, and the Dark Artifices is set in the current year. The historical draw from the Infernal Devices is what called me to read it, and once I had, I started to realize how much Cassie pulls from one series and integrates it into another. Her plots are thick with these hidden easter eggs for her readers who follow all of her writings, and can be enjoyed over and over.

Needless to say, the Dark Artifices have my full attention right now, with Lady Midnight having been out for awhile, and Lord of Shadows due to release in May. It (*ahem* and by it I mean Julian Blackthorn) is slowly ripping my heart out into tiny pieces, but that’s okay because I can look at all the wonderful art that Cassandra Jean is releasing! Just kidding, that usually makes it worse because then I feel feels and I make noises, and my mom gives me *the look*. You all know what I’m saying right? But hey, Emma Carstairs looks badass right here and it proves to be an excellent five second distraction from the *scrolls* *cries louder*

2. Red Queen

Okay Nope. NoPE nOpe nope NOpe I’m still recovering from reading King’s Cage and rethinking what I went through reading Lady Midnight DIDN’T HELP. But to be honest for a second here, Victoria Aveyard has an amazing skill with writing. I loved Red Queen. The covers have SOOOO much symbolism in them it’s insane, and if you actually wanted to sit through my hour long spiel about that, I’d write it down. But I don’t think you do. Continuing. Her plot was incredible and had me going for a while *wink* about what I thought was legit. She has a way with words to just bring you right to her world to to her characters, and to make you feel what they feel, and make you happy, angry, sad, and heartbroken. I’m in SUCH a book hangover from King’s Cage right now, and I’m still in rehab for that one. Victoria ruined my feels. For a long time. I don’t really know how I’m going to function for the next week.

Also, she has a coloring book.

Like, I dunno what else to say about that other than I want it really bad and it’s amazing because I get to see all my favorite people come to life on a page.

Also fanart is a thing. A word of warning, do not go looking for fanart or fanfiction when you’re in book rehab because it’s honestly just going to make it way worse for you. 😐

The author is a troll on twitter too, and I love reading her tweets to her readers. Keeping us in the loop and all that. 🙂

3. Falling Kingdoms

Gah. I love this series with a burning passion. It’s amazing and obviously one of my top favorites because it’s just incredible. I think the reason I actually picked up the series is because of the amazing covers for these books. Once I started reading, I got totally sucked into the plot and the depth it goes through. The plot twists are amazing and *sob* heartwrenching and…I think I’m starting to spiral into the depths of insanity. There are too many feels in this series. Magnus Damora is the sassiest person (in my opinion) because of his extremely dry humor. I appreciate the wisecracks, but I absolutely adore Cleo Bellos and her hot headed attitude. I have a little cheerleader in my head for her when she literally does ANYTHING. The relationships between her and her friends and family is something that I as a reader can identify with 1284849%. I binge read the first four books in two weeks, cried, had to wait for the fifth book to release, cried more, and now I’m sitting here in my little puddle waiting for the sixth book to release so I can just cry myself a river. Honestly, this is one of the best fantasy series I have ever read.

Also, I cackle whenever I say “irrelevant” anymore. Just FYI for when you read the books. Because you will. 🙂

4. The Seven Realms

Holy crap. I’m just going to say it. This series is a work of art. It’s beautifully written, and probably has the most well developed, well rounded characters I have ever read about. The plot is perfection. If I could give a book ten stars, I would. Chima overachieved on this series. It’s absolutely incredible. Even the fact that she played off of a few clichés, such as ruggedly handsome Han Alister who happens to pretty much live on the streets and isn’t wealthy happens to bump into a super pretty princess and well…you can figure out the rest. I went into this assuming it would be good, but it blew my butt out of my puddle. Her writing is excellent, her plot is excellent, her characters are perfection, and I literally couldn’t find anything wrong with this series if I tried. Read it immediately. The books are super heavy because they’re like 450 pages long. 😀

 5. Throne of Glass
I love assassins. Hence my obsession with Assassin’s Creed. That’s beside the point. Celaena Sardothien is like my favorite character ever. She doesn’t take no craps from no one, and she doesn’t play games. I love it. I have only read the first three books, BUT the others are on my TBR, and I’m eagerly awaiting when I have time to read them. This series has a strong, loyal, independent protagonist who is like my role model. I love that she sticks by her promises, and that she doesn’t flip flop back and forth on her decisions. The author releases amazing content, and she interacts with her readers, which I LOVE.

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses

This series is a little bit more new adult than young adult, with characters that are in their twenties and it follows a more “grown up” plot. However, the storyline for this is amazing and I loved the first book.

The fanart for this series is AMAZING. You’re going to find that the fandom for Sarah J. Mass is very loud about their fanart. The fandom for this series is always clamoring for a neo release, and due to that comes all the amazing theories about what’s going to happen, the art, the fanfiction, the edits…ahhhh. 🙂

7. The Lunar Chronicles

This is probably the only “rewritten, rethought, reworked” fairy tale series that I actually enjoyed. The reason I enjoyed it was because the author took the fairy tales and put them on a spin. She was so clever with how she wrote the whole series, and I always enjoyed how she rewrote them, and that she actually stuck to the original fairy tales as best as she could while basically creating a totally neo world on top of it. The Lunar Chronicles is an amazing fantasy/dystopia world, with the perfect mix of everything. Plus, the fanart can get pretty cute sometimes because, just like the author, the fans put their own spin on the story. The covers are also amazing!

Let’s admire.

Like, how awesome are they? They’re so symbolic and stuff and I love it when authors/publishers do that! 😀

8. The Selection

I have not officially read the Selection yet (I will soon. It’s on my TBR.) The reason I bring it up to you today is that one of my friends is absolutely obsessed with it, and pretty much tells me everything about it all the time. I hear that the fandom is a lot of fun to be a part of, and that the books lead an interesting play on a beauty show in a dystopian world. I can imagine that what I’m getting myself into is just another hole for me to sit in in yet another book hangover. I’m ever so slowly collecting all of the books in the series, but ironically the one I can’t find is the Selection. Of course. It’s like fate is telling me to get a grip before devoting myself to yet another fandom that I can’t escape.
9. The John Green

“John Green” is his own fandom. What a sack of laughs! I can trust a man that draws on his face with sharpies. I have yet to understand how he writes such real, true, and amazing contemporary teen novels. He’s an amazing author, and every one of his books is so different and holds a different message for the reader, but his voice always rings true in his writing. You can laugh in even the hardest and saddest of times, and I think that’s why he’s such an inspiration to his audience. He is always joking around with his readers and interacting with them (if you’re on Tumblr, you know about “make John Green find the thing” and what usually proceeds afterwards). He’s a ball to listen to and I highly suggest reading his works too. 🙂

10. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games. Ah. Yes. The base, the original, the first modern series that lead to the massive draw to dystopia we see today. The fact that this series is still popular, and has had a successful movie franchise should tell you something. This series is an amazing read and you should have read it by now. If you haven’t I shall have to call you an imbecile. No no no don’t take that personally, it’s just that I’m shocked you haven’t read it. How have you avoided the massive Gale vs. Peeta fights, the fanfiction, the fanart, the hysterical tweets over the movies, the many many posts all over social media…like, this is one of the biggest fandoms out there! Get your butt into it. It’s a good trilogy, and Suzanne Collins is a great author with a way to prompt your feels and make you think.

What about you? Not that I need more fandoms to follow, but what are some you recommend?


  1. Nice list! I loved The Lunar Chronicles and ACOMAF as well! I still need to read the Falling Kingdoms series, though, but I’ve heard good things!

  2. I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles. I think I need to do a re-read soon!

  3. This is a great list! Your excitement for all of these is jumping off my screen. 🙂

    I have only red a couple of John Green’s books, both of which I enjoyed, but I even more so like the man–at least what I’ve heard and seen him say. He is funny and smart.

    I have only read the first of the Mortal Instrument books. The movie kind of ruined me for the books, I’m afraid, and I think I need distance between the two so I can get that sour taste out of my mouth. I’m sorry to hear the television show wasn’t much better. I’d been wondering about that.

    I am hoping to read at least the first in the Lunar Chronicles this year. I am really excited about getting into the series. The Selection is one I didn’t have much interest in initially, but the more I hear about it, the more curious I am becoming. So there’s hope yet I may try that one. There are others you mention I want to read, but haven’t yet as well.

    The Hunger Games was fun to read. I can understand why that trilogy has such a big following.

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    • lasreviews says:

      Lucky for me, I had read pretty much all of Cassandra Clare’s books before the movie had come out, so I was already pretty solid in what I had read. I watched the movie at home and spent most of my time yelling at the screen, and the television series is much the same. I think I’ll just stick to the books. 🙂

  4. Poinsettia says:

    I have got to read The Lunar Chronicles! I’ve heard great things about it, but haven’t found the time to get into it yet.

  5. Thanks for the heads up… I’ve ordered The Red Queen trilogy from the library. Love Cassandra Clare and did not realize she had another series, so thanks for that too!

    • lasreviews says:

      I always get super super freaked out whenever someone says “Red Queen” because I love it so much. Cassandra Clare has 4 series in total she has written or is in the process of writing. 🙂

  6. I’m pretty sure almost everything you have on your list here is on my TBR. I need to get on it clearly lol. Especially Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare.

  7. The only thing on this list I’ve read so far has been The Hunger Games. Although I have Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Mass both on my Kindle waiting for that time when I um, well, have time.

  8. I’m a massive fan of The Infernal Devices – I was obsessed with that series for sooo long. I’m still kind of in love with (and Jem and Tessa will always be my OTP). And Sarah J. Maas’ books are a great choice too. They’re so addictive!

  9. Love “The Selection” books. They’re one of my “easy” reads series that I like to pick up after I’ve read a dark or depressing book. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂

  10. I love your list this week 🙂 Some fantastic books included!

  11. Nice list! It’s been a while since I read a YA book but I’m like you, I like assassins. Lol.

  12. The Aveyard books and the Falling Kingdoms series are both on my radar. In fact the Falling Kingdoms covers always amaze me, I love how vivid they are. They’re half the reason I want to read them! And I really should read The Hunger Games one of these days!

  13. I still love The Hunger Games after all these years. I’m not a huge fan of dystopian fiction, but I really enjoyed this one. Great list!

  14. OMG i’m so on board with so many of these! I do need to start the Falling Kingdoms series and I desperately need to catch up with Red Queen I’m 2 books behind like how did this happen?

  15. I am definitely part of The Hunger Games fandom for SURE! That is one of my two biggies- The Hunger Games and The 100. I haven’t read Red Queen, but I want to! And I do want to get caught up on ACOTAR and ToG before the newest books come out- but they’re so long that I never seem t get the motivation haha. And Joh Green does make me laugh! 😀 Great choices!

  16. Love Throne of Glass and The Hunger Games!
    My TTT:

  17. I’m seeing TOG on so many lists! It’s irresistible though, even if the series is a bit problematic.

  18. So much yes to Seven Realms. <3 <3 I love that series. Are you reading Shattered Realms as well?

  19. I can only nod in complete and utter agreement with pretty much EVERY fandom on your list! But especially Cassandra Clare (Lady Midnight was amazing and I will never get enough Shadowhunters), Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, The Lunar Chronicles and the Seven Realms <3

  20. The Lunar Chronicles are just amazing! 🙂

  21. YAAAS I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVE JOHN GREEN AND THE HUNGER GAMES!! I feel like a lot of people hate on them because they’re so popular, but omgggg, they’re just really good!! John Green’s books will forever have a golden place in my heart. <3 I also thoroughly love The Shadowhunters world. I can never get enough books of it. Eeeep. I'm going to start re-reading Lady Midnight soon to prepare for Lord of Shadows!! OH OH and I 'm so glad you love the Seven Realms series. That's so underrated right?!? HAN AND RAISA ARE FANTASTIC.

    I loved seeing your list of fandoms!!

  22. I had no idea about John Green behind the scenes! That’s a thousand kinds of awesome! Really enjoyed this post–has made me feel like getting into some of these series!

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